What is the cause of Steven Van Zandt's head injury? Exploring its significance amid recent interview

Steven Van Zandt's musical journey began in childhood, mastering the guitar and adopting his iconic large bandanas. Read on to know more about him.

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Steven Van Zandt (IMDb)
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Steven Van Zandt developed a passion for music as a kid, learning to play the guitar. An iconic aspect of his appearance is the large bandanas he wears around his head, and there's an interesting story behind why he embraces this distinctive look.

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Story behind Steven Van Zandt's head scars

Originally from Watertown, Massachusetts, Steven's family moved to Middletown Township, New Jersey, when he was seven years old. His high school journey at Middletown High School took an unexpected turn when he got kicked out for having long hair. To please his mother, he returned to school and successfully graduated in 1968. During his teenage years, an unfortunate car accident left him with scars on his head, prompting him to wear hats initially. Eventually, he adopted large bandanas, solidifying them as his signature style.

Steven's early love for music blossomed as he mastered the guitar, influenced by watching the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in 1964. Growing up in the vibrant Jersey Shore music scene, he forged a friendship with Bruce Springsteen, becoming an early collaborator in bands like Steel Mill and the Bruce Springsteen Band.

Steven Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen

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Steven Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen's friendship

The first encounter between Springsteen and Van Zandt occurred in 1965 at the Hullabaloo Club in Middletown, where Van Zandt was performing Happy Together with the Shadows. In a recent CBS interview, Steven Van Zandt expressed his deep bond with longtime friend Bruce Springsteen, spanning over half a century. Despite Bruce's struggle to articulate their friendship, Van Zandt, known as Little Steven, described himself as the consigliere of the E Street Band. His pivotal role as Silvio Dante in The Sopranos thrust him into the limelight, despite his aversion to it.


Meeting as misfit teens in 1960s New Jersey, Van Zandt and Springsteen formed a band, honing their craft in bars, seamlessly blending musicianship with showmanship. Seven years of joint musical exploration preceded their official entry into the music business. Their musical journey continued, playing together in various bands, and contributing to the evolving landscape of rock music. Each performance became a building block for what would later be known as the E Street Band.

Steven Van Zandt (IMDb)

Steven Van Zandt at 72

Preferring the sidelines at 72, Van Zandt remarked during the CBS interview, "I'd rather be standing next to the guy, let him be in the spotlight, let him take the heat." Presently dedicated to preserving rock 'n' roll, he initiated Little Steven's Underground Garage in 2002, a weekly radio show, and introduced TeachRock, a free K-12 curriculum fostering music and arts education.

Still active in the music scene, Van Zandt, alongside Springsteen, reflected on their journey during 60 Minutes coverage of the E Street Band's May show at Circus Maximus in Rome. Recalling their shared past, he emphasized, "We couldn't do anything else, so we were going to, we were destined to do this."

Their shared experiences defines a remarkable friendship forged through the love of music and a commitment to their destiny in the world of rock 'n' roll.

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How did Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt meet?
Steven and Bruce met in Hullabaloo club in Middletown

How old is Bruce Springsteen?
Bruce is 72 years old.

Is Steven Van Zandt a good guitar player?
Yes, Steven Van Zandt is an acclaimed guitarist.

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