13 Business casual outfits for women: Elevate your weekday wardrobe with help of celebs like Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt

Celebs like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor will inspire on how to add twist and comfort to your business casual outfits for women that will scream creativity.

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celeb inspired business casual outfits
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If you’re heading to your office, it doesn’t always mean that you have to wear stiff or uncomfortable clothes to look professional.If your office follows a strict dress code and you feel uncomfortable in it, and you need something more relaxed, then business casual outfits are for you.

Business casual outfits are a relaxed dress code that gives you a professional look while keeping you comfortable. If you also want to infuse a dose of Bollywood glamour into your work wardrobe and keep it casual and relaxed while maintaining a professional demeanor, then look no further. Here are some business casual women outfit ideas inspired by your favorite Bollywood celebs.


13 Best business casual looks for women

Monochrome Pantsuits

It's not always necessary for office attire for women to consist of a structured coat with a shirt underneath and fitted pants. A black pantsuit can work for a casual look. Look for a pantsuit with a relaxed or slightly loose fit rather than a super structured or formal style. This will give it a more casual vibe. Alia skipped the shirt underneath but you can pair it with a simple blouse or lightweight waistcoat underneath.


Alia Bhatt in black pantsuit

Casual Skirt look

Thinking of trendy business casual? Kriti’s look is the answer. A monochrome look like Kriti’s can work best for a casual look depending on how you style it. Choose a black skirt knee-length or below the knee. A pencil skirt and A line skirt both can work well. Choose a white top that is well fitted and incorporate a black tie that can add a touch of sophistication. Overall, pairing a black skirt with a white sleeveless top or full sleeve shirt and a black tie can create a stylish and professional business casual ensemble.


Kriti Sanon in skirt look

 Denim on Denim look

A Denim on denim look can be stylish and trendy and can be suitable for a business casual environment with the right styling. Choose a dark wash denim or denim pieces like Athiya for a polished look and balance it with white t-shirt or top underneath. Balance the casualness of denim with tailored pieces, such as tailored trousers to add professional touch. This look can work on casual Fridays in the office. You can match it with casual shoes or white sneakers.

Athiya shetty in denim on denim look

Classic Black and white combo

A combination of fitted pants and blazers that are tailored to your body shape will work for your business casual look. Case in point: Nora Fatehi’s look. Opt for a slim leg or straight leg silhouette like Nora and pair it with a tailored blazer in classic colors like black. Make sure the blazer fits well and enhances your silhouette. Wear a white satin shirt underneath it. You can also wear a white satin shirt with a knot at front like Nora for a touch of interest. It will add stylish detail while maintaining a professional look.

Nora Fatehi in black pants and satin shirt

Classic shirt and trouser combo

White shirt and black trousers llike Sanya Malhotra can be your pick for a business casual look. A white shirt with puffed sleeves or dramatic collars can strike the right balance between professional and stylish.  This can add a trendy and feminine touch to an outfit. Pair it with black tailored trousers for a versatile look and it will also enhance your silhouette.

Sanya Malhotra in white shirt and pants

Casual oversized look

An oversized look like Deepika can work for a stylish and contemporary business casual outfit, provided it's executed thoughtfully. Opt for a structured silhouette that is oversized but still maintains some shape and length should be appropriate for your body type and pair the oversized blazer with tailored like straight leg or wide leg that can balance out the proportions.

deepika in monochrome look

Flared pants look

A white wrap top paired with black flared pants like Janhvi Kapoor can indeed work for a business casual look, offering a stylish look. The wrap style will add feminine touch to the outfit. You can opt for flared pants that have tailored fit at the waist and hips before widening at knees. The flared silhouette will also elongate your legs. This could be a perfect business casual attire for women if you avoid overly casual elements or accessories. 


Janhvi Kapoor in white and black look

Waist-vest blazer and pants

A waist-vest blazer and flared pants like Sara can add contemporary touch to the outfit while still maintaining a professional appearance. Opt for a sleeveless vest blazer that has a tailored or structured silhouette. Choose flared trousers that have a tailored fit at the waist and are gently widening from knees down. You can pair it with sleek black high heels.

Sara Ali Khan in blazer vest look

Peplum top & pants

A white peplum top paired with flared pants like Mrunal can work wonderfully for a business casual outfit. Choose a white peplum top that fits well and complements your body shape. Opt for flared pants that have tailored fit and ensure that your make-up is subtle and professional.

Mrunal Thakur in peplum top and pants

Classic ivory blazer 

Ivory pants paired with a white shirt can indeed work for a business casual look, offering a refined look like Tamannaah. Opt for an ivory pants suit tailored and well fitted silhouette and ensure that pants are tailored to your body shape and fall neatly without being too tight or too loose. Choose a blazer matching your pants. Pair the ivory pantsuit with a crisp white shirt for a classic combination.

tamannaah bhatia in white blazer

Casual cropped blazer look

White cropped blazer top and beige pants like Samantha can add a casual and fashionable look to your business casual outfit. Choose a blazer top that fits well and beige pants that complement the blazer. Beige is a versatile color that provides a neutral base for styling. Pointed-toe heels, loafers, or ankle boots in beige or a neutral tone are excellent choices to pair with this outfit.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu in cropped blazer

Pristine white dress

A white dress like Kareena can work very well for a business casual look, depending on the style of the dress. You can opt for a white dress that is not too formal, such as knee length or midi dress with a modest neckline or sleeves and pair it with appropriate accessories like a belt, cardigan, or a blazer and choose footwear like flats or low heels to maintain a professional yet relaxed appearance

Kareena Kapoor in white dress


Check blazer

Pairing a small checked blazer with a white top and checked pants like Tara can create a stylish and cohesive business casual look. The small check blazer in a subtle tone can add visual interest without overwhelming the outfit. Pair the blazer with crisp white top for classic combination. You can opt for check pants that co-ordinate with a blazer while maintaining cohesion.

Tara sutaria in check blazer

Professionals can project a polished but approachable image by dressing in business casual, which finds a middle ground between formal business wear and casual outfits. Business casual outfits offer more style, color and fabric options than traditional business wear, which frequently calls for suits and ties. 


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Are jeans OK for business casual?
Yes, business casual can include jeans. It is contingent upon the work environment and culture. Clean, well-groomed pants that don’t look to casual are acceptable in certain places. However, it might not be appropriate in more formal work environments. Simply make sure your jeans are in decent shape and wear them with a dressy shirt or top and dressier-than-casual shoes.

What is trendy business casual?
A contemporary take on business casual is trendy business casual. Workplace-appropriate attire, such as fitted trousers or skirts, chic tops or shirts, blazers or cardigans, and on-trend accessories, are combined with fashion components. It's about maintaining the standards of a professional environment while still managing to look put together and show off your unique flair.

Is Kurti business casual?
Kurti may be appropriate for business casual wear in some industries or places of employment, particularly when worn with appropriate bottoms like trousers or pants. In the end, though, it comes down to the particular dress code and cultural standards of your place of employment. Business casual attire may not always include kurtis in settings that are more formal or conservative.

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