What was the feud between Mariah Carey and Eminem? Exploring the story behind their biggest tracks

Both Eminem and Mariah Carey have different accounts of their dating history with the former claiming that he and Mariah dated for six months and the latter refusing the claims.

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Celebrity breakups often get ugly and end up becoming fodder for gossip magazines and an amusing subject for the general public to dissect and laugh at over the years. 

While some former celebrity couples choose to maintain an amicable relationship with their ex-partners, some like to name and shame them publicly. With singers and songwriters, their songs are the biggest weapons in their armory. Taylor Swift is known to name-call her exes in her songs and is often accused of basing her entire musical career on shading her exes through her songs, although we don’t agree with any such accusations and truly believe that she is a gem of a singer and musician. 

But she isn't the only one who has used her songs to shade her exes. Eminem and Mariah Carey follow the suit right behind. 

Both Eminem and Mariah Carey have different accounts of their dating history with the former claiming that he and Mariah dated for six months and the latter refuting the claims on more than one occasion. 

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2002: When Eminem first sang about dating Mariah Carey 

The beginning of the feud between the rap genius and Mariah Carey was marked with Eminem dropping his song Superman in 2002 in which he sang “What you tryna be? My new wife? What, you Mariah? Fly through twice.” 

The song created a buzz in the music and pop culture space and people wasted no time in concluding that Em referred to Mariah Carey in the song. 


Eminem sings about wanting Mariah Carey back in his song Bagpipes from Baghdad

Eminem’s Bagpipes from Baghdad released in May 2009 and had another eerie reference to Eminem’s and Mariah Carey’s relationship as claimed by the singer and rapper himself. 

He name-called Mariah yet again as he rapped, “Mariah, whatever happened to us? Why did we have to break up?” He also dragged Mariah’s then-husband Nick Cannon into their feud when he sang, “Nick Cannon better back the f*** up, I’m not playin’, I want her back, you punk.” The entire verse is rather explicit and we would leave it up to you to further do your research.

Mariah Carey called Eminem Obsessed in her song

Mariah Carey launched a powerful counterattack on Mockingbird singer through her single Obsessed where she can be heard singing, “Oh, why you so obsessed with me.” 

Mariah also donned a look comprising of a black hoodie, goatee, and sweats which fans believed to be an Eminem-inspired look given the fact that it resembles a lot to his signature style. 

Eminem issued The Warning to Mariah Carey post her Obsessed release 

Just a month after Mariah Carey clapped back at Eminem’s consistent claims of dating her via her song Obsessed the Stan singer released a song called The Warning. “Only reason I dissed you in the first place is cause you denied seeing me,” he sang in his new song stating that he was pissed at Mariah for canceling his claims of them dating. 

The feud between the two singing powerhouses began in 2001 when Mariah reached out to Eminem asking him to collaborate on her upcoming album Charmbracelet following which Eminem claimed that the two dated for six months while working on her album. Mariah Carey on the other hand maintained a firm stand of just having a professional relationship with him. 

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Did Mariah Carey and Eminem really date each other?
Both Eminem and Mariah Carey have contrasting claims when it comes to their dating rumors. Eminem claims that they dated for six months while Mariah Carey profusely refuses the claims of them ever dating.

Is Eminem the greatest rapper of all time?
Eminem is surely one of the best rappers in the past two decades.

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