EXCLUSIVE: Sunaina Roshan talks about her family and Kangana Ranaut; Says ‘I want justice, like Kangana!'

Sunaina Roshan tells all in an exclusive chat about her relationship, why she reached out to Kangana Ranaut and the reason her family is upset with her
EXCLUSIVE: Sunaina Roshan talks about her family and Kangana; Says ‘I want justice, like Kangana!'EXCLUSIVE: Sunaina Roshan talks about her family and Kangana; Says ‘I want justice, like Kangana!'

Last week Hrithik Roshan’s sister and Rakesh Roshan’s daughter, Sunaina Roshan had spoken to Pinkvilla about her deteriorating relationship with her family. Today after Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli, tweeted about Sunaina, she tells us that she supports Kangana in her fight for justice against Hrithik, her romance and what is causing the stress.

How are you?

I am living in hell as usual! I read Rangoli’s tweets and I don’t care because that is the truth. I am fine with her tweeting because I want the truth to come out. I have always supported the truth and I will always support it. I am meeting Kangana and Rangoli today as they are bringing me justice. I know this stance of mine will go against me but I don’t care…

When did you fall in love?

Last year and because I was in love with a Muslim guy, my father slapped me and told me that the guy I loved was a terrorist, which Ruhail isn’t. If he was one, would he go scot-free and work in the media? Wouldn’t he have been behind bars? I met Ruhail through Facebook last year but I hadn’t saved his number as I didn’t want my parents to know. I shifted out of Palazzo apartments in Juhu, where my parents stay and started living in a hotel apartment but came back to my parent’s home last week. I got in touch with him through his office. He is a journalist called Ruhail Amin. I didn’t want to talk about this but I want them to accept Ruhail right now because they are making my life hell and I cannot tolerate it… They don’t want me to meet him. I don’t know about marriage but right now I want to be with Ruhail. Just because he is Muslim, they cannot accept him. If he was a terrorist, why would he be open in the media? Why would he be all over Google?

What does your brother Hrithik Roshan think about your relationship with Ruhail?

Hrithik has no take as he is under my father’s guidance right now. Nobody is okay with my relationship, neither Hrithik nor my father. Hrithik had promised me that he would get me a house of my own, wherever that I wanted in Mumbai, but he has not done that. When I found a rented apartment for myself in Lokhandwala, he said it’s too expensive for me. Is 2.5 lakhs rent too expensive for him? I don’t think so. He didn’t stick to his words. Everybody is harassing me today.

There is a certain perception that you just want your pocket money to be increased to maintain your lifestyle and socialising.

Two days back I had asked my parents for money and they refused. Today they gave me just Rs.50,000 to run expenses for the entire months. Why am I not allowed more? I am their daughter. Am I not entitled to have more money being a Roshan? Since a year back I wasn’t allowed any money but two days back, I asked my mom (Pinky) that I wanted a certain amount.

Why did you reach out to Kangana?

I got in touch with Kangana recently to ask for help, because she represents women power. I support women power and I support Kangana today. Kangana is a woman and she has the right to ask for help and so do I. She wants justice and so do I. I don’t know what happened between my brother and her but obviously, there cannot be any smoke without fire. Kangana and I were friends before and then we lost touch. I have always been extremely fond of Kangana but two years ago, when she won a national award, I messaged her, she told me ‘Don’t be friends with me or be in touch because of the family,’ and I was wondering what was happening as I wasn’t aware of what was happening. Nobody told me. That’s when I asked my family what is going on and if my brother has any proof, tell him to put it out into the open. Why is he hiding the proof?

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On what basis have people concluded that Sunaina is a manic depressive?

Manic depressives have a rough ride through life. They have trouble with reality. The family is clearly under a remarkable amount of stress.

What a Spoilt n Inhumane woman

Turns out the Muslim journalist is already married. No wonder Kangana threw her full support behind these ridiculous shenanigans! Sunaina needs to study something, gain some skills and do some work with her mind so she's not so gullible and naive. Some mind improving education will give her more confidence.

This man is already married since 2014 and lives in Delhi. Which father will allow this nonsense? I support Roshans in this

Her only achievement is to run away with men from time to time and being a Family shame

They shud simply let her go with this creep. That will be the best punishment for her

I support her family in this case. Poor Hrithik seems to be surrounded by bitches

Even teenagers dont date strangers from facebook and she is doing it despite a history of falling into wrong relations

She clearly learnt the art of armtwisting during film releases from Suzanne. These women want lavish lifestyles but do everything to drag down the men who are providing such lifestyle. Every Bollywood family has problems but this is only family that tries to sabotage the hardwork of their own loved one just to get their way around. Hope Sunaina is also thrown out just like Suzanne.

The whole point of this interview was that she DOES know something about Hrithik-Kangana and this was a warning to her brother that she is gonna spill the beans if he did not provide her with money.

In this time n age, she is asking n demanding money from parents but brother. Then she says she supporta woman power. Can't believe this woman

She has clearly said that she has NO idea about it and just joining the stalker to bully her brother n parents to dance to her tunes for extra pocket money. It shows she is mentally unstable.

She's declaring her love for this male from the rooftops. Meanwhile, he's nowhere to be found reciprocating with equal gusto. His parents are ok with a woman who's ready to drop everything just to sleep with their son? She said it wasn't about marriage. She's acting like she just wants the property and money divvied up in case her dad doesn't make it. That's so heartless, unempathetic and lacks consideration of her parents' plight. Instead of being a source of comfort and strength to her mom at this time, she's self absorbed. Why doesn't she put herself in their shoes and ask herself if she would be ok with her daughter carrying on as she is? And how will her daughter get married if this is the kind of mother-in-law she might make? Her father's ill and she's in the least bit concerned about his wellbeing...going out with friends, giving interviews, getting make overs yet claiming she's under house arrest.

