Lee Jong Suk, Hwang In Yeop, and more: 5 actors who we'd like to see opposite Kim Yoo Jung’s sociopath role in drama Dear X

Kim Yoo Jung is reportedly in talks for a new webtoon-based drama Dear X. Ahead of confirmation, let’s have a look at the actors who can possibly co-star her in this dark-themed drama.

Updated on Jun 04, 2024  |  08:07 PM IST |  633K
Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Jong Suk, Hwang In Yeop: Images from SBS, MBC
Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Jong Suk, Hwang In Yeop: Images from SBS, MBC

Kim Yoo Jung is reportedly gearing up for her next big project. According to reports on June 4, the actress will step into the shoes of a sociopath's character in the new drama Dear X. Based on a webtoon of the same name, this drama will center on Baek Ah Jin, a young woman who always gets what she wants using her dazzling appearance that can persuade anyone.

Who will co-star Kim Yoo Jung in Dear X? Here's our top choices for male leads

While there’s much excitement about Kim Yoo Jung’s performance in this challenging role, let’s have a look at the actors who can co-star with her in this drama. According to fans, Dear X will have a total of 5 male leads and all of them will fall hades over feels over Baek Ah Jin’s enigma. Though, not many details have been revealed about these 5 characters, here are the actors we would like to see playing these roles alongside Kim Yoo Jung.

1. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is known as a versatile actor who has exhibited his acting skills both in rom-coms and thrillers. In addition, he also excels at playing both ‘good guy’ and antagonist roles. We think he will ace the character of Yoon Jun Seo, the son of Baek Ah Jin’s stepmother. According to the original webtoon, this character gets easily persuaded by the sociopath female lead with her 'sob’ story. 


Gradually, this character becomes Baek Ah Jin’s strength and stands as a rock by her side. However, when her controlling nature exceeds the limit, he tries to stop her. She doesn’t listen and Jun Seo unveils her true face hiding behind the ‘charming’ mask.

Given Lee Jong Suk’s performance in the action-thriller film Decibel (2021) and the series Big Mouth (2022), he would do a great job as Yoon Jun Seo. 

2. Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In Yeop and Kim Yoo Jung both appeared in the engaging variety show Young Actors’ Retreat. So, we can expect an amazing synergy if they co-star each other in Dear X. In addition, the actor also excelled in another webtoon-adapted character in True Beauty. We think he is a potential candidate for one of the five male leads.  

3. Park Ji Hoon

Park Ji Hoon recently led the period drama Love Song for Illusion, which is adapted from the Manhwa of the same name written by VANZIUN, who is also the creator of Dear X. So, his casting in this drama might be on the cards. Specially, he is also a versatile actor known for portraying dual personalities. He might play the role of Yoon Jun Seo or any other character that is molded with intricate layers.  


4. OK Taecyeon

OK Taecyeon is quite renowned for playing the antagonist role in the super-hit series Vincenzo. However, he is equally good at portraying different characters like the one of Yoon Jun Seo. We think, his acting will brilliantly balance Kim Yoo Jung’s anti-hero character in Dear X. 

5. Woo Do Hwan

Not only his acting ability, but Woo Do Hwan’s appearance also resembles the illustration of Yoo Jun Seo in Dear X. He is a talented doctor who has proved himself again and again in Mad Dog (2017), Tempted (2018), Bloodhounds (2023), and more deft works. 

If not Yoo Jun Seo, he can take on the role of any other 5 characters and synchronize to bring out the best of it. Furthermore, Kim Yoo Jung and Woo Do Hwan’s casting will gift us a fresh on-screen pair we would definitely like to see. 

Aside from these five actors, We think My Roommate is a Gumiho actor Jang Ki Yong, Cheer Up’s Bae In Hyuk, Queen of Tears’ Kim Soo Hyun, The Killing Vote’s Park Hae Jin would be our top choice for Kim Yoo Jung’s co-star in Dear X.


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