Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Johnny Struggles To Secure Job Amid Growing Family Responsibilities

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives episode, June 13, 2024: Clyde and Rafe clash as Rafe seeks crucial information, while Johnny struggles to find a suitable job to support his growing family.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

In Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 13, Clyde and Rafe face off. Rafe is trying to get information from Clyde, who knows he doesn't have to say anything. This confrontation might last a while or end quickly.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Ava, Harris, Lucas, and Chad have found Clyde and brought him back to Salem. Now, the police will question him. Previously, Clyde told Chad that Abigail was alive. But will he say the same now that he's been arrested? Hopefully, the Salem PD read him his rights.

Rafe is looking for answers, not just about Abigail but also about who killed Li. Rafe doesn't care about Li but wants to help his sister Gabi, who is in prison for Li's murder. Rafe hopes Clyde will admit one of his henchmen did it to free Gabi.

Johnny is trying to act like an adult. He's married and about to become a father. Even though he's rich, Johnny wants a job. But he only wants a job he likes that's creative and pays well.

He'd rather stay at home if he can't find such a job. But his wife, Chanel, won't tolerate a lazy husband. So, Johnny needs to find work, and he's even willing to move for it, though that's the most he's willing to sacrifice. He doesn't see himself as an ordinary person.


Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In Yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Eric enters the Brady Pub looking rough. Roman notices and learns Sloan has disappeared without a trace. Roman can't believe she outsmarted EJ, and Eric agrees it was surprising to see EJ on the ground.

Roman also finds it hard to believe Sloan took the baby, but Eric reminds him that desperate people do desperate things. Jude was her son, and she lost him.

Roman reassures Eric that things will get better and suggests he move back into the pub to start fresh. Eric agrees and leaves to make a mysterious stop.

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, EJ is happily reading an article criticizing Mayor Price to little Jude, suggesting she should be removed as mayor. Chanel walks in, unimpressed, and questions EJ's motives. She points out that Paulina fired EJ as DA, suggesting his actions are more about revenge than protecting his grandchild.


Chanel tells EJ that all the tests show the baby is fine, but when EJ hints at options if something is wrong, Chanel firmly states she is having the baby. They discuss changing Jude’s name, and EJ insists the baby is where he belongs, with him and Nicole. Eric arrives and tells EJ he needs a lawyer for a divorce from Sloan. EJ agrees to help, explaining the process to Eric.

At Abe and Paulina’s, Paulina wakes from a nightmare about radiation turning her into a giant rampaging through Salem. She has this dream often. Abe suggests she talk to Marlena. Paulina is worried about Chanel and the baby, especially since their relationship is strained. Abe’s friend Rubin calls to warn them about a petition to recall Paulina as mayor, led by a group called the Concerned Citizens of Salem. Paulina wants to find out who is behind it.


In Horton Square, Leo makes catty remarks about The Spectator's writing when a shirtless man asks for water. Leo gives it to him and asks for a date, but the man, not gay, thanks him and leaves. Marlena, talking to Johnny about his future, suggests he tell Chanel about a job offer in Los Angeles. Johnny agrees to talk to Chanel.

Later, Leo bursts into Marlena’s office, upset about hitting on a straight man and his heartbreak over Dimitri. Marlena encourages him, and they agree to start therapy sessions. At the hospital, Chanel tells Johnny about her conversation with EJ. Johnny is upset but calms down.

The new doctor, Dr. Greene, is the man Leo hit on. Eric returns to the pub, takes off his wedding ring, and tells Roman he feels like he's losing Jude again every time he sees the baby. Marlena assures Leo that she will help him if he puts in the work, and they agree to begin sessions.

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