EXCLUSIVE: Aamil Keeyan Khan talks about next horror feature, 'Want it to be as gripping as Saw and Conjuring'

Basking in the success of Shaitaan, writer Aamil Keeyan Khan graced Pinkvilla with his interview. He shared how he wishes to make a horror film which is as gripping as Conjuring and Saw.

Published on Mar 13, 2024  |  07:24 PM IST |  174.7K
Aamil Keeyan Khan
Aamil Keeyan Khan wants his next horror feature to be as gripping as Conjuring and Saw
Key Highlight
  • Aamil Keeyan Khan wants his next horror film to be as gripping as Conjuring and Saw
  • Aamil says that the horror-thriller genre is very underexplored in India
  • Shaitaan successfully plays at a theatre near you, since the 8th of March, 2024

Aamil Keeyan Khan is enjoying the glorious success of Shaitaan at the box office, which is making giant strides towards the Rs 100 crore nett India mark. The writer who has been part of appreciated films like Bholaa, Runway 34 and Drishyam 2 in the past, graced Pinkvilla with a telephonic interview of his, where he gave insights on his next horror film, talked about how the horror genre is underexplored in the Hindi Film Industry, explained the impact of softwares like ChatGPT on scriptwriters and more.

Aamil Keeyan Khan Says That His Next Horror Feature Will Have Heart-Pounding Thrills

In the exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, following the success of Shaitaan, writer Aamil Keeyan Khan was asked to share something about his next horror film and how he envisions it to be. He said, "I promise heart-pounding thrills in my next horror feature. It has all the elements to keep you at the edge of your seats". He also wished that the audiences find the movie as gripping and chilling as global smash-hits like Conjuring and Saw and it becomes a sensation.

Aamil Keeyan Khan Shares His Views On Horror Being An Underexplored Movie Genre

Horror-thriller and supernatural-thriller as genres are really underexplored in the Hindi Movie Industry. On asking Khan about whether the massive success of Shaitaan would result in more films in this space, he admitted that he is excited about how the industry goes about it but also added that there are phases of every genre, after which the audience latches onto something else. Elaborating on his point, he said, "There was a phase where just comedy films were working, like films of Priyadarshan and Anees Bazmee. Similarly, there was a phase where only romance or only action worked. Filmmakers have to constantly come up with something new and exciting to keep the audience interested".


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Has Aamil Keeyan Khan Experienced Something Spookily Thrilling In His Life?

To make horror-thrillers, one needs to sometimes experience horrors first hand. In the trailer launch of Shaitaan, Ajay Devgn revealed that there were spooky occurences on his movie sets back in the days. On asking Aamil Keeyan Khan if he has ever experienced something spookily-thrilling in his life, he admitted that he did, interestingly many while working on films with Ajay Devgn. He said, "We shot for Bholaa and Runway 34 in Ramoji Film City. At 2:30am, we used to hear a knock on our hotel room doors, even when no one was outside and it became a frequent happening. Also we used to hear the sound of the flush from our washroom, late in the night and that scared us all". 

Aamil Keeyan Khan Shares Why Most Superstars Do Big Budget Films And Not Constrained-Budgeted Films

As those who have watched Shaitaan know, the movie has been made on a constrained budget and is mostly shot in just 3-4 locations. Explaining why he feels big stars prefer big-budget films and not constrained budgeted films like Shaitaan, Khan said, "I think in general there is a very wrong perception in the minds of many producers and makers that the bigger the budget, the better the film. The bigger the star, the more budget you are granted by the studio irrespective of whether the story demands it or not, and many times the story is tweaked to justify the budget and the star’s presence, thereby ruining the film. Scale, vfx, and grandeur are all nice and effective only if the story and the world connect with the audience and the screenplay keeps you hooked."

"Ajay sir has very often chosen to back content-based films, I'd like to single out Aamir Khan who chose to do a Taare Zameen Par or a Secret Superstar but the examples are far and few. Vicky Donor, Stree, Andhadhun, Kantara, Sairaat, Hanu Man, Shaitaan, and Minnal Murali are all examples of big concept films that did big numbers despite being made in constrained budgets", he concluded.

Aamil Keeyan Khan Shares Whether Softwares Like ChatGPT Are Posing A Threat To Scriptwriters

Artificial Intelligence is really taking away a lot of jobs in today's time and age. In this conversation, the prolific writer was also asked about whether softwares like ChatGPT have really begun to threaten the job of writers in the movie industry or it actually helps them in some way. To this he replied, "I read hundreds of scripts and I can make out whether it is written using a software or by an actual person". He added that once the software will be developed further and once those who use it will have the technical knowhow, will it actually pose a threat. At present, it doesn't really pose a threat.


Aamil Keeyan Khan's Upcoming Films

On the work front, Aamil Keeyan Khan gears up for his next film Sky Force, starring Akshay Kumar. Apart from Sky Force, he is working as a writer on Maar Dhad Samachar, Jai Hind and a sequel to a much loved comedy. Needless to say that there is Shaitaan 2 and Drishyam 3 in the pipeline too.

Have you watched Shaitaan in theatres yet? How excited are you to watch Aamil Keeyan Khan's upcoming films?

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