Is Dove Cameron dating Maneskin's Damiano David? Exploring rumors as their alleged new photos surface

Dove Cameron and Maneskin's Damiano David were recently captured sharing a kiss at the beach.

Published on Nov 29, 2023  |  11:48 AM IST |  606K
Dove Cameron, Damiano David (Twitter)
Dove Cameron, Damiano David (Twitter)

Dove Cameron and Damiano David are in the spotlight as their alleged relationship takes a turn. The 27-year-old actress and singer and the 24-year-old Maneskin frontman were recently captured sharing a kiss on the shores of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, sparking interest and speculation among fans and media alike.

Beachside confirmation

The visual confirmation of their relationship comes through newly surfaced photos that depict the couple engaged in a passionate makeout session at Bondi Beach. In addition to the kiss, the images capture the pair strolling along the beach, holding hands, offering a glimpse into the blossoming connection between Dove Cameron and Damiano David.

From concerts to kisses

The rumored romance between Damiano and Dove began making waves weeks ago when she was spotted leaving his Maneskin concert in Brazil. Previous fan sightings included Dove attending the band's Madison Square Garden performance in September 2023, followed by unconfirmed reports in October suggesting they were seen kissing at a party. The beach rendezvous in Sydney almost confirms their speculated relationship.

Fans react to Dove Cameron and Damiano David

As news of Dove Cameron and Damiano David's alleged romance spreads, fans express a spectrum of emotions ranging from shock to ecstatic disbelief. One fan on X (formally Twitter) exclaimed, "Dove Cameron and Damiano David? I'm shocked right now; I would've never guessed it." The unexpected pairing prompts another fan to passionately declare, "Damiano David and Dove Cameron are dating. Oh my Godsdddddd. My babies." Another one wrote, "DOVE CAMERON AND DAMIANO OMG." The surprise is further emphasized by a fan who reacts with astonishment, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN DAMIANO DAVID AND DOVE CAMERON ARE DATING (shocked emoji)." The unexpected union of these two celebrities has clearly captivated fans, leaving them in awe and eager to know the details of this new couple.


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As Damiano and his band, Maneskin, conclude their tour in Australia and New Zealand, the focus shifts to the unfolding love story with Dove Cameron. The publication of these beachside moments in the Italian magazine Chi has only intensified the buzz around this celebrity pairing. While Damiano continues his journey in Asia, Dove, presumably back in the United States, is expected to start promotion for her upcoming album, Alchemical. 

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