If she is normal, then she shud stop treating her family as a ATM and work for her own living. 50 yrs and acting like she is 15 years. Hell, even 15 years are more mature these days

SRK is right in locking up his unstable sister back home without any interaction or social media or social life. Hrithik tried to give his sister a dignified social life and this is the result of it

She is clearly having mental issues. Depression, Mood swings, Uncontrolled spending, Alcohol abuse, Manic behavior. All signs are there

Since she has a dad, she's able to do all this. People who don't have dads don't behave like such colossal ingrates. Having money to spend on crap pursuits is just insane. She isn't even seeing her dad as a human but as an ATM.

Well, Hrithik and her share same genes Both classless lowlives.

Her lover boy is a drop out. He could not finish his journalism course.

If she gets disowned and not gets a single penny, this scumbag will dump her. He is clearly fleecing her family using her

He could have intervened and put better sense in her
than letting her do this public tamasha, stopped
her from reaching out to KR and Co who were
clearly ready with a bait stick. Gosh imagine what if KR had drugged / poisoned / abetted sunaina so she can blame Roshans as criminals?? Hope sunaina did not meet them..

Never seen a more Selfish and Dumb woman. Now i understood why Hrithik moved on. Imagine living with this beast

Kis pe rona hai samajh mai nahi aata.... at this pathetic story... the commentators here for spending so much time and emotion is arguing about this.. or on me, who's sitting here engrossed in reading all these comment... lukkhaas shall inherit the earth.

I have few valid Questions to ask :

1) Why is she making it public? such issues are present in many families ?

2) Is money and lover is more important than your parents ?

3) why she choose wedding over education? She fell in love with a wrong guy at young age and married him. Later her divorced her and she came back to her family who supported her and her daughter.

4) Why after her divorce she didn't pursue her education and made a career to support her and her kid? she was very young at that time around 21 or 22. Instead she chooses alcohol and ignore her own kid.

5) she didn't learn a lesson nd again went for a guy despite her parents didn't approve him but her brother supported her. Again a wrong guy who hut and used her. She was again back to the pavilion, gets support by her family.

6) Another mistake, still instead of education and work she rush into a 3rd marriage and dint make a right choice.

7) she kept running from man to man , ignoring her family advices , completely disowning her own daughter. What kind of a mother is she? There are many women around us who are not highly qualified but they work and support their kids without anyone's support and didn't run after men.

8)why she went to her family worst enemy for help? why not her other friends ?

9) Does she think these evil sisters are loyal with her? NO. They are just using her.

10) According to Sunaina, she is living in her dad's house (means her expenses like food/shelter/servants/bills etc are taken care of by her family), she said there is separate entrance and exit and no on from the family contact her.She said she went out for party too. Implies she has not been captivated or held hostage by the family . So she can pack her back, leave her dad's house, go to her lover boy , marry him (she once eloped with a guy . See DNA report in 2010 or 2011) . Then go to the police , file a case on her family and get her share in the property. IS it that difficult?

11) Coming to these evil stalkers . Who has given them right to intervene in someone else private matter? why Rangoli cant stop attacking Roshans ? Ok fine she called and ask you for help, you made it public though you can help her in private but no. Now your job is done. Why attacking someone's dad? is she her lawyer? a spokesperson? No!

12) Are these Ranuat sister's intentions are pure and honest in helping Hrithik's sister ?A big fat NO. They are milking it to the max to let out their hatred and anger on them as he rejected and exposed her. What does it make them? A cheap, psycho, insensitive and a worst human to use some body else problems to take revenge.

13) cant they help her in the private? it only proves that these evil women are doing all to settle their score and publicity. After all her movie is also coming. Her plan was to attack Hrithik but he destroyed it

14) This makes Hrithik a winner who claimed to be harassed , stalked and defamed by her. She herself digs her own grave..

15) Any dad will be worried about his daughter who has been used and hurt so many times. He wants to save her. How people are sure he slapped her? she said it? she might be lying. None of us knows the inside story.

PV post

Well said.

She seems to be mentally unsound going by the way she speaks. Her thinking is not matching her age. And she has nothing against Hrithik but just hurting him to harass her parents into giving her wat she wants. Wat a pest

Go get a job!

Yes sure man ...i mean what the hell ...she is 47 left family on her own will .....now a 47 yr old demanding money from parents . Certainly immature mindset .

Roshan should change his name to Hrithik Badnaam. Very scary people.

Good. So stay away Stalker

KANGANA should change her surname to psycho stalker. very cheap people

pv be fair to post

Suzzane Khan keeps praising the Roshans now, someone please ask her why she got divorced if her husband and in-laws were so good. Or is that now she has a fat alimony, she is purring like a cat.

That's only comeback by the KR PR. Their divorce is a private matter so don't poke your nose. Are you an eye witness to fat alimony? if she has taken so its her legal right. He was bound to give it to her. Jealous? ask Rangoli why was she attacked? what has she done? why her hubby left her?

PV post this time please.

Feel sorry for both the parties. Bad luck ..for kangana and hrithik..wrong person,wrong timing. They started it wrong together and now its worse..hope they just settle this grudges privately once n for all like real humans. Humanity needs to be shown.

This sunaina Roshan is a mental patient for a long time. I saw her in lotus cafe, JW Marriott ,Juhu once when she was shouting at and raising her hand on a waiter. I was told her name sunaina Roshan,Hrithik Roshan’s sister. I thought that she had bad temper but now I think she was unstable even back then.

God dont give anybody such a selfish woman. Worst mom, sister and daughter

This guy is interested in this woman only bcoz of her money and is clearly provoking her against her family. Why is he okay with her taking money? If he loves her, he shud take care of her from his own earning

Hrithik treated Kangana disgracefully. Even assuming he did not reciprocate Kangana's feelings and there was no affair, he could have talked to her in private and asked her not to spread false rumours. Instead he humiliated her by slapping a legal notice and releasing her emails to public. He deserves all the humilation that is coming the Roshan family's way now.

