Kalank Movie Review: Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt starrer is predictably slow paced and soulless

Kalank stars Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit. The partition love story has been watched and reviewed. Read on.
Kalank Movie Review: Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt starrer is predictably slow paced and soullessKalank Movie Review: Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt starrer is predictably slow paced and soulless
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Movie: Kalank
Cast: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Kunal Kemmu
Director: Abhishek Varman
Ratings: 2/5
“Humse zyaada barbaad aur koi nahi iss duniya mein jab kissi aur ki barbaadi jeet lagti hai!" sums up the entire plot of Kalank. The conflicted love story uses the crutches of the political unrest during the partition era as its plot to take us back in time where hate defeated love, where revenge was the only thing that mattered was to realise it was all for NOTHING, absolutely nothing. In the small town of Husnabad, near Lahore, two hearts full of anger and angst met, while another two were about to get separated. But one decision entangled their lives forever, for good or bad, no one can tell. 
Zafar (Varun Dhawan) grew up in Hira Mandi, a Muslim dominated area where Behaar Begum (Madhuri Dixit) and her impeccable dancing and singing skills were the talk of the town. Growing up in a town where being a love child only invited taunts and more humiliation for him, Zafar's only motive is revenge. On the other hand, Satya (Sonakshi Sinha), the daughter-in-law of Balraj Chaudhary (Sanjay Dutt)'s family is suffering from a fatal disease. She asks her husband, Dev Chaudhary (Aditya Roy Kapur) to get settled again to make sure he isn't left alone after her. She begs Roop (Alia Bhatt) to be her saviour. The love Dev and Satya shared was eternal in its own way, but their actions made way for a fresh eternal love story to brew and how!
Zafar, infamous for being a womaniser, is drawn to Behaar Begum's haveli for the first time in 20 years after hearing Roop's voice, which he says is filled with 'ishq' and 'dard.' The first scene shared by Zafar and Roop in Kalank has been shot wonderfully, with Zafar crossing the river for her, in the metaphoric sense. The two meet when Ravana is being burned down to ashes signifying their love will be the death of them. One must get the clue there! While Roop seeks love in Zafar, Zafar has other motives which are backed by strong hatred for his father and mother. But Roop's innocence and love force Zafar to change his outlook and give up his hatred. Her love consumed him in ways nothing else did. 
The love story, however, is not that simple. Of course. Falling in love with another man whilst being married to someone else is not an easy road, is it? And a troubled and conflicted family feud only adds to the commotion. But what makes Zafar and Roop's love story eternal is their simplistic love, and ability to sacrifice and accept each other despite everything. Varun makes Zafar look convincing and has perhaps delivered one of the best performances in the movie. For me, his scenes with Madhuri stood out and his chemistry with Alia was without a doubt superlative. The only scene which literally was the major put off featuring Varun was where he is seen engaged in a bull fight. The special effects used for the particular scene made me reconsider Manikarnika's VFX, for a moment. Was it that bad? Yes!
Alia, on the other hand, delivered a poor performance which could have been great. While her scenes with Varun were the highlight, long dialogue delivery made it look caricaturish. It seemed she was trying too hard to fit into the shoes of an aspiring classical singer. The dialogues though written in accordance to the partition era did not have any soul. It is ironical given that it is the writing and dialogues that majorly elevate a period drama. Even if we forget, how poorly the dialogues were written, the screenplay by Abhishek Varman did fall flat for me. It just did not work. Despite trying hard to feel invested in the characters, a sense of detachment prevailed every time as we were bombarded with heavy dialogues that not only lacked soul but were vomited like a mugged delivery. 
However, it is Kunal Kemmu, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit who actually elevated the entire film for me. Wish they had been given more screen space. Kunal as Abdul, leader of a Muslim League Party and a friend of Zafar, was too good. His confrontational scenes with Zafar and his rather sinister side is a revelation and how. Kunal surely nails it. On the other hand, Sonakshi as the quintessential bahu, who is deeply and madly in love with her partner, is top notch as well. Aditya does justice to Dev with his restrained performance, after a few hiccups in the beginning. Madhuri, as usual, was a dream to watch on-screen. There is absolutely no one who can beat her when it comes to dancing with perfect expressions. 
The background score for the movie is one of the biggest highlights with the title track making you feel each emotion, but the flawed script disappoints. After all, only superlative performances and poor writing cannot elevate a movie, but a superlative script and average performance might still do the job. 
Give Kalank a chance if you are a hopeless romantic, but enter without any expectations!

