EXCLUSIVE: S Shankar talks about the crossover he thought of, between Hindustani, Nayak and Chitti The Robot

In an exclusive Pinkvilla Masterclass ahead of the release of Indian 2, titled Hindustani 2 in Hindi, S Shankar shared that he once thought of bringing his iconic characters together in a movie.

Published on Jul 01, 2024  |  11:50 PM IST |  65.3K
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S Shankar shares why he didn't go ahead with the idea of a crossover of his iconic movie characters (Sri Surya Movies, Lyca Productions)
Key Highlight
  • S Shankar shares why he didn't go ahead with the idea of a crossover of his iconic movie characters
  • S Shankar gears up for the release of Indian 2, titled Hindustani 2 in Hindi, on 12th July, 2024

S Shankar is one of India's most celebrated directors with a body of work that spans over 30 years and across four decades. In his career, he has given iconic films like Indian (Hindustani in Hindi), Endhiran (Robot in Hindi), Nayak, Sivaji: The Boss, I and many more. S Shankar's movies have found Pan-India resonance and he gears up for yet another Pan Indian film, Indian 2 (titled Hindustani 2 in Hindi) produced by Lyca Productions and starring Kamal Haasan.

The hugely successful director, graced Pinkvilla with an exclusive Masterclass of his curated by Himesh Mankad, ahead of the release of Hindustani 2 on 12th July, 2024.

S Shankar Shares If He Ever Got The Idea Of Bringing His Iconic Characters Together In One Film

In the exclusive Pinkvilla Masterclass, S Shankar was asked about whether he ever thought of bringing his iconic characters together in one film, since it is the time of the universes like Lokesh's Cinematic Universe, Spy Universe, Cop Universe, Horror Comedy Universe and more. To this, the ace director said, "When I was doing Robot in 2008, I came up with an idea of bringing Hindustani, Sivaji and 'ek din ka mukhya mantri' (One day's Chief Minister, aka Anil Kapoor in Nayak), together in the script. I first told this idea to my assistants and they were looking at me like that (glances confusedly). There was no reaction."


"They were like what he is talking, about bringing all the characters together. I told two other main technicians and they just gave a smile and moved away. After 2-3 years, The Avengers came", he said.

Watch Pinkvilla's Masterclass With S Shankar

S Shankar Says Why Filmmakers Should Stick To Their Gut 

S Shankar also insisted aspiring filmmakers to stick to their gut and not listen to anyone around them. He said, "All the filmmakers, if you have some new thought, just go and do it. Otherwise, some other will do it. All over the world, new ideas are coming up. Whoever does first, takes the credit. So, that time it was in my mind. If they encouraged me and said, 'Sir, it's a good idea', I would have done a script at that time".

Hindustani 2 From 12th July In Theatres

Hindustani 2 releases in theatres on 12th July. The film is the sequel of the blockbuster hit Indian (Hindustani), which released back in 1996. The makers anticipate the film to find love in abundance across the country. How excited are you for the vigilante-drama? 


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