Hrithik rightly tread her . There was no affair. He talked to her parents in private but she didn't stop. He took the right and legal way. Its not humiliation. What about her harassing and humiliating him in public and private? Why blame a man for taking a legal action ? By these sisters actions its clear what he has gone through in private by them. Kangana deserves to be treated and humiliated .

post this

Poor Alok Nath was also treated disgracefully n humiliated by legal notice by his victims

There is a lot of difference in lusting after some one and raping them and being in love with someone and emailing them. Kangana acted in two films with Hrithik, he could have easily convinced her to stop spreading false rumours. Instead the way he took, seems he has anger issues of his own.

Love my foot! She was stalking Ranbir at the same time. Her mails were so explicit that it could not even be shared to media. Her obsession is a sign that they took the right decision bcoz she is not normal

So wat if he worked with her? She was just a background actress. If a man sent explicit mails, it comes under sexual harassment. Kangana has done that, then went to threaten to scar him, spy him, stalk him and when exposed, forge a pic, when exposed again, she continues to harass and abuse him each time she wants publicity. She is worse than even Alok Nath as she is not even hving the decency to leave the victim alone even after getting called out.She wud hv been booked if she was in the West

Victim, my foot. Oh did poor Hrithik's ego get hurt because he was supposed to be having an affair with Kangana?

Hater chill. Hrithik never had any affair with kangana. Hrithik is a victim of harassment and stalking. It's about harassment. Get it.
Post this please

You are nuts to blame a guy who has been harassed and defamed by a stalker . He has taken a right and most importantly a LEGAL way. Are you saying taking a legal way is wrong? I guess its pretty much clear now that these psycho cant be control easily. She has asked for it.

He was only able to take a legal way because he is HRITIK ROSHAN. Most girls will not even go to police station with such a complaint because cops will not take them seriously. Gosh what a cry baby he was: Kangana is emailing me, taking digs at me, oh poor me, sob sob look at poor me.. getting one email from her was spoiling his entire day.. lord what a dufus.. why not just call her and ask her why she was sending him such rubbish like any other normal person would have done.

Why Kangana Ranuat the so called superstar didn't go to the police? Don't defame cops to save your idol . Please. The onw who is crying constantly and complaining why he took a legal way, he should talk to her blah blah shows you are scared and repenting that your stalker idol shouldn't have stalked him. :P Any normal person wont stalk a married man and threaten him if he say NO to your love. Why just she take her NO in a dignified manner and move on? why still harassing him and his family? she is shameless enough to use a family battle for her benefit. what a low life.


Its Kangana's fault, why did she keep insinuating in media that he was her ex, she could have stopped but no, her HR bhajan goes forever.

Was she not the first to make a Disgraceful dig at him that too after harassing him via mails? No perpetrator deserves respect. Good that Hrithik called out this serial offender out. Infact, he is the only one who has shown maximum restraint and grace despite being the Victim

I will tell you who showed restraint: Ash when Salman used to harass and got physical with her. Vivek when he hounded out of the industry for speaking up. Raveena when Akshay got her replaced in movies. And countless other women who have to face sexual harassment on a daily basis. On the other hand, Hrithik Roshan could not even handle a dig. Oh poor me, Kangana is persecuting me, mera kya hoga? I am so dudh ke dhula, this after having affairs with Barbara Moi, Kareena etc and getting divorced. What an idiot.

Aww poor You. Crying because he took a legal way and now you are in a fix. Your criminal lawyer is already seen threatening your EX Aditya to take a defamation case against her back or she will accuse you of a false rape. Yes. Only people who are right and not afraid of law and police takes a legal route not stalkers and predator like Kangana.

You need help like Kangana. You seem afraid of law and love to do illegal things. Oh poor kangana is dying to get his ex tag. I am a devi , she had affairs with married men. Adhyan suman, British guy , etc etc stalked Hrithik and RK. what a door mat

I'd punch my ex in his face of he took a dig at me..
I'd not accept a colleague spreading false rumors about having affair with be..
.that's not called not handling it well or not being a dufus...
That's called speaking up coz I am not a PUSHOVER

Oh u want the victims to show restraint? Hrithik showed restraint for 2 whole years and only called out her bullshit after she started stalking openly. And whether he has 10000 affairs, he still has the right to reject the advances of someone. And any other decent human will back off and move on. The only one who is looking like an idiot is Ugly supporting actress Kangana who thinks she is some Beauty queen who nobody shud say No to. Even Nawaz will reject her advances. Ask her to consult a Psychiatrist too.

Why is she living with her Parents? She shud go live with her boyfriend in his house. U cannot expect your old parents to keep pampering you even at the age of 50!

At 50 she is still wants money from her old parents

Jo aurat apne maaa baap ki nahi hosakti woh kisi ki nahi ho sakti.

In words of her evil psycho supporter "why a 40 year old woman needs her brother and father to support her. Cant she support herself?"

In the interview Sunaina clearly states she doesn't know what happened between Hrithik and Kangana, so this is obviously emotional blackmail. She is not getting what she wants to live her debauched life so she supports and sides with her brother's stalker and enemy, she is probably saying to herself I'll show them. But her actions speak a lot about her.Even more so do the actions of Kangana & Rangoli who are using a mentally unstable person for their own benefit, how can anyone be this miserable, cheap & nasty, they have definitely shown themselves in their true light.
I wish Hrithik & his family all the bestt & hope they get through this difficult situation but I'm sure Hrithik will as he has always done in the hardships in this life, he is a true hero.

Its clear that he roshan family is harassing sunaina, they are shamelessly using gaslighting to exclaim that she is unstable and hence cannot speak truth whereas nowhere in psychology is it said that people with bipolar disorder

HOw its clear? how not letting the money or going for a greedy man is harassing? She is not right and unstable. Her own statements is proving it. You are shameless like your idol to accuse a family. Who are you to poke nose in their family matter? She has spoken the truth that she needs money and loves a guy which they aren't approving. This is her side of the story. How can you judge before listening to other side? How can you say its true? Hater calm down .

pinkvilla post this plz

Why is not she living with her daughter? Her daughter is earning now.

Almost 50years old and still acting like a sploilt brat.