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I actually quite like the movie. The weakest point in the story is why and how Sonali entangles Alia in the needless and pointless marriage. The villains of the story are Sonali and Aditya, who plays a weakling who can't say NO to a silly wedding that his wife arranges for him. No, girl you didn't need to arrange a second wife for your husband who is very capapble of finding one for himself , we know this, because mere days after his wife's death, he is seen group dancing , drunk and merry, with Varun and a bunch of tawaifs . *eyeroll*

I haven't watched it yet but seriously people so much hard work, time & money goes into making a film. Please appreciate that at least. What kind of a film were you expecting this to be...it doesn't have to be realistic does it? Sometimes it is nice to go into a world of disbelief and fantasy.

Kitni bakwaas movie hai......

Just watched it....and liked it. It is not a typical masala, loud movie. It is a subtle, serious dramatic movie that talks about complicated human relations. People are badmouthing the movie out of spite. There were so.many masala movies that were hard to sit through but i just stayed glued till the end. Go watch it. It is beautiful.

RK= panauti in every females life. Deepika had flops, Katrina and now Alia.

Alias downfall may be because of RKs official entry in her life ??

Gonna be a blockbuster

So happy that Alia is getting bad reviews. Nepo puppet

Pathetic attempt to make it like Devdas. Alia is no Paro. There will only be one Dev and one Paro--the most beautiful woman in the world. Alia is wormy looking with very cunning eyes. Aditya and Sonakshi great chemistry too bad they weren't more in the forefront. #floplia

Alia is an ugly Gujratan with wonky eyes and a 5'0 tall boy's body.

Kalank = Zero

Alia looks like man dressed as women. Elegance, grace, class is not everyone's cup of tea. Let's respect the real talent here, Alia stick to candy floss roles with tomboyish looks, felt like puking with that classical dance of urs. joke

Thanks Pinkvilla for posting comments but Like Button is still broken

Sher ki khaal pehenese gadha sher nahi ban jata. Gadha: Kjo and Alia. Sher: SLB and Deepika, Aishwarya

im happy alia wont be seen on these pages for some time now..she said she would be taking a step back from social media..

Alia shared a previous post from pv where it said that audiences on twitter were lovin the movie..lol

Surprised to see PV allow so many comments but still rigging thumbs up and down.

Alia's annoying nostril flaring in yet another movie. Pathetic.


Aalia payback time... Hope you realize that you are just a nepo kid and most overrated in the looks and acting dept.

I'm sad for Aditya. I don't like Alia, because of her arrogant attitude and disrespectul behaviuor towards media, fans and co-stars. But I was hoping that Kalank turn out to be a hit just for Aditya's sake. He is so talented yet I think he is a little lazy. With his talent and looks, he could be top actor but it seems that he lacks the hunger for success. I hope he signs a REALLY good movie, an intense and raw script with Shraddha Kapoor and returns to his Aashiqui 2 happy and successful days.

Aditya is a goodlooking robot, much like many other star kids.

My appreciation to Varun, Alia, Sanjay, Madhuri, Aditya, & Sonakshi. You can see the amount of hard work that they have done & it was definitely shown in the movie. Don't listen to the haters, because they don't realize the time and effort that was put into this movie. The visuals and the songs were a treat to watch.

Pv is run by biggies of Bollywood that’s y no comments on articles coz not nepotism friendly gang are never posted ... it’s become SpotboyE with zero comments on most articles

M surprised pinkvilla posted this ... pinkvilla has started screening all the “ non friendly nepo kids comments “ that the comment section in most of throw articles is empty , once I used to visit pinkvilla for the comments only

Kalank will be a blockbuster !

alia was completely miscast to play Roop. Her worst performance yet and it dragged the film down

Is Alia’s character supposed to be a robot? How’s she an actor lol. And Varun on the other hand is so hammy

First day collection would be decent because movie got 4000 screens in India and movie was overhyped. This is Dharma’s Thug of Hindustan. Don’t waste money for this movie.

