British Comedy-Drama Series Cold Feet Gets Finnish Adaptation From ITV Studios Finland; DETAILS Inside

Cold Feet gets a Finnish adaptation that builds on the same genre, characters, and themes with a modern twist! The creators said that the show will pack the nostalgic punch!

Published on Jul 04, 2024  |  08:53 PM IST |  21.1K
James Nesbitt in Cold Feet (British Version) (PC: YouTube/BritBox)

Creators promise the “same warmth, humor, and drama” in the Finnish adaptation of Cold Feet!

The original series, a global hit that ran for five seasons between 1997 and 2003, is now getting a Finnish makeover. With MTV and ITV Studios Finland joining forces, the aim is to bring the same magic to a new audience while keeping the loyal fans engaged!


British series Cold Feet gets local Finnish adaptation 

According to Janne Vakio, commissions and content development manager at MTV, the show had a significant cultural impact on the young crowd of Finland during the 2000s. And said that it was time to produce a local version to unite those fans and bring back the nostalgia. 

“Cold Feet holds nostalgic value, reminding viewers of a specific time in their lives,” he told Variety. “Its return tapped into this nostalgia, appealing to longtime fans and attracting new viewers.”

He added that the goal of the revived version of the series will be to provide the same warmth and comfort as the original series. The Finnish version of the show is written by Marika Kuortti and directed by Ville Jankeri. Maria Kangas and Pete Paavolainen for ITV Studios Finland are the executive producers. 

The cast includes, Minka Kuustonen, Linda Wiklund, Nicklas Pohjola, Aku Sipola, Joonas Nordman and Saga Sarkola. 


What’s the premise of Cold Feet?

The story revolves around three couples facing a mid-life crisis, unable to leave their wild youth behind. Through all the highs and lows, self-esteem issues, fights, etc., the couples stay true to who they are and always have each other's backs. 

The relatable and grounded theme of the show earned fans' affection instantaneously! The original British version also won a BAFTA for Best Drama Series in 2002, and its revived version sold across Europe and much of the world for ITV in 2016.  

Writer Kuortti says she was both “excited and terrified” to join the project because the bar was set so high. However, the writing was easier than anticipated because the original characters had enough depth and complexities to build over. 

She revealed that the new show will be modern in terms of technology and culture of discourse but will remain true to the original series. “The genre remains the same, with the comedy-drama balancing on a rollercoaster of laughter and compelling emotions,” she added. 


After reading the scripts, Director Jankeri was also “instantly hooked” to the idea and felt it had the same promise as the original show. 

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