Before the Kangana Ranaut Hrithik Roshan had been linked with almost all of his co- stars Kareena Barbara Kangana even Swetha Bachchan. Now tht it has stopped his sister Sunaina Roshan has started. Highly dysfunctional family.

Before Hrithik, kangana had stalked almost every married men ajay, Sanjay aditya, adyhan even a doctor from UK. Now her sister is doing the same. Highly desperate and psycho family.

The amount of interest this unstable woman keeps showing in dating and drinks, wish she had shown in taking care of her poor daughter and in getting a job. She seems to think her family owes her money and she has the birthright to spend it on alcohol n men. There is a age limit for such irresponsibility.

Na baapp bada na bhai, sab se bada rupaiyya

Looks like the men keep working hard while the women keep partying n turning into addicts in this family.

Looks like the men keep working hard while the women keep partying n turning into addicts in this family.

After what she did, forget about her pocket money - she shud even forget that she has a brother n parents. Hope this guy takes care of her for the rest of his life.

Her brother tried his best to get her health on track and make an Inspiration. But she has turned into such an Embarassment to the family. Wish he had just let her rot

She does not sound Sane at all. Acting like some kid at this age. Jeez

No, u are not entitled to any money just bcoz u are born in a family And certainly not after you joined the harasser. U shud be kicked out of the house and made to marry this Muslim. Let him prove his love for u by taking care of u at this cost.

If she doesn’t like it at home and wants to be her boyfriend, she should leave and let him support you or you support yourself.

Poor woman. She is living in Hell bcoz she got only Rs. 50000/- pocket money this month instead the lacs. That too bcoz she was splurging it on alcohol and had to be sent to a rehab just some months back. Wat a selfish b

One muslim already screwed his son's life. I wont blame him if he does not want to repeat the mistake.

Dekhna gya tha .

Even her daughter has the self respect to earn her own living and this lady is still throwing tantrums. I dont think she is mentally stable

Has this Insane woman even bothered what her 24 yrs daughter must be going thru? Now i can see why the girl is close to her father and step mom!

She can marry this guy but she wants to bully her parents to fund her lavish lifestyle. They shud disown her for good. Let this guy pay her bills

If Hrithik Roshan sir can get married to Suzanne Khan ma'am who is a Muslim and if Kareena Kapoor ma'am can get married to Saif Ali Khan sir so why not Sunaina Roshan ma'am why this objection on her love relationship with a Muslim journalist ruhail Amin sir why didn't Rakesh Roshan sir didn't objected when Hrithik Roshan sir get married to Suzanne
Khan ma'am who is a Muslim women Sunaina Roshan ma'am be brave and courageous in this situation of family and your love relationship

They dont want to repeat the mistake. After all, Suzanne left Hrithik days after his brain surgery.

Bcoz they are from film families and know each other. Who is shady guy she met on Facebook? Why wud he be interested in a 50 years old unstable woman if not for the money? Her interview shows that she is throwing tantrum for a house and increase in pocket money

If he abandons her, will u take care of her? Dont try to act oversmart. A father knows what is good for his child. And this man clearly is a gold digger

why will a father slap the daughter because her BF is a muslim when the son has got married to a muslim girl in the past? She is unstable

I guess she is unstable! she is maybe lying because why will a father slap the daughter because her BF is a muslim but allow the son to get married to a muslim girl?

She shud ask Kangana to pay 2.5 Lacs/Monthly and pay ur pocket money in lacs. Apparently, she is richest actress in the world

This guy is clearly the mastermind of this drama. If he had any self respect, he wud stop her from taking money and take care of her from his own pocket

Ask this new boyfriend from facebook to pay her bills and house. Pretty sure if not for her surname, this guy will be running at the sight of this fat aunty

I just saw her age. She is 47 years!! From the interview, she sounded like some teenager

Love Jihad is also a kind of Terrorism.

u get wat is love juhad?

Hrithik itna handsome hone ke baad bhi date nahi kar raha hai aur kitna responsible hai apni fitness aur bacchon aur family ke taraf. Aur uski behen ek number ki nalayak aur ek ke baad ek laudon ke saath affair kar rahi hai, irresponsible hai, alcoholic hai aur apni bacchi tak ko ignore kar diya jo apni sauteli maa ko zyada pasand karti hai.

This guy is mooching off just for the money

I think she is stressed and depressed right now as she is still financially dependent on her parents, but on the other hand she also want her parents to finance her and her new boyfriend which is not right as it is not the responsibility of the parents to finance their children for the lifetime. Just because she is in India which is why she has been financed by her parent still now or if she would have been in the US, they would have separated from her long back. I am not saying his boyfriend is a terrorist but she met him on the facebook, so she should be more careful with him as facebook is the best place today where you will find a lot of con artists.
Worst is that Kangna and her sister are not only going to play with Hrithik and his family's image but also ruin Sunaina's life forever.

I feel her pain I'm hindu girl also nd my boyfriend is muslim my parents are not accepting my relationship. Plz pray 4 for me

Listen to your parents, they r right, do not degrade your them .Once you marry of your choice imagine the hardships your parents will go through, out of billion people could u not find a single Hindu person.

Listen to your parents sometimes or understand their objections and then decide you are used to many freedoms as a hindu woman

sunainaRoshan wants to marry Ruhail Amin . Without her families blessings but wants them to take care finically of her and Mr amin after marriage. A big appt, good pocket money , a fully loaded car . So her rich lifestyle doesn’t get effected . So RakeshRoshan told her no .

Clearly she is roaming around with his guy and partying as per her own claims. So,she can very well marry this guy too. But this entire drama seems to be aimed her getting her parents n bro to pay for her debauchery. Considering her past pattern of depression, rehabs and health issues, the family is right to put their foot down.And no, she is not entitled to any property. Who to give the properties is the sole right of her Parents. They can even will it to stranger or charity if they want. So, that is no excuse for dragging her family into muck. This guy clearly looks like he is after her money.

Does she even have money of her own?