Karan Johar doesn’t know subtlety. Loud, garish, over the top soap opera. I’m just happy that public saw through it. Trying so hard to make mediocre Alia & Varun happen. Hope this is a lesson. There’s so much real beauty and talent out there waiting for a break but they keep shoving Alia at us until we learnt to accept it. Well looks like we’re smarter than that

What sort of a movie was this Kalank?? Why is this talentless Alia given so much attention? Sorry but Madhuri is nothing but a nachaniya and the choreography of Tabaah ho gaye made her look like a baraat ki ghodi. Liked Kunal, Sonakshi and Aditya who were just given crumbs. K Jo just get out and get lost.

When even Taran Adarsh does not like a masala movie you know how bad it is.

It's an ode to Alia and Varun gone wrong .

Can madhuri do anything other than dance?

KARMA for stealing the black lady from deepika at filmfare awards 2019.

Yeh picture to puri nepotism ki dukan hain

How they could make a special effects bull ham is mind boggling. You know that bulls buck...but this one was bucking like it had a bad itch somewhere. The bull's size and proportions also altered when Varun tried to ride it.

Other A list actress are doing one or two film in a year because they take their work seriously and take time for the preparation of roles and films. On the other hand alia believes she can do 4 films in a year because she is a natural actress or sridevi and don't need to prepare for her role. Brahmasta too will be a flop. And she will be a weak link in Takht and Inshallah too.

This was my great wish that it flops badly. Done with people making horrible movies hits. I want to see how strong Alia and Kjo's relationship will be after her movies start flopping. Brahmastra you are next.

Alia tera time aa gya baby. Next upcoming flops in pipeline...brahmadtra( she and ranbir as superhero will make ppl ROFL), takht( another periodic film), inshallah( wont suit Salman), rrr(Not his every film will be bahubali) and sadak 2 will be a flop as well.

Big set banane se thori koi SLB or Rajamouli ban nehi jate. Dharma production period films banane se dur rahe to Acchha hoga. This movie again proved SLB as period film maker is not at all over hyped.

kalank is turning out to be another Thugs of Hindustan.Better go for one of the most gripping and content driven film The Tashkent Files.Don't waste money on kalank.

Hahaha I am glad that alia is getting bad reviews. By giving her Filmfare award for her pathetic crying scene in raazi bollywood reduced it's standard.

I don’t believe that Alia was bad. Alia cannot do anything bad.

Aloo papa se thoda acting sikh lo!!

why not make all such film as animation film and spare us the torture and also kjo and the kind can live their fantasy and humey baksh de...simples..toodles-)

Alia was a miscast - I knew this all the way. Hope they drop her from the SLB movie! That would be sad to see SLB have a flop cus of her.
If you want someone new, cast Sara - if not go for Kangana or Deepika.

SLB hope you reconsider your stupid decision of casting this misfit.

SLb,if you are reading please drop alia otherwise inshallah will be your first flop period film,she is not suited for these roles.

Alia drags down the movie, shocker. Hope this is a lesson to all the directors who are dying to sign Alia all of a sudden. Alia is no Kajol where she can make any crappy KJO movie perfect and revolve around her every time. Alia is just like every other actor in Bollywood, only as good as her script and what's given to her. And unlike most other actresses, she comes with unnecessary baggage, such as she looks like a two-year-old next too any male co-star and brings the nepotism debate heavy into your movie heavier than any Sonam, Kareena, Sonakshi, etc ever do.

We all appeal to Bhansali not to cast Alia opposite Salman as we are really worried after the possible disastrous fate of Kalank. Fans were not happy at all with this miscasting we want to see Salman with Deepika or Kangana. SLB - Are you listening? Inshallah can be the biggest hit of all times with a different heroine opposite Salman.

PV is back to the good old days when articles were honest and all comments were posted. Keep it up! As for the movie, I have no interest in watching it...the trailer was boring enough!

I agree this is like 2015 Pinkvilla

Alia cannot act hahhahaha.joker acha hua

Movie is living upto its name's expectation kalank..The real kalank of bollywood

Varun and alia are the biggest kalank of bollwyood

Hahahaha.as expected

Truth is out - all critics have with one voice said Kalank is boring & a big disappointment. Kalank will FLOP big time. Karan Johar films are nothing but a platform for fashion design & Manish Malhotra.Media hype has kept Johar alive & nothing else. He is utterly shallow. Alia should be thrown out of Inshallah. She does'nt suit Salman at all. SLB should either replace her or take another female lead like Deepika or Kangana as the main heroine opposite Salman.

