EXCLUSIVE: Kriti Sanon elucidates why she produced Do Patti, 'If you don't find opportunities, you create'

In an exclusive Pinkvilla Masterclass with Himesh Mankad, Kriti Sanon shared how the germ of being a producer came into her mind and how she conceived Do Patti.

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Kriti Sanon
Kriti Sanon shares what triggered her to be a producer (Credit: Pinkvilla, Netflix)
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  • Kriti Sanon shares when and how she decided to become a producer
  • Kriti Sanon's Pinkvilla Masterclass is now streaming on YouTube

Kriti Sanon is among today's top billing actresses. She has already delivered two very successful films in 2024, namely Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya and Crew. The actress has more in store for audiences as the release of Do Patti on Netflix won't be too long after. She graced Pinkvilla with an Masterclass of hers, where she shared when and why she decided to turn a producer for her upcoming feature Do Patti.

Kriti Sanon Shares When She Got The Germ Of The Idea Of Turning A Producer

In an exclusive Pinkvilla Masterclass with Himesh Mankad, when Kriti Sanon was asked about when she decided to embark on the journey of becoming a producer, she said, "It was in my head at some point, that I would want to produce. I would also want to back the content that I love. And, I'm also a creative person. I've always been excited about the entire script.;Everything that's happening in the scene and not just my part."

She continued, "When I was shooting for Mimi, I just got so passionate about that script; the whole process of preparation, of discussing with Laxman sir, of adding little nuances, little moments; It was just so close to my heart that I was like whenever I produce something, I have to feel this, what I am feeling. It has to come from my heart. It has to say something. It has to feel warm and something that moves you; And says something to the audiences."



Kriti Sanon Describes How Writer Kanika Dhillon Got On Board, On Do Patti

I was looking for the right time. And I think after Mimi, I was trying to look for something deeper, a layered character for a very long time. And there were none coming across. People were not writing good stuff. I don't know what it was. And I was like I need to do something. And then I met Kanika Dhillon, who's a writer, and also a co-producer of Do Patti. I've always loved her writing. She does some quirky stuff. Her characters are always very layered. And I told her, 'Kanika, I want to start producing. So do you have anything that you are working on?'. She had an idea. She asked me, 'Is there something you feel for?'. I had a subject I felt for and told her. After a month or so, she came back marrying the two; My subject and her idea, which just connected with me immediately."

This is the first film that I have been involved in, from the germ of the idea, turning into a story, turning into a first draft and turning into many drafts, seeing it come on screen, come alive with actors, working on the music with music composers; It has been very satisfying for me. I think it's more for my creative satisfaction as a producer."

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Kriti Sanon Believes In Creating Opportunities When She Doesn't Get Them

Talking about how Do Patti came to her at a time when she wasn't getting the kind of scripts that she was looking for, Kriti said, "I've loved the whole process. There's a lot of learning. I like being a newcomer every time. We all can get like, 'Mujhe aata hai (I know)', but I like changing the gear every now and then, becoming a newcomer in some field, learning everything from scratch, whether it is production or being an entrepreneur; These are not things that I planned on day 1. I don't plan. It has to come from within. It has to feel like, 'Abhi kuch aur karte hai (Let's do something different)'. This is that. And sometimes I also feel that sometimes if you don't find opportunities that you really want, you should create one. This is one opportunity that I created."


We can't wait any longer for Do Patti that co-stars Kajol. You can watch the entire conversation featuring Kriti Sanon on Pinkvilla's YouTube channel.

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