Nobody wud want to marry a Muslim guy. Even Muslim women will not if they had a way out. Bcoz that guy can bring 3 other wives and you can do nothing about it

The new boyfriend may be part of a larger conspiracy by evil sisters and others who do not digest HR stardom. Irrespective of his religion if he cares for her, he should support all her expenses.

Her new boyfriend may or may not be a terrorist but it seems for he's using her vulnerability to extort money and defame Roshans!

Late night PR team trying to spin narrative with obscene allegations of character & mental illness aimed at women. Its so bizarre. The men were all saints here??

Lol KR PR monome is changing the narrative. Everyone is speaking the truth. Stop this PR nonsense. Public can see the facts. They are not dumb.its KR PR who made allegations in men character and state. Other party didnt alleged women of character and mental illness. . If men are not saints so are all women saints here? It's a woman who alleged her own sister and others sister as mentally ill.

Some families can crucify women, their own too, to cover men. Horrid.

Sunaina says she doesn't know what was happening in kr and hr matter. Being a sister of hr how come she's not aware. Was she out of her mind that time? Without knowing anything how come her support for kr is valid?She wants money from parents and brother in her own terms. Sunaina through her interview made clear she is at fault

ask tht muslim guy give u money and treat u as per ur standards. Also both of u parasites, hav some self respect and live off ur own earnings if someone is not giving u money. Pls post.

Such a shame Sunaina Roshan !! U r unstable .. totally

She needs interventions. She forgot to take her medicine. She is behaving like a 13 years old teenager. She is mother of a 25 years old daughter. Her boyfriend Is not a good influence it seems.

Wait im confused. Shes talking about women power here then why is she asking her parent for money?? She looks like a grown up woman who can get a job and support herself. Asking her parents for money and then her brother to pay her rent- like really woman!!

Sunaina you really need to get help, and supporting Kangana just to get back at ur family is not a good reason. Kangana does not represent woman empowerment, she only represents herself, she does not care about u and just wants to win at any costs. Don't embarass ur family by supporting their enemy who is just waiting to exploit and use u then discard u.Please work out ur issues with ur family in family counseling but don't create drama in public no matter how wrong they are.

Till date even though I havent supported kangana in hrithiks case i had respect for her as an actress. I have never liked hrithik as an actor.

But today after the way she has exploited his clearly ill sister (nobody can be this immature at 47), I really wish ill for kangana.

Hope karma catches up with her one day
Hope karma catches up with her for all this.

Whatever is in rakesh roshans name..sunaina has equal right to it as per law..the roshans should be fair with both their kids,hr is already earning so much. They also have money from pinky roshan’s father j om prakash. Sunaina has been known to work on film production, aiding her father. Attempts to malign her or KR are misplaced. You have to see the entire picture, asking a wealthy lady to go out and take a receptionist job somewhere is ridiculous. Under law, Sunaina and Hrithik get an equal share of their father’s monies. Learn from Amitabh Bachchan, he treats Shweta and Abhishek the same. That is the right way!

Shewta wins her own business & equally rich as abhishek or even amitabh ...tis is just family disputes

Under law, if the person has earned himself and not inherited he can will his property to even street beggars and not necessarily his kids. So Sunaina has no rights to demand money.

Yes ,the Roshan kids will get their parents monies equal share only after both parents die, not when they are alive and they need to support their own lives.

Stop blaming Sunaina, Kangana or Rangoli. There are many male chauvinists who think Roshans did not or cannot do any wrong. They are not “dudh ke dhule hue”. In fact, they’re paying for their unrighteous deeds over the years. Womanizing and then acting holier-than-thou is sheer hypocrisy. There are women other than Kangana who’ve gone through this nonsense. Just because most women keep quiet, sins don’t disappear. Karma is a bitch and strikes when you least expect it, so before you rush into hitting these three women with your biased comments, think what it is that you’re defending - Roshan lies, two-facedness, hypocrisy and coverups?
Indian men, this is a wake-up call. Women will not take it sitting down any more. There are many enlightened men, learn clarity and clean thinking from them!!! Obfuscation of facts does not confuse one’s karma or destiny, as the power above is bigger than any celebrity!

Even as a woman cannot support ur statements. This is entitled brattish behavior, not self empowered woman talking. Karma will eventually hit the evil sisters too.

KR and all the women who you talk about wanted Hrithik! His money and. Place in the Roshan family! A bunch of gold diggers who got dug!

Lady... u need help too.

After reading her this post I'm 100% sure that she is not in a right state of mind

She is not mentally ill she is evil blackmailer

There is darkness in the Roshan family. Sunaina seems to be slightly off but her behaviour must come from her parents. It is their bad upbringing. To all those saying why she doesn't work, have you paused to think it maybe because the Roshans never instilled the right values in her. To work you need to be educated, motivated. Roshans were content to bring up her as an entitled brat. In addition, Papa Roshan's skirt-chasing ways could hardly have been a good example for either her or Hrithik. Hrithik, being a man, of course had to be launched by papa.

its bipolar disorder. if she has it, then they need the right medications to function day today, be motivated, be able to process many types of daily activities etc. and medications arent 1 for all, they have to try many combinations to nail the ones that work for them

Agreed they probably did not instill right values in her..to become entitled
Is one thing but to extort your family this way is really abhorrent...
Sure they would not have taught her this right

This is the result of #toxicfeminism. Sooner or later it will swallow all

Sunaina Roshan you are a Disgrace to your daughter and parents. Blackmail will not work. No one is stopping you from marrying your boyfriend as you are 50. You want tamasha to get money.

Why does she not work and why is her boyfriend not paying her way? She should go live with boyfriend instead of blackmailing her family. Her daughter must be so ashamed of her.

This is really pathetic. If one expects to be "kept" at this age - mental health issues or not - one might not expect, but should not be too surprised if the one who is giving you money has certain expectations of you. You are well within your rights to not keep those conditions, but to behave in such a manner, like a snake is not okay. Your family is not giving you money and does not accept your decision about this guy. You are bad mouthing them anyway so why don't you just get with the guy and let him finance you as seen as you lack the independent ability to do so.

