Did Kim Kardashian Really Fly To Paris For A Cake? Here's What Happened

Kim Kardashian flew to Paris for a special cake, which sparked interest. Get the inside scoop on her sweet adventure here.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  06:01 PM IST |  131.7K
Kim Kardashian (Image via Instagram)

The rediscovered video demonstrates Kim's extreme affluence when she visits Paris to date a pregnant urge. There is a growing backlash against celebrities who use private aircraft, particularly when they do so excessively or needlessly. Kim Kardashian recently faced criticism for flying to Paris on her own aircraft to eat cake.

Kim has previously acknowledged that, while expecting her first child, daughter North,10, she once flew a private plane from Los Angeles to Paris merely to satiate a sweet tooth. Now that the old video has surfaced again, the reality star is facing fresh criticism.

Why did Kim fly to Paris for cake?

In a 2015 interview with Vogue, Kim described her need for a specific cheesecake from Hotel Costes in Paris. Despite her general dislike of cheesecake, she called this one "heaven." Wanting to partake in what she called her "last hurrah," Kim took her own plane and flew halfway across the world to enjoy the treat.

But when she got there, she was first let down to see that the hotel wasn't actually in the desert. Resolved, Kim described her situation as follows: "When I arrive, they inform me that they are out of stock. And I said, 'You're not understanding! I'm going tomorrow!" 


The U.S. Sun said that there was a significant uproar on social networking site X following the recent retraction of this information. Kim Kardashian is just one person, according to one reviewer. “She is an incredibly spoiled celebrity,” one person added.

Someone else mentioned that Kim Kardashian flew from Los Angeles to Paris just to eat a specific cheesecake and then flew back home while they were drinking through paper straws to save the world. Another person commented, "Just Kardashian things."

The Kardashians have previously faced criticism regarding their jets

The Kardashians among other celebrities are under mounting criticism for using private jets, citing the substantial environmental effect as a reason. When compared to commercial flights, private aircraft emit carbon dioxide at a disproportionately high rate, which fuels climate change.

When it comes to her aircraft, Kim is not the only member of her family making contentious (and less than environmentally friendly) decisions. In a similar vein, her sister Kylie Jenner came under fire for flying on her private aircraft for just 17 minutes when it could have been completed in 40 minutes by car. 


These instances highlight the disproportionate carbon impact of private aircraft travel, inciting public outrage in the face of mounting worries about environmental sustainability and global warming. Kim hasn't yet replied to the fresh criticism while the 2015 video keeps making the rounds.

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