Tiger Review: Priyanka Chopra adds to beauty, depth of Ambar and her cubs’ story with her narration style

Disneynature is here with new documentary on one of the most fascinating wild animal Tiger's life. Narrated by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, it's the story of a tigress named Ambar and her cubs.

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Tiger Review: Priyanka Chopra takes you on beautiful wild life journey of Ambar and cubs
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Name: Tiger
Director: Mark Linfield, Vanessa Berlowitz and Rob Sullivan
Narrated By: Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Rating: 3.5
Where to watch: Disney Plus Hotstar

Shot over a period of 1500 days in the jungles of India, Tiger takes you on an enriching wild life journey where you understand what it means to be a tigress and a mother of four cubs. Normally we think of tigers and tigresses as one of the most powerful and deadly animals but this documentary makes you aware of the survival challenges they face on daily basis.


Ambar, a young tigress is a mother to 4 cubs and her life revolves around nurturing them, protecting them from dangerous pythons, bears, other male tigers and helping them learn necessary surviving skills as they grow up. While doing this, she goes through innumerable challenges but is there anything that can break her spirit?

What works for Tiger?

Even if you are not a fan of documentaries, this one has the power to hold you for a considerable amount of time thanks to the Priyanka Chopra's narration. Her voice and narration style is so good that it's tough to believe that she's a human telling the daily life story of a tigress and her cubs. We have seen her magic in audio visual medium but even in audio, she brings out the emotions very well and helps you instantly connect with Ambar and her family. 



The cinematography is excellent but makes you fall in love with the wilderness. While the beauty of Indian jungles has got a royal presentation, what holds you as a viewer is all the intimate shots. It's hard to imagine the work behind all the shots from the habitats of the tigers. I need answers because how can a human possibly shoot all that and that too so flawlessly?

The story of Ambar and her cubs moves you because you feel a sense of attachment with the family. Their challenges feel like your own challenges and you find yourselves rooting for them. At the same time, other animals feel like family members too. Watch the scene when one of the cubs of Ambar tries to hunt down a langoor and fails miserably. You want that cub to be successful but don't want that langoor to be killed as well. Two cute beings having a struggle for life challenges you as a human because it's difficult to take a side here. If the purpose of the documentary is to make you feel connected to other beings, then it delivers on that part.

What doesn't work for Tiger?

Nothing major but the documentary is 89 minutes long but in the second half it seems stretched and suffers from monotony. With a sharper editing, it could’ve been cut short by at least 10-15 minutes which may have resulted in an even better outcome. 

Watch the trailer of Tiger

Final Verdict of Tiger

Tiger is a beautifully shot and well narrated documentary on the life of wild creatures. Only if it was a little crisper, it would've been easier to watch it one go. 

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