Parineeti Chopra at Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards 2012

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Parineeti Chopra won the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Debutante for the year 2012.


ঠিক, পরিণীতির ঠ্যাঙে দাগ আছে। প্রথমবার ন্যাংটা হইছে তো, তাই বুঝতে পারে নাই।

why do all indians want to become fair?

What a sweetheart and such a lovely down to earth girl, saw her on the Filmfare pre awards show and after ,she is so real and so awesome and so much like the real public! way to go Parineeti Chopra !

I love the styling but that grey foundation is making me feel sad! Nice lippie though.

I dont like her makeup :/


She is so young, just '88 born!
she looks natural like a fresh-faced newcomer.

Not a style icon..and as pointed out, bad makeup.
But she's got a tremendous screen presence and is naturally lovely>

The make up is just too much.Also there are two marks on her thighs...This dress just doesnt suit her.

soon she will get a nose job, cheeks reduction and lip fillers etc that standards procedures which every bollywood actress does.

Stop blaming actresses for wearing white foundation. In our country we treat our own ladies like trash and replace them with Goris. Obviously these dusky skinned beauties will feel insecure if any talentless model who has failed big time in the West can come and become a superstar in Bollywood. It's this mentality against Indian women in Bollywood that makes them hate their skin. When was the last time you saw Indian female backup dancers in a movie? It's all jus goris, goris, goris. And now the actresses are also all becoming Goris. Nobody will ever replace the men in our movies. It's only Indian women that we hate and treat like second rate citizens in our own Bollywood.

Horrible make up

OMG! She is starting to follow Priyanka with that white make-up stuff...Oh NO Parineetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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