What Is Lana Del Rey's Net Worth In 2024? Everything To Know About Singer's Career And Life

Lana Del Rey has made her name through record breaking albums and collaboration. The artist's claim to fame was a self made music video on her YouTube channel! Read more!

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Lana Del Rey is one of the most celebrated artists of this generation, especially in the alt-pop genre. She is known for her hauntingly beautiful and soulful sound, distinguishing her from her contemporaries. 

Her breakthrough debut album, Born To Die, was released in 2012, and her hit single Video Games back in 2011 was her claim to fame. Moreover, creative collaboration with artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus opened up her fan base and made her one of the most beloved artists. 

The Diet Mountain Dew singer recently performed at Coachella with a surprise guest performer, Billie Eilish, who joined her on stage to sing Video Games and Ocean Eyes. Starting in 2005, Rey’s music career has been on an upward trajectory! But how much has the singer earned over the years?


What is Lana Del Rey's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lana Del Rey has a net worth of $30 million. Her net worth is credited to her success in the music industry and her collaborations as a fashion model. She reportedly earns a ballpark of $3 million a year and an estimated $200,000 a month. By those estimations, she makes $6,666.67 or more each day. 


However, she did not entirely have a humble beginning as the daughter of a millionaire family who reportedly helped boost her career. No foul, no play, right? Nonetheless, she is a talented artist who made her mark with her melancholic, dreamy aesthetic and soulful lyrics. 


But the owner of her old record label, Five Point Records, David Nichtern, claimed that the rumors of her father backing her is a "bunch of crap." 

"I don't know if he's rich or not; I met him, and he seemed like a pretty ordinary guy. But that whole thing that she was backed by her millionaire dad is a bunch of crap, basically. Certain facts about the record she did with us are completely misshapen," he said. 


Early Life

The real name of Lana Del Rey is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, born in Manhattan, New York City, on June 21, 1985. Her father, Robert England Grant, Jr., was a copywriter at Grey Group, and her mother, Patricia Ann "Pat" (née Hill), was an account executive at Grey Group. 

As a teenager, the singer was believed to have an early drinking problem, and her parents sent her to Kent School in Connecticut to aid with the problem. 


Career Beginnings

Lana Del Rey spent a year with her uncle and aunt on Long Island when her interest in music started to grow. Her uncle taught her guitar, and she soon started writing songs and performing at clubs. During this time, she completed her major in philosophy and produced two EPs under the stage name May Jailer. 



Although she signed up her debut alum, Lana Del Rey, AKA Lizzy Grant, in 2008, she rose to fame after posting self-recorded music videos of the songs Video Games and Blue Jeans in 2011. The videos went viral and catapulted her towards success. She later bought the rights to her first album and removed its existence. 

Her first studio album, Born to Die, was released in 2012 in a joint deal with Interscope Records and Polydor. The album’s success skyrocketed, becoming the number-one album in 11 countries, selling 3.4 million copies. However, the industry did not fully embrace the singer and faced criticism over her infamous “awkward” performance on SNL in 2012. 

However, her next Grammy-winning EP, Paradise, made up for the critique. It also included hit songs Ride and Cola. In 2014, she released her next album, Ultraviolence, which featured popular ballads Pretty When You Cry, Sad Girl, and West Coast and ranked 1 on the Billboard Top 200. 


The following album, Honeymoon with a darker sound, was critically acclaimed and ranked no. 2 on the charts. At this point, she had begun collaborative projects with other artists. Her songs Stargirl Interlude and Party Monster with The Weekend are some of the beloved numbers from her discography. 

Her fifth album, Lust for Life, featured collaborations with The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Stevie Nicks, and Sean Ono Lennon. The singer’s next album, Norman F*****g Rockwell, ranked third on the charts and earned her Grammy nomination for Best Song and Best Album. 

Throughout her career, she has done hit collabs and released chart-topping albums, most notably her recent collaboration with Taylor Swift on her last album on the song Snow On The Beach. 


Personal Life

The Radio singer has famously kept her personal life private. However, one major event that took a toll on her was being victim to computer hacking. As a result, her personal information and released songs were leaked in 2012. 

Although her dating life has been a secret, she was linked to rapper G-Eazy, actor James Franco, and Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini throughout her life in the limelight. She was also allegedly in a relationship with Sean 'Sticks' Larkin from September 2019 to March 2020.

Apart from being a singer and songwriter, Del Rey has modeled for H&M and created her signature handbag, 'The Del Rey,' with Mulberry



Real Estate

Del Rey's first real estate investment was in 2015 when she bought a house in Malibu for $3 million, which she sold for $3.2 million in 2018. The Video Games singer also has a two-bedroom cabin-style home in LA's Echo Park worth $1.2 million. 

Her main residence is a 4-acre compound above Beverly Hills, which she paid in two instalments: $2.5 million in 2013 and $5.9 million total for the two neighbouring homes in 2016. 

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