Top 8 best Indian college web series that will take you on a nostalgic ride: Mismatched to Aspirants

If you want to relive your college life, from Mismatched to Aspirants, here's a list of top 8 web shows that will leave you wanting more of it. Check out!

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No matter what, certain memories always stay with us, especially the bittersweet ones from our school and college days. And why wouldn't they? It's during that time that we experience so many firsts in life - first love, first heartbreak, and so much more. Well, we may never be able to go back to that golden period, but we can definitely relive it through some amazing web shows that are truly entertaining.

Thus, here we’ve curated a school web series list that includes some of the best Indian college web series that will take you down memory lane. Check out! 

8 college life series that you can never get enough of 


1. Campus Diaries (2022)



  • IMDb Rating: 8.8 
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama and Romance
  • Star Cast: Harsh Beniwal, Ritvik Sahore, Srishti Rindani, Saloni Khanna, Abhinav Sharma, Saloni Gaur, Rajesh Yadav, Manoj Joshi, Ranjan Raj, Sameer Rehman
  • Director: Prem Mistry
  • Writer: Devanshi Shah, Talha Siddiqui, and Gaganjeet Singh
  • Year of release: 2022
  • Where to Watch / OTT Platform: MX Player

 One of the most intriguing college life series, Campus Diaries, is a show that is not based on a regular college drama. It delves into the depths of friendship and love, going beyond the surface to address important topics such as ragging, societal biases, unrequited love, drug abuse, and toxic relationships.

2. Aspirants (2021)


  • IMDb Rating: 9.2
  • Cast: Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, and Abhilash Thapliyal
  • Director: Apoorv Singh Karki
  • Writers: Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish, Arunabh Kumar, Shreyansh Pandey, Ashutosh Chaturvedi, and Pankaj Mavchi
  • Year of release: 2021
  • Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Yet another relatable and interesting college days web series, Aspirants is a story revolving around the UPSC aspirants who want to crack the toughest Indian test. The show has many layers to it with a story around three best friends. The narrative of the show goes back and forth between the past and present.

3. Mismatched (2020)



  • IMDb Rating: 5.9/10
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Star Cast: Prajakta Koli, Rohit Saraf, Muskkaan Jaferi, Kritika Bharadwaj, Ruturaj Shinde, Rannvijay Singh, Taaruk Raina, Vidya Malvade
  • Director: Akarsh Khurana and Nipun Dharmadhikari
  • Writer: Gazal Dhaliwal
  • Year of release: 2020
  • Where to Watch / OTT Platform: Netflix

Mismatched is a series that has everything you could ask for - love, connections, laughter, excitement, rivalry, and more. It all starts with Rishi (played by Rohit Saraf) falling head over heels for Dimple (played by Prajakta Koli). The story is so engaging that you'll always be craving more. The audience showered the show with immense love, and its music became an internet sensation.


4. Class Of 2020 (2020)

Pic Courtesy: Class of 2020 IMDb


  • IMDb Rating: 5.3/10
  • Genre: Teen Drama
  • Movie Star Cast: Rohan Mehra, Chetna Pandey, Sushant Tanwar, Esha Chawla, Alam Khan, Jatin Suri, Joyita Chatterjee, Leena Sharma, Palak Singh
  • Director:  Baljit Singh Chaddha and Aarambhh M Singh
  • Writer: Swapnesh Vadhavkar
  • Year of release: 2020
  • Where to Watch / OTT Platform: Altt Balaji

 Another one on the list is - Class of 2020, a college-based web series, which is a story that talks about topics that most youngsters can relate to including drugs, drama, romance, s*x, peer pressure and, much more. The show offers its fair share of fun, emotions, sad, and heart-breaking moments enough to keep one hooked to their screen.

5. Kota Factory (2019)

Pic Courtesy: Kota Factory IMDb


  • IMDb Rating: 9.0
  • Cast: Mayur More, Jitendra Kumar, Ranjan Raj, and Alam Khan
  • Director: Raghav Subbu
  • Writers: Saurabh Khanna, Abhishek Yadav, Puneet Batra, Sandeep Jain, and Manoj Kalwani
  • Year of release: 2019
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Kota Factory is one of the best series on Netflix for all the youngsters out there. The school web-series is set in the backdrop of Kota, a city that is dubbed as the education hub of the country. The story is so relatable that it will take you on a nostalgic journey down memory lane.


The story of this school life series revolves around a 16-year-old science student named Vaibhav who moves to Kota to prepare for the IIT entrance examinations. The show paints a picture of him and his friends dealing with day-to-day problems that they must take head-on to crack the exam. The series captures the emotions and pressure that students face in a competitive environment.

6. College romance (2018)


  • IMDb Rating: 8.3/10
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Star Cast: Apoorva Arora, Gagan Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Shreya Mehta, Nupur Nagpal, Manjot Singh, Eklavey Kashyap, Jhanvi Rawat, Ankur Pathak, Sanket Shanware
  • Director: Simarpreet Singh, Apoorv Singh Karki and Parijat Josh
  • Writer: Kunal Aneja, Abhishek Srivastava, Akash Ahuja, Sidhant Mago, Manan Madaan, Pankaj Mavchi, Ashutosh Chaturvedi
  • Year of release: 2018
  • Where to Watch / OTT Platform: Sony LIV

 If you’re looking for a light-hearted and entertaining college-related series, then College Romance has to be the top pick for you. The story revolving around three best friends and their bond is interesting enough to hook anyone to its chaotic and crazy world. Ngl, but this web show is surely going to make you miss your college a little extra.

7. Girls Hostel (2018)


  • IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Star Cast: Parul Gulati, Ahsaas Channa, Simran Natekar, Trupti Khamkar, Khushbu Baid, Shreya Mehta, Srishti Shrivastava, Durin Das, Jayati Bhatia
  • Director: Hanish D Kalia
  • Writer: Shreyasi Sharma
  • Year of release: 2018
  • Where to Watch / OTT Platform: Sony LIV

One of the best college days web series, Girls Hostel is more like a nostalgic trip to college days. The story gives a peek into the age of roommates, the senior-junior bonds, blame games, and standing by each other’s side in difficult situations in the unforgettable hostel life. The sitcom offers its fair share of rivals and romance and presents the drama revolving around the Girl's Hostel.

8. Laakhon Mein Ek (2017)

  • IMDb Rating:  8.2
  • Cast: Ritvik Sahore, Shiv Subramanyam, and Alam Khan
  • Director: Abhishek Sengupta
  • Writers: Biswa Kalyan Rath, Vaspar Dandiwala, and Debjita Dhar
  • Year of release: 2017
  • Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

True to its title, the college-based web series, Laakhon Mein Ek is really a must-watch. The series tells a story about a 15-year-old boy, Aakash who wants to make mimicry videos and post them online. However, his dad has different plans for him and sends him to an IIT coaching institute, where he turns out to be an absolute misfit. The story tells how this young lad navigates his path in life and also leaves you inspired.

There must be some series that couldn't make it to our list, but don't forget to share the name of your favorite series with us in the comments section!


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