I'm sad for Hrithik Roshan that his only sister supports his stalker kangana just for money & a golddigger she met over the Internet only a Year ago

Don’t think Roshans needs to give any explanation. It’s evident. This 40+ lady wants to have all independence but with someone else’s money. Hypocrisy

How old is she? Why can’t she get a job and earn her money? I have zero respect for such women. She is even worse than Kangana

Here it goes! To all the shit heads who were saying that Rangoli is lying about sunaina in her tweets ..she was not.

Sounds like she has been coached what to say by kangana going from what she has said here.

Crazy hai ye to

Kangana and rangoli should keep themselves away from this entitled brat. Sunaina is a lazy woman who wants to live on her aged parents money.

One of my friends went on a Tinder date with Hrithik Roshan in London. I know this sounds crazy, but she has all the receipts. It's him!! She had the worst time on the date as Hrithik was constantly asking her too many perverse questions. She left and told me that he was the creepiest person she went out with. After their night out, he was constantly messaging her and asking her to hook up with him like a maniac. FYI, she didn't know he was a mega Bollywood star until she showed me the receipts and I told her about him. He also stated his age as 31 LOL. I bet he has harassed other girls on Tinder, and I hope they come with their receipts. PK, let me know if you want to publish those receipts.

Greek God does not hv to use Tinder to get hooked. Women throw themselves at him all the time

So there's someone on Tinder posing as someone famous. Great! This isn't exactly news and hardly a first. And your friend didn't know who it was. So an impostor was able to dupe her. It's probably whoever the heck Kangana was writing to. Chances are that person actually is 31! Would make a lotta sense why he'd be targeting women in his age group. Publish pictures.

Initially, I was also skeptical and thought that an imposter was duping her. Then, I heard the voice messages and pics they shared together. It’s him. My friend is Finnish and has no knowledge about Indian cinema. I have suggested her to open a YT channel to share her experiences. I’m not sure if she will as she doesn’t want to come off like a clout chaser. She wants to wait for other women to share their stories first. I’m pretty sure there are many.

Dates and times are all that are required to run them through FBI databases here in D.C. Unless it's a lot more convenient for you to make up stories...

Does this receipt has the passport or Aadhar card of Hrithik attached to it?

Oh I personally have the same experience with kangana:p I have photos too.

Gosh kangana Pr stop lying.

This reeks of hypocrisy. My son has the rights to do as pleases, my daughter does not. My son can have all the money in the world. My daughter can’t even though she is entitled to it as much as he is. (Case in point: Amitabh Bachchan and how he treats his daughter Shweta and son Abhishek the same. Equal share for both).

My son was depressed and I have sympathy for him. My daughter is depressed and I will slap her despite that. My son embarrassed me no end yet I sided with him. My daughter is simply an embarrassment.

Seek family therapy. Do not blame Sunaina. She’s one you’ve raised. Work together, not against one another. Families are ones who help one another, not raise a hand!

thts true hypocrisy.

Journalists don't make any money, lady. He's after your money.

All I can say is Shame. Disgraceful, Awful Comment. Keep up your good mentality.

She could've gotten educated at a young age and built a career. By now, she wouldn't have needed anyone. Instead, she is about 30 years too late to the game. At 17, people figure out how they will live once they have an education. And she never found a job, a career path, got into bad marriages and relationships showing she's not emotionally mature enough to take care of herself but needs parents and her brother to baby her. On the one hand she talks about wanting to be independent and making her own decisions but when it comes to finances, she can't cut it and wants money from her family? That's the very antithesis of independence! Some of these women who didn't bother to get educated and work don't quite get what it means to be a strong, confident, empowered woman. They are so confused and misguided. Of course, her family will be concerned since she's had a history of getting in and out of several relationships and they probably all got with her for the Roshan name anyway. If she had her own identity, she could've been assured of the man wanting to be with her for HER. And not for the family name and the money associated with it. Instead, she's making it clear to the guy she will pick him and money over her family. What a foundation to build a relationship over! It's doomed from the get-go. Religion doesn't even play a part here. It's all psychology. She's simply repeating a pattern she's been in for so long - they all want her father's money via her. She gives in. For once, she should be strong enough and grow in self esteem. And of all people, to equate her situation with Kangana is even more nuts. Kangana let a real catfishes get away to bother other women when the cops asked for her co-operation. Instead, she stayed stuck and kept blaming a guy who couldn't possibly have written her from a junk domain name! You have to be really ignorant to not figure this stuff out.

Baap bhai ki kamaayi pe aiyaashi karna chahti he ye Moti Bhains

WOW. Her brother did not buy a house she liked so she decides to side with someone has been torturing her family for years. If i was that guy, i wud dump this woman before it is too late. She is a mess and will drag him down

She really seems to be unsound. She is acting like a teenager who got refused a mobile phone

I feel she and the Runout sisters shud be sent to a Mental Asylum. They will get a Group discount.

This has nothing to do with the guy being Muslim. He’s probably just a low life trying to live of the Roshans. Such cheapskates.
They should let her get married to him and disown her. Her husband must take care of her. Why must her bro and father pay for her luxurious lifestyle.

Hrithik has his kids and his parents to take care of. He should kick her to the curb.

Hrithik if you are reading this by any chance, come out and once and for all owe up to your relationship with this wannabe mistress of yours otherwise she won't stop with these cheapest of tricks she pulls on you everytime her movie is up for release that only eventually goes in the drums.. Lol.. Insanity.

She got married multiple times, she falls for every other guy every year and she is an alcoholic. Now she is blackmailing her old ailing parents for money. She is just unstable.

I dont think this guy wud be with this fat aunty of a different religion with a marriagable aged daughter if she was not Hrithik's sister. He is clearly interested in her only bcoz of money.

I dont think this guy wud be with this fat aunty of a different religion with a marriagable aged daughter if she was not Hrithik's sister. He is clearly interested in her only bcoz of money.