Jab paap ka garha bhar jata hai toh yahi hota hai

there was an error I caught in the article
Ironical should be ironic
please know your literary devices so that we can better educate the youth

It's like nepo baap cut many scenes of sonakshi and make sure his puppet gets all the limelight but he failed to do so..even in few scenes, sonakshi did 100 times better.alia is total miscast, she is overrated.

Kalank trailer was so bad. Making movies are making arts. You can’t put bunch of famous people to make one girl shine. Do it for art or don’t

She even attended promos of songs that were not hers in the movie! So much to make her look like the next big thing. I want her to crash and burn just for KJo to stay grounded and real!

Is it only me who felt that Alia's lip sync to the classical portion in ghar more pardesiya veey weird and unrealistic.. Felt she's trying toohard.

Alia is not good for period film, she will ruin inshallah and ss rajamouli next, they shoud kick her out after her disastrous performance in kalank.

Wish the movie had more of Madhuri.

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan have been well-matched in previous films, but Bhatt is out of her depth in Kalank.She is a miscast as Roop, cannot do the heavy-lifting required of a woman who is pawn, reluctant feminist, dutiful second wife, philanderer, singer, dancer.manipulative karan reduced sonakshi and madhuri role to a cameo, and still they outshine alia.aditya is amazing, varun is trash in front of him.

Aditya , Kunal, Sanjay dutt, Madhuri and sonakshi best actors. varun and alia overacting spoiled the movie n they don't suit the era they looked out of the role and time . They're ere not fit for the role in kalank . Sad

Everybody hates KJo and were just waiting to tear him down. I wonder what that means for Alia and Ranbir's movie. It's so expensive it will have to make 300 crore to become a hit. I only feel sorry for Varun. He is the only one from that nepo gang that deserves success.

Very non sense.Karan should stop thinking himself as SLB and varun is a joker very laughable ,alia is sasti deepika, had failed in trying to copy deepika.I think taqht will have the same fate because KJO is trying so hard for something he is not capable of.

Ranveer RUN!

Comments section on the review is lit compared to this shitty movie.

Biggest flop of 2019

Kalank Bollywood pe kalank

Lol puppet alia

I never felt so bored recently.. Oh god.. Who's the editor? I was like why is this so long??

alia's karma = failure of kalank

To the anonymous who said Madhuri is a lost case - watch Devdas you moron!

Indian movie

Indian movie

"She asks her husband, Dev Chaudhary (Aditya Roy Kapur) to get settled again to make sure he isn't left alone after her. She begs Roop (Alia Bhatt) to be her saviour."
- Seriously ?? *eye roll * male fantasy, am I rite ?

Bang on comment!

Didn't KJO say he will NOT be using item number in his production and voila new item girl is introduced!! Disgusted!!

With Manish Malhotra creation in 1940 ,s

Sridevi signed this garbage? Hard to believe

Chalo.. let me go and get popcorn for the comments section

Woooo pinkvilla is honest !!!

Very good movie it's not kalank it's love

Ok, now we forget everything and everyone takes his place, Alia is not Aishwarya, Varun is not SRK, Sanjay is not Amitabh and kjo is not SLB, ok ?? well.

Alia is a stooge if Karan Johat and with this cat like face no matter which great designer you work with you cannot shine for long!!

Why didn't they use Sanjay dutt???

This varun alia should not do movie together for a while... Fedup

Alia should but do a movie in forever! Fed up of seeing her in movies.. ads.. movie promotions.. fake link ups..what not

Seriously PV i have headache after watching this movie

Karan johar atleast now you should learn lesson... Alia and varun ruined it.. Aditya was outstanding, kunal kemmu, madhuri were too good.. Sanjay duty and sonakshi kaha hai? Underused

I watched the movie kya hai yar? I was literally sleeping.. So Boring

I wouldve thought nepoking kj would pay y’all but apparently pv got more integrity than that

Wow alia is bad? This is new

"Madhuri, as usual, was a dream to watch on-screen. There is absolutely no one who can beat her when it comes to dancing with perfect expressions."

In the past 20 years there has been nothing else to praise Madhuri for except her dancing and smile! When is she going to be an actress and do some meaningful cinema and good roles. She is a lost case by now

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