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Thank You For Coming Movie Review: Bhumi Pednekar, Shehnaaz Gill film is credible take on orgasm

Karan Boolani's film Thank You For Coming starring Bhumi Pednekar, plays at a theatre near you, now.

Published on Oct 06, 2023   |  03:29 PM IST  |  1M
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Bhumi Pednekar

Thank You For Coming is a credible film that is bold, raw and sassy (Credit: Balaji Motion Pictures)

Key Highlight

  • Thank You For Coming is a credible film on female orgasms
  • Thank You For Coming now plays at a theatre near you

Name: Thank You for Coming

Director: Karan Boolani

Cast: Shehnaaz Gill,Anil Kapoor,Bhumi Pednekar,dolly ahluwalia,sushant divgikar,Karan Kundrra,Natasha Rastogi

Rating: 3

Karan Boolani's film Thank You For Coming, starring Bhumi Pednekar in a titular role, explores female sexuality and their desire to seek pleasure in a world that is not too concerned about how 'she' feels, very delicately and intricately. The movie is way more than the sex-comedy that it is made to look.

Plot of Thank You For Coming: 

Kanika Kapoor (Bhumi Pednekar) is a single, middle-aged woman who believe it or not, has never had an orgasm. Very early on in the film, it is shown how real life is so very different from the fairytale-like love stories that she has grown up listening to, and watching. Kanika is crushed by societal pressures and stereotypes in the patriarchal world that she's living in. Kanika sets out on the journey to seek the very bare minimum...pleasure.

What works for Thank You For Coming:

Thank You For Coming is thoughtful, and extremely delightful. It perfectly blends humor with a sense of empathy. The movie is inclusive and diverse. Prashashti Singh and Radhika Anand prove that no one can write women better than women. The film is able to ask pertinent questions through its course which would make you self-reflect. It pushes the envelope in more ways than one and talks about how women are so much more than just the men that they date.

What doesn't work for Thank You For Coming:

Thank You For Coming takes some time to get to the point. The first hour of the film is slightly underwhelming when seen in totality. It has a few underwritten characters which makes the film less compelling than what it could have been. There are some issues with the climax as well, due to which it doesn’t leave a very strong mark. Apart from that, the Bhumi Pednekar film is quite a smooth sail.


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Thank You For Coming Acting Performances:

It’s delightful to see Bhumi Pednekar stepping out of the small-town-girl avatar and playing a drop-dead gorgeous diva. Shibani Bedi and Dolly Singh are such good natural performers. They bring a lot of freshness and fun to the table. There seems to be a fine actor trapped within Shibani and hopefully, we will get to see more of that. Kusha Kapila and Shehnaaz Gill look ravishing but they don’t have much to do in the film.
Coming to the men, Karan Kundrra deserved a better role. Sushant carries the trophy home. His spark completely steals the thunder. Anil Kapoor in a cameo adds to the humor quotient of the film without overdoing it. He doesn't seem to age.

Thank You For Coming Final Verdict:

Finally, Thank You For Coming may not be a perfect 'family entertainer' but it is surely a love letter to everyone who believes in fairytales. Despite the flaws throughout the narrative, is a credible film that doesn't deserve to be reduced to a sex comedy. 

3 Stars!


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