Lahore Confidential: A romantic spy thriller that you cannot afford to miss on ZEE5

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Lahore Confidential: A romantic spy thriller that you cannot afford to miss on ZEE5

ZEE5 premiered its latest movie ‘Lahore Confidential’ on 4th February and it has gotten all spy story lovers excited. The movie’s basic plot revolves around Ananya (Richa Chadda) a mundane Indian woman who is suddenly thrown into the thrilling world of espionage and Rauf (Arunoday Singh) a charismatic Pakistani socialite who has much more to him than it meets to the eye. 

Ananya is an ordinary Indian woman living her normal life of going to the office and being nagged on by her overbearing mother to get married. However, this bookish and nerdy woman is also an employee of Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW) of India.  On the other hand, Rauf is a wealthy Pakistani socialite who knows all the who is who of the Pakistani elite. What brings them together is their passion for Urdu poetry. Yes, Ananya and Rauf are both lovers of Urdu poetry and that is what binds them together. 

Ananya is sent to Pakistan by the R&AW under the guise of writing a book on Urdu poets of Pakistan. But the agenda of sending her to Pakistan is actually that she can get close to the Pakistani Eltile and find out information about Wasim Ahmed Khan. Khan is a wanted terrorist in India, who has been planning a series of attacks on the country. However, Ananya’s colleagues, especially Yukti (Karishma Tanna) deem her unfit for this job. They say she is too emotional and empathic for such a posting. 

None the less Ananya is introduced to Rauf and they quickly bond over their love for Urdu poetry and Pakistani culture. The friendship quickly turns into love and Ananya begins to unmask who the real Rauf is. But the backdrop of cross border espionage is not so simple. There are no friends or enemies in this world. There is only one thing that matters, that is Patriotism. Is Rauf who he actually says he is? Is Ananya falling into a trap instead of just falling in love? Who are the heroes of this story and who are the villains? All this and much more is answered across the 1 hour run time of this movie. 

Richa Chadda is brilliant as the docile and shy Ananya. She expresses emotions with her beautiful eyes whether it is irritation about the constant marriage question that is posed by her mother or her admiration as she listens to soul-stirring Urdu poetry. Arunoday Singh is rightly cast as the suave and charismatic Rauf who knows exactly what to say to get the girl to fall for him. He also keeps the audience guessing about what his motives really are and he holds the cards close to his chest. Karishma Tanna is brilliant as Yukti, a fiery R&AW agent and has the most quote-worthy lines in the movie. Her character is the one that we enjoyed the most. 

This movie is created by S. Hussain Zaidi. It is brilliantly directed by the talented Kunal Kohli and is produced by Jar pictures. Being a thriller, good action is a must and this challenge is taken upon by Sunil Rodrigues. The quote-worthy dialogues are written by Vibha Singh. The director of photography is the illustrious Karthik Ganesh. Further, the characters are perfectly cast by Mukesh Chhabra.

So here is a movie that will satisfy all the spy thrillers as well as romance lovers. What are you waiting for? 

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Anonymous : As this article has a Paid Partnership, you have given the wrong review. It's not as great as written.
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Anonymous : Swara,Richa & Tapsee- Lacklustre & boring
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Anonymous : The story is not bad, but there is something lacking.
REPLY 7 5 months ago
Anonymous : What lacks is Lahore. Any Lahori can tell that it has nothing to do with Lahore's culture language places and people.
REPLY 2 5 months ago