Queen of Tears Ep 9-10 Review: Kim Ji Won flips on Park Sung Hoon; Kim Soo Hyun wows as boxer

In the latest episode of Queen of Tears, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won take new strides in their breaking relatonship. Read the latest review below.

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Kim Ji Won, Kim Soo Hyun for Queen of Tears: courtesy of tvN
Kim Ji Won, Kim Soo Hyun for Queen of Tears: courtesy of tvN

Name: Queen of Tears

Premiere Date: March 9, 2024

Cast: Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, Park Sung Hoon, and Kwak Dong Yeon

Director: Jang Young Woo, Kim Hee Won

Writer: Park Ji Eun

No. of episodes: 16

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Language: Korean

Where to watch: tvN, Netflix

Queen of Tears storyline

Madly in love at first, Baek Hyunwoo and Hong Haein, end up poles apart from each other after a few years of their marriage. Now fate comes knocking on their door as she’s diagnosed with a terminal illness while he seeks a divorce. Shortly after, things turn sour for the Hong family as they are chased out of their own home due to some clever planning from one of their own. The two leads find their way back to each other amid chaos and her death looming over their heads.

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Queen of Tears Ep 7-8 recap

Song Joong Ki’s cameo shook the release of the last two episodes. The popular actor reprised his role as Vincenzo Cassano from the famed K-drama Vincenzo. Returning as the consigliere and marking his third time working with Kim Ji Won, following Descendants of the Sun and Arthdal Chronicles, he delivered yet another powerful appearance. 



However, the highlight of the week’s release came with Park Sung Hoon taking over the Queens Group and the falling apart of the relationship between the two leads. This week, the aftermath of the takeover followed.

Queen of Tears Episodes 9 and 10 Review

Kim Ji Won begins to live in Kim Soo Hyun’s house

The couple reunites most impressively back in Kim Soo Hyun’s character Baek Hyunwoo’s hometown Yongduri. What causes more surprise and comic relief is the arrival of the Hong family, a chaebol bunch, in the humble abode where ‘water from the Alps’ is not a common feat. After a tight hit from his noona Hong Haein, Hong Soocheol (Kwak Dong Yeon) comes to his senses adding to the timely comic relief of the show. 

Park Sung Hoon threatens Kim Ji Won

Yoon Eunsung, on realizing his mother’s intentions to chase out the entire Hong family, Park Sung Hoon worries for his lady love, Hong Haein. The desperation in his eyes for his childhood crush will likely be the result of his downfall in the coming days. On finding out the truth behind her terminal illness, Yoon Eunsung garners a new goal- to marry Hong Haein and the sheer audacity in his performance is exactly why Park Sung Hoon is perfect for this role.

Kim Soo Hyun declares love to Kim Ji Won

Lawyer, legal advisor, caring husband, and also skilled boxer, Kim Soo Hyun’s run as Baek Hyunwoo in the drama keeps on getting more fabulous with each episode. An action sequence reveals his hidden boxing talents and we wonder how long did it take for the actor to nail the choreography. After a fight to crack down on fraudsters, a bruised-up Baek Hyunwoo turns up much to Hong Haein’s worry and is taken care of. 

In a drunken state, Baek Hyunwoo sheds tears about the sorrowful nature of his situation when even after caring a lot for his wife, he’s unable to display it directly to her. These are the exact tears that we assume caused the writer to coin the K-drama’s name. Soon a heartbreaking love confession follows as unbeknownst to Baek Hyunwoo, Hong Haein listens to his drunken rambling in yet another well-executed scene.


Kim Ji Won lashes out

On the verge of joining back the likes of Yoon Eunsung, Hong Haein fights with her ex-husband and seems to be choosing her own future instead of the welfare of the family. But just when you think the tide may be turning in the favor of the antagonist, Hong Haein pulls a thrilling return in what may become our favorite shocking scene from the show. She publicly announces Yoon Eunsung’s threats and turns the media against him. At the same time, the revelation of her impending death due to a terminal illness becomes her biggest weapon.

As Queen of Tears progresses further and continues to break viewership rating records, there are a lot of expectations and possible outcomes that have kept the viewers hooked to the rom-com. With possibly more tears to follow and a lot more romance awaited, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won’s love story is turning out to be a fan favorite.

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