EXCLUSIVE: Shefali Shah opens up on women and their battles; reveals being a 'feminist'

In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Shefali Shah opined on women and their battles and also admitted the fact that she is a feminist. Read on to get some more details on the same.

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EXCLUSIVE: Shefali Shah opens up on women and their battles; reveals being a 'feminist'
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As Navratri commences, the renowned actress Shefali Shah who never misses a chance to stun the audience with her performances in both films and series, had an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla about the significance of determination and self-discovery. During the conversation, Shefali Shah who was last seen in the Vidya Balan starrer Neeyat spoke about women and their battles, highlighting the fact that she identifies herself as a feminist. 

Shefali Shah opens up on women and their battles 

During an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Shefali Shah opined on women and their struggles. When the actress was asked whether she had been called opinionated as successful women are often believed to be having a lot of opinions, the actress clarified that she had never been labeled that before.

She said, “No, honestly I’m never been told that because I genuinely try to see it from two points of view.” Shah also mentioned that she views herself as a feminist and added, “Even when I am asked, are you a feminist, I want to say yes I am, because the dictionary meaning of feminism is equality between genders, it’s not one-upmanship. I mean I‘m no greater than the man and the man is no greater than me.”

She also highlighted that even the men suffer from “mental heath” and mentioned that she is quite “balanced in that way.” 


Shefali Shah reveals her best time of life as an actor

During the same interaction, Shefali Shah further opened up about the best time of her life as an actor and revealed that it was “the last two years after Delhi Crime.”

When asked the reason behind the same, Shah said, “Because, earlier I used to get appreciated but it wasn’t translating into work, but with DC (Delhi Crime) it started translating into work and with OTT coming in, suddenly there was a boom of respecting and wanting actors to play leads, not just stars. “ 

Shefali Shah also highlighted that a woman doesn’t have to be a teenager only to be at her “prime,” there's no longer a limited time for her to shine. 

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