Bangaru Bullodu Movie Review: Allari Naresh starrer falls flat and is a bogus comedy entertainer

Bangaru Bullodu Movie Review: The film starring Allari Naresh, Pooja Jhaveri, Tanikella Bharani, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore released today. Here's our take on it.

Updated on Jan 24, 2021  |  01:19 PM IST |  805.2K
Bangaru Bullodu Movie Review Allari Naresh
Bangaru Bullodu Movie Review: Allari Naresh starrer falls flat and is a bogus comedy entertainer

Movie Name: Bangaru Bullodu 
Cast: Allari Naresh, Pooja Jhaveri, Tanikella Bharani, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore and others
Director: Giri Palika 
Rating: 1.5/5

You don't have to be a feminist to see 'Bangaru Bullodu' as a nightmare where female characters are crushingly ridiculous. They are suspicious wives, outright greedy or too silly to be taken seriously. When they are not lusted after by lecherous men, they are objectified or likened to food items like 'pulihora'. Even when the supposedly ideal male lead is busy pulling off one con after another on unsuspecting characters, he gets called 'bangaru', which literally means gold. On the other hand, the female lead is obsessed with settling down in the US or Singapore, only to be lectured by our hero about the greatness of 'mana ooru' (native village). 

Twenty-six years ago, a desperate man (Tanikella Bharani) had to sell off jewellery meant for the decoration of the local Goddess in a powerful temple. To save his skin, he replaced them with fake jewelry and has been living with pangs of guilt ever since. His grandson, Bhavani Prasad (Allari Naresh), realises that he has to undo the sin if the Goddess has to be appeased. In his attempt, he, an employee of a Grameen Bank, resorts to all sorts of tricks. This is when a burglary at the temple aggravates his problems. Can Bhavani Prasad meet the deadline and save himself and his grandfather from the Goddess's wrath?

Unarguably, the film is outdated to the hilt. In the very least, writer-director Giri Palika should have milked the potentially heart-tugging situations. Even when there are agonised characters, you don't feel anything for them. Such is the level of poor execution that this film suffers from. The element of divine retribution is a motif that the screenplay conveniently sidesteps after a while. 


Of course, you don't watch an Allari Naresh movie expecting a strong story. Which is why the comedy has to be decent enough. And the kind of hilarity 'Bangaru Bullodu' has is cheap when it is not repulsive. Pooja Jhaveri's name is Boddu Kanaka Mahalakshmi. Now, the surname translates in English to 'tummy button'. Our hero catches a glimpse of her tummy button the first time he sees her and exclaims, 'Wow, she is true to her name!' Is this humour or romance or just Allari Naresh things playing out? The rom-com track is totally out of sync with the male lead's characterisation and sits ill at ease with the urgency of his mission to redeem himself and his grandfather at the earliest. 

Just when his problems multiply, the hero turns to buffoonery, the divine work be damned. There is a supposedly angry cop (Ajay Ghosh) who thinks that five hours is not enough for a thief to run away from a small village with jewelry worth lakhs of rupees. 


Scenes should have been spun out of the equations between the hero and his two loafing brothers (Prabhas Srinu and Sathyam Rajesh), who don't come with character arcs. There is nothing heart-rending about Tanikella Bharani's teary acts either. Posani Krishna Murali's quirky character is borrowed from the likes of comedies that Jandhyala and EVV Satyanarayana made in a bygone era. But the quirks hardly evoke laughs beyond a point.

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