In my family, elder sister took care of my parents, me and 2 others. Here, she is 50 years and still behaving like a teenager. I dont think she is mentally stable.

If she loves that man so much, let her go and live in his house. Why asking her brother to pay? NO. You are not entitled to a single penny. Go earn your own living. Empowered women dont live off aging parents n younger brothers

Such a shame this woman is, Move your ass and work for your own good, Why do you need your parents to pay for you when you are an adult 50 year old.. such a lazy ass she is.. and yes mentally unstable too. whoever her BF is, they are all using her nothing else..

Too much money and too much time leads to such things. Clearly she has been pampered by her family so much that she has started acting all spoilt even at this age without any care about her father's health or her brother or her mom or her own daughter. Or she has completely lost her marbles. Her family shud not dance to her tunes anymore. Enough is enough

Wow the sense of entitlement is unbelievable. She clearly has no clue what empowerment means. Sad!!

She seems to be both Spoilt brat and Unstable. Hope she gets thrown out by the family. Let the Kangoli sisters who care about her SO much take care of her and her lifestyle.

She wants to maintain her highlife ,alcohol addiction,boyfriends but not to work to earn money for herself. Even her daughter from her first marriage has more self respect Who is now working, earning money . Sunaina is a disgrace for Roshan family.

Dint HR marry a muslim too. Double standards? Now the divorced ex-wife & PR is on rescue mode in full steam.

Don't judge KR PR. Its not PR who is on the rescue but general public and fans who knows the importance of family and care about family more than a money.

He dated Sussanne for 4 years and then married. But he knew her and her family since childhood. While this crazy woman met a random guy on facebook and asking her family to pay for a luxury lifestyle and he is strangely silent? Clearly he is using her for money

The way she is dominating and bullying her young brother is disturbing. This is even worse than Salman taking care of his big family - atleast they r loyal. I think it is high time Hrithik just cuts her off from his life. These people r leeches

This woman is getting on my nerves now. She is a grown woman with good education and still begging her family for money. They are not obligated topay her anything, let alone 50,000. Instead of crying all over social media begging for money, she should just get a job and pay her own bills. So the family doesn't approve of her boyfriend- big deal! Move out and make your own decisions.
This is just the opposite of women empowerment and Lantana should not support her.

She looks spoilt she just want money, can’t her boyfriend help her

So basically she joined hands with her younger brother's stalker and harasser for a man she met ONE year back. That too after her younger brother spent rivers of money treated her endless addictions and illnesses. That too when her father is battling cancer. Wat a shameless irresponsible self centred woman. No wonder even her daughter does not want to be associated with her and lives with her father and step mom

One mans megalomania has brought the whole family to this. Hysterical & vile PR attacking women for their sanity & character should introspect their hero's first!

Refusing advances of a stalker is not megalomania. Megalomania is refusing to accept a No, strutting around called urself a "queen" due to 2 fluke hits and insulting struggling actresses



A fifty year old lady extorting money from her ailing father ? Really ? 2 and 1/2 lacks for rent? If i was Hrithik, i would disown this spoilt brat and ask her to earn her own money. THAT wud be woman empowerment! All this shows how everyone is dominating and taking advantage of Hrithik's niceness. So much she thinks she is ENTITLED to her YOUNGER brother's hardearned money. Even her daughter earns her own living.

The curse of a self made woman can bring kingdoms and billionaires down. They should back off now.


I think this so-called self made woman is the one who is not backing off. I dont see anybody else even giving them attention

Aditya Pancholi says LOL at Self made. Ask the woman to promote her film on her own name first.

Why bring this up now, just as her brother's film trailer is getting rave reviews? Spite and money. Will Kangana keep her in the style she is accustomed too? Get a job and keep yourself!

Not a Hrithik fan. But became one now. So, this entire drama is just a plot to armtwist him into paying her a Luxury house and pocket money so that she can spend it on alcohol despite being a cancer survivor and enjoy her life with this creepy gold digger? And she does it knowing that he is already under immense stress and harassment by a deranged stalker. Is this guy also provoking her to do all this? If he was a decent man, he would hv supported Hrithik and stopped her. It is clear he is a crook.

What is it about being a "ROSHAN" ? And Kangana will support such entitled people? isnt she all about being self made n all that fearless women non sense? And what women empowerment is Sunanina talking about? she could have had started any small business and cash in the "roshan" surname and put it to some fruitful use. She could have worked in her father's production company and look after administrative work..that would keep her busy and acquire some skill no? and man, u have a luxurious house and room with all the necessities, 50,000 for your sole expenses is not enough? commity daal leti behen !

Hrithik roshan is really a good man.

He's so good that he is jaadu :D

Hrithik roshan is really a good man.

It's clear she is mentally unstable. And guess who she is reaching out to? The mentally unstable sisters!
Moreover the guy she is with is probably with her only because of the potential to milk the Roshans. Else why would anyone want to be with someone who is not stable. My heart goes out to the Roshans.

This woman is emotionally unstable, she is naive and gullible, has never worked and behaves like a 13 year old. There is something wrong with her. After all her failed marriages she wants to marry again. Her family should ignore her, let her so called boyfriend take care of her if he loves her so much.

This has become hilarious.

She was a terrible wife ,mother and now she has proved that she is a terrible daughter.

She is a crazy woman who falls for every other guy had two marriages multiple engagements and countless affairs

Lol I think this is probably only about money and not religion.. Hrithik fathered two children with a Muslim woman... Heck he was married to her. If Sunaina wants money she needs to come up with an other story! Oh yes 2.5 lakh for rent is absolutely less money! Does she think that is less money? Roshan family should disown her!

Exactly what i thought!

Wow, this is ridiculous. The only reason you have reached out to Kangana is cos you thought it would be better to bring down your brother by joining hands with his enemy and not because you care for the truth. I don't believe that HR is innocent, but your intentions make me realise how low a human being you are. I feel sad for your family.

