EXCLUSIVE: Naagin’s Anita Hassanandani reveals she won 5 lakh in a game on Spartan Poker: I was on cloud nine

Naagin fame Anita Hassanandini is not just a brilliant actor but also an avid fan of Poker. In an exclusive Instagram session with Pinkvilla, Anita revealed how she has been using a lockdown period to hone her poker skills on Spartan Poker and more.
EXCLUSIVE: Naagin’s Anita Hassanandani reveals she won 5 lakh in a poker game on Spartan: I was on cloud nine EXCLUSIVE: Naagin’s Anita Hassanandani reveals she won 5 lakh in a game on Spartan Poker: I was on cloud nine
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Among the most popular shows on TV, Naagin series had won the hearts of people and the new season too was doing the same before the lockdown. One of the important characters on the show is Anita Hassanandani. However, very few fans of the talented actress know that Anita is an avid Poker player and loved the sport. Not just this, amidst the lockdown, Anita has been spending time on the popular Poker app, Spartan Poker and has been honing her skills. While spending time on Spartan Poker, Anita has not just been honing her game skills but also winning big.

​For the unversed, Spartan Poker is an online gaming platform and is a hotspot for Poker aficionados across India. It is an Indian centric online gaming hub that aims to bring sophistication and quality of a world-class online gaming platform to gaming enthusiasts with a vast variety of Poker tournaments. 

In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla in an Instagram live session, Anita got candid about her love for Poker and how Spartan Poker helped her in passing time amidst the lockdown. The gorgeous diva exclusively shared with Pinkvilla that in the current times, she has been honing her Poker skills on Spartan Poker and almost spends 6 to 8 hours on the app while playing the sport. Anita revealed that on Spartan Poker, one can learn as well as hone their Poker skills and even real money in tournaments. Talking about the usability of Spartan Poker app, Anita said, “It's so easy to understand the format of the Spartan Poker app. I really enjoy it. It’s so simple to get connected and how to play Poker on Spartan Poker app. How much time can you spend on netflix or other OTT apps. You need some time doing something different, so I end up playing poker 6 to 8 hours of the day.”

On improving her skill of Poker, Anita mentioned that Spartan Poker is perfect. She said “It’s nice to play online as people can’t see you. It gets easier for you to brush up your skill. If you are a newbie wanting to play poker, then this app (Spartan Poker) is perfect as they have Buy ins from very low to very high depending on whatever you want to play. If you want to improve your skill, it’s perfect because people can’t see your face and notice your anxiety. So, I think I have been playing so much on Spartan Poker that I feel I have become a slightly better player. Talking about playing Poker online as opposed to offline, Anita said, “I have played offline but i'm still not that great. On the other hand, On Spartan I feel like a pro, I’m making the most of this quarantine as I'm learning a skill, I'm improving a skill and all of it is happening online.”




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When asked about her biggest win in Spartan Poker, Anita shared that she won 5 and a half lakh in a poker Tournament on Spartan Poker where the Buy in was for Rs 5500 and the best part came when she got the money. The diva said that she was on cloud nine when she won the tournament. On playing Poker on Spartan Poker, Anita said, “I won 5 and a half lakhs. There was a Poker tournament on Spartan Poker. To play poker you need to focus a lot. For the game, I started playing at 6 in the evening to 6 in the morning. But when I won it was amazing. Imagine you invest rs 5500 and win Rs 5 Lakh. I don’t keep a count of the losses as I feel you should enjoy your win and forget your losses. About winning her first tournament on Spartan Poker, Anita said, " When I won my first tournament on Spartan Poker, I won 5 and a half lakhs. It was real money. I was on cloud nine. You feel so proud not because of the money but because you won due to the hand you deal. It is very nice.”

Not just this, Anita highlighted that Spartan Poker is perfect for those who are beginners as well. She explained that the app is perfect for those who are just starting out as it's online and people cannot see your face which means one can have an upper hand too. Talking about the time she spends on Spartan Poker on normal days, Anita said, “You need to give 8 to 10 hours if you want to hone your skills. Once u start, u need to stick by it.”

When asked what advice she would like to give people who may be in two minds about Poker and if it can be taken up professionally, Anita said, “People should take up courses. Take it as a sport and learn it. It is something that you need to play in the right frame of mind. People should understand and take it as a sport. On Spartan Poker, I have played tournaments only for Rs 100. The smallest tournament since Poker is not just about winning and money. It’s a skill and the pleasure that you get when you play the hand right. It’s about playing that hand skillfully and not about whether you are playing for Rs 100 or 2 Lakhs. I’m not thinking about Poker professionally as I love acting but my free time is Poker time.” 



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When asked about Poker still being considered as a taboo, Anita said that Poker is a sport and a lot of people think that it’s gambling. But, she added that Poker needs a lot of patience and that once you start playing, people will understand that it is a sport. She said that for people to change, it will take some time. 

Well, Anita went on to reveal that there are few women in the field of Poker but mentioned that they have an upper hand when playing Poker as men get intimidated by women who play poker. She said, “I feel whatever men can do, women can do better. You need patience in poker and women have a lot of it. We women would kill it if they started playing it.” We further prodded her about her Poker plans for 2020 and she revealed that she may go ahead and learn it from a good teacher to improve her skill. The Naagin 4 star said that she wouldn’t mind taking an online class for honing her Poker skills. She credited Harman Baweja for teaching her Poker initially. Finally, when we asked Anita to name one actor who she would love to go on a Poker date with, she revealed it would be Salman Khan

Well, you heard it from a pro online Poker player Anita Hassanandini who is ensuring that she spends her self quarantine time at home honing the skill of what she totally loves on Spartan Poker. Surely, it looks like after the 21-day lockdown, Anita will come out as a pro Poker player as she continues to spend time on Spartan Poker. 

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Anita Hassanandani is clearly one of the top TV actors today but not many know that she's an avid poker too. The actress talks about how she got drawn towards the game, the amount of money she's won in a poker game, beating the best of best and getting a surprise shock when Ali Gony defeated her. Along with that, she also discussing about playing a vamp in Naagin 4 and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and also revealed that she will soon be seen in a web series under Ekta Kapoor's banner AltBalaji. @anitahassanandani . . . . #anitahassanandani #anitafans #actress #naagin4 #yehhaimohabbatein #starplus #spartanpoker #beauty #iglive #liveinyourlivingroom #stayhomewithpinkvilla #pinkvilla

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