BTS’ V, The Fancam King: Here are our 6 favourite fancams of the King of Duality!

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BTS’ V, The Fancam King: Here are our 6 favourite fancams of the King of Duality!

Face genius. Stunning visuals. The King of Duality. The King of Fancams. Powerful performer. All these and much more describe the perfect entertainer that BTS’ Kim Taehyung aka V, is. Last year in March, Taehyung was termed as ‘The Fancam King’ after 12 of his fancams were listed in the 100 most viewed fancams of all time on YouTube. 


The 95-liner is known to be humble, hard working and a person who completely transforms himself when on stage. The Tae Tae we see on Run BTS episodes or in other reality shows goes off for a toss when we see The Kim Taehyung come in contact with the power of a stage. Fancams for a K-Pop idol is a must - it helps fans focus only on their bias from the start to the end of the performance, never missing out on them. When it comes to Taehyung, fans have already been exposed to the many expressions he can make in just one performance. 


His talent to showcase amazing dance and expressions on stage has also been praised by other members! The dance leader, J-Hope even once said that he changes expressions between songs like he changes clothes! So, keeping the most-viewed fancams aside, we’re listing down our favourite fancams of the Face Genius! 


MIC DROP - 180622



This was the first fancam I fell in love with. The stage, the song, the outfit, the heat, the hairstyle, the growling - every single thing in this fancam is stunning. Watching Taehyung change his expressions from sexy to rude to intense looks, the song perfectly embodies the incredible power he holds. Taehyung shows us how this isn’t something that can be taught, but is rather mastered over time.


SPRING DAY - 171202 



Every ARMY knows how special the song is. Talking about the pain of losing someone, hopelessness and wondering when they can meet their loved ones next, this song is very high on emotions. Taehyung has always been a master of expressing his thoughts and emotions while on stage, and this 3-4 year old fancam is proof of that. He looks his angelic in the blonde hair, white oversized shirt paired with blue denim and dangling silver earrings. He masterfully expresses the pain through his face and that’s what makes this fancam even more special!


ANPANMAN - 181013 



Another old fancam that had me (and many others) fall in love with Taehyung is during their Love Yourself tour! If you were an ARMY back then, you would remember how that yellow bandana caused a stir in the fandom as the fandom made memes about the bandana, comparing it with Lord Krishna’s peacock feather! This fancam shows the singer’s other side - the fun, goofy side! You can see him smiling throughout the dance, being comfortable, making weird faces and just completely enjoying the performance! 


BLACK SWAN - 200227



An angelic fit again, the flowy overcoat, the curled hair, the long feather pendant and the hauntingly beautiful Black Swan, they’re the perfect recipe to make anyone fall in love with him. With his stunning beauty and tucked in shirt, his body becomes more prominent, with him hitting all the right notes too! 


BOY WITH LUV - 190428



The goofy, impromptu Taehyung is back! With teal-colored permed hair, flowy striped jacket with a Tshirt and jeans, this fancam definitely stays on my list of favourites. Not even 30 seconds into the performance, we have Taehyung playing with a part of his outfit and throwing a heart with the most adorable face! This fancam has both hsi goofy and his most attractive self in love. And the adorable smiles he showed throughout the video! You can’t miss it!  

DIONYSUS - 191130



Taehyung is royalty. His expressions? The same. Dionysus is an incredibly powerful song and in each beat, Taehyung does justice to it. He looks stunning in the royal outfit and with his visuals, no one would even doubt that he isn’t one. Hitting all the right beats by amping up his intense expressions to fatal ones (sticking his tongue out and others), watching this performance of Dionysus will make anyone wonder how a single person can have the ability of being this powerful! 


There are many other fancams where Taehyung has performed by giving his all and showing his prowess in the music industry. These were some of my favourites. He isn’t called the face genius for nothing! 


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Which V fancam is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!


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Anonymous : Always the best
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Anonymous : Just amazing how much he has grown as an artist.I hope they continue for years to come. Love to see him in movies.
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Anonymous : I love Lotte family "Best of me" performance also
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Anonymous : Boy in love
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Anonymous : Boy with love
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