All this for a man you met over the internet. He may not be a terrorist. He may be an awesome guy... Fair enough. But to paint your family wrong in public, cos miss spoilt brat didn't get her pocket money, is so wrong in so many levels.i mean, why should HR pay your house rent.. go and get yourself a freaking job... Why should your parents give you any money... Are you a thumb sucking child?

Woman empowerment. My ass. Your just a spolit child, who is unable to afford her LV.

I think Kagana has figured you out girl. Hence, she refrains from making comments over your 'family dispute'. She's the boss lady... I pray that she steers clear of you... Cos once this lady gets her 2.5 lac rental apartment, she will be sucking up to anyside.

I feel sad for the Roshan family.

Now her daughter earns money. She should move in with her daughter

Shame on you girl. Just look at the number of family members who are dependent on Hrithik. And what kind of daughter you are who is saying such things about her own family in media. You are saying such things about those people who maintained your lifestyle from such a long time. If you have even a little self respect, earn your own money and go get a life of your own. Stop harassing your family in public.

Not a Hrithik fan though she is a embarrassment for her family. A 50 years old asking money from her old parents ,one of them recovering from cancer. Such a cruel,irresponsible,selfish woman.

She is unstable.

She can’t be Kangana. Kangana is a selfmade ,independent woman who earns her own bread not dependent on her aged parents to survive. A 50 years old should take care of her aged parents. This entitled brat thinks that her parents should take care of her. She is an alcoholic, party hopper.

PV please post! Women's empowerment - are you KIDDING me! Until I heard about kangu's rumored affair with a married man who then supposedly denied the affair, I had never, not even once, heard of kangu associating herself with anything even remotely resembling women's empowerment. She was an upcoming starlet, rumored to have been pancholi's mistress that's it. Even now, her agenda is totally self-focused as she continues to malign other women without missing a beat. Coming to this Sunain lady now, she is an adult, continuing to live off of her parents and brother. How on earth is any of this being branded women's empowerment!? And when the money flow slowed down, she is turning on the same people!
I don't give two hoots whether hritik had an affair or not nor do I care if kangu is trying to get validity for the months she supposedly was having an affair with a married man. My advice to hritik is to simply ignore these people and carry on with work.
Unlike the terrible crimes that others like aloknath have been accused of where we truly want to see justice being done and which is truly about fighting for women's causes, why are we enabling these tamashas? No crime was done...a supposed mistress wants it to be publicly acknowledged that she was the mistress of a super star she aways lusted after - is this what you actually want to support!?

Her judgement was always wrong. Numerous failed relationship and 3 failed marriages. She should listen to her parents. Hrithik married a Muslim girl and Roshan did not have any problem with that. Why does not see do some real work to earn money . She is dependent on her parents even at this age of 50. Her daughter hates her. Even her daughter works to support herself then why can’t she work. She is just blackmailing her family.

Even i thought the same thing!

Seriously, she just want to be dependent on her parents for money. She doesn't even bother about her dad's Health. The person who is dragging her own family publicly for money and all is not a trustworthy.

I don’t know what the situation is in their family, but I have spent some time in this part of the world and have often seen that some families actually work toward making their daughters, wives etc dependent. I have seen sixty year old women who are unable to take a taxi, not because they are stupid, but because they have been conditioned to be incapable by the people surrounding them, whereas young boys from the same family are able to perform such tasks easily. It is a sad situation and not one to be laughed at.

As I said, I don’t know what’s going on in their family, but before poking fun or judging someone, consider that we don’t know 99.9% of what’s going on in their lives.

How do u explain their daughter in law having her own business? They made her independent?

Hrithik can give TONS of money to his PR but cant give 2.5 lacs to sister. SHAME

Dear Knagana does he gives tons of money in front of you? How can you say he cant give his sister 2.5 lakhs? he always give her the money and paid for her holidays. SHAME

3 failed marriages, numerous affairs, cancer,bipolar disease survivor now blackmailing family for more money. It’s her partner’s duty to provide her not her family’s duty to provide for a 50 years old.

Wait.. Why cant she get a job?? And why does her brother have to finance her lifestyle?? This sounds so wrong

Cant like HR hate comment. HR PR fully active. 2.5 lakh sister ko nahe de sakta but PR ko khoob khilayega hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahhahah

You means cant like the truth. LOL HR PR has nothing to do . Public can see it and speaking the truth. PR PR that's all you can say like a broken record. Have you provided his sisters's and her daughter bills so far? Its Hrithik who has. Stop this nonsense.
post the truth

I can't believe this woman is 47 years old. She is airing her dirty laundry for the world to see. Why should her parents and brother be funding her at this age? Get a job like everyone else. What a great example she is to her own daughter. You would turn to a woman who has maligned your family and brother constantly? I don't think Kangana is innocent in all with her obsessive history with married man, and maybe Hrithik has his faults too but to act like a teenager, ooooh mommy and daddy and bhaiya don't approve of my lover, so you gonna go cry to the world. Something is not write with this woman. Seriously needs help! Talk about seeking attention. Didn't think of her aging parents for a moment who have obviously carried her throughout her life. Her daughter is more mature than her and running her own healthy food business. Maybe she should take a page from her book and learn something at 47 years of age. Wow

Why he only loves HR because he is bankable?

Where was Sunaina for past few years? Bet she was getting enough money back then and had no boyfriend? I mean seriously this is like a ekta kapoor serial and kangana just doing komolika’s job. Hrithik is no saint but dont see the point of discussion anymore. It has gone beyond the affair point and now it’s money and mental health and new topic keeps coming up. Ho kya raha hai?

First childhood love/wife left HR and now his ONLY sister against HR. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Ab b log HR ko support kerenge. I question HR's supporters moral values

Does KR supporters have any shame an values? His childhood love/wife is back and supporting him in all this. His ONLY sister is greedy and needs MONEY. Wow

PAPA roshan has MAJOR issues! Period.

So basically she is sane enough to have her 10th affair but not sane enough to earn her own living? Even her 25 years old daughter works. If she is so much about women power, earn ur own money. The guy seems to be a Gold digger.