EXCLUSIVE: Shrenu Parikh talks about Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna's extension, her Ishqbaaaz gang & more

Shrenu Parikh gets talking about how Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna was a show that was a risk she took, keeping up with the transition on television, and how attachments have always been her weakness, and more. Read on her entire chat with PINKVILLA.
EXCLUSIVE: Shrenu Parikh talks about Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna's extension, her Ishqbaaaz gang & moreEXCLUSIVE: Shrenu Parikh talks about Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna's extension, why it didn't work & more
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Shrenu Parikh and Zain Imam's Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna was a show that received a lot of love from the audiences but the same never transpired into numbers, and just when the show got an extension, it was eventually canceled overnight. And so, we got in touch with Shrenu as the show comes to a closure, and when she spoke to us on her first day without shoot, she sure did seem to have been weighed down by the fact that there is no shoot to go to.

She went on to tell me, "I woke up on my early morning time and then I realized eventually that I no longer have shoots to go to, and I spent the day at home resting because the past few days have been hard because we were shooting to wrap up and hours were crazy. When I got the news about the extension being canceled, I was aloof from the media but yeah, such is life, you have to deal with the loss and I am okay now, and I have made peace with it now."



Yes all good things come to an end... but they don’t have to end so soon! Don’t know where to start with... So much I want to say, but like you guys know m bad with expressing myself and bad with goodbyes... . . It’s just that I’m so full of gratitude towards my whole team who since day 1 went against the grain, n fought till the end... . Met one of the best and craziest people during the process who are as nice as me and as mad as me... this bond and them , they stay forever... @tinaintinseltown @zainimam_official @awwwnchal @tanvi.dogra @paragpurva @odiekhan @rajivkumarofficial @anshulpandey123 @ishaansinghmanhas @jyotigauba , manju ji, @khanasirr , parikshit ji... . Next would be my makers @diptikalwaniofficial , @deepakchopra.official can’t be more thankful for making me take this challenge , I will always cherish janhvi . . My make up and hair team who take my mood swings more than anybody else @kalpeshnaik81 @binita.jaiswal.3192 @shamsheer1447_ My production and direction team @noel982000 @rohitraj.goyal , avinash...for being so kind always . My stylist @reenachopra on the show who’s now my extended family for making me look splendid in any avatars... All my writers and creatives shokhee, sid, parna, anshuman , avi, saransh, nidhi, priyagni . All the unit members and technicians who prayed for the show and worked so hard that it breaks my heart to see this kind of love . And to those I’m forgetting mentioning m thankful to you too... . Last but not the least OUR FANS , my JAANS... Thankyou for accepting me the way I am, Thankyou for being a part of my decisions always... I can only promise u my love and honesty always... Signing off See you till I see you next #ekbhramsarvagunsampanna

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Ask her what went wrong with the extension and the show, she says, "I don’t know what went wrong since the very beginning to be very honest. Initially, we got the bonus about the extension, and then this happened when we were hoping for a bigger extension and then suddenly it was like that’s it for now." She also got talking about the team and said, "It was such a good unit and that’s something I feel so sad for. As an actor, as a person, I am very content, I kind of judged and calculated all the risks I was taking given it was a difficult and different character and it started off with a probability of 50-50, it might or might not click. But, we were not at a great time and our show did not do well because our show wasn’t conventional, so as an actor I am okay and ready to take risks and this was worth it because I enjoyed my time on the show. I think to myself before every show that I will not get attached, I thought during Ishqbaaaz also but for me, attachment isn’t something I can help about."

Talking about how it all works as far as TRPs, the channel and the team is concerned, she said, "The channel is expecting from us because a lot of hopes ride here and as an actor, there’s not much we can do for either the channel or the fans and I am very happy about the fact that I took up Janhvi, and I don’t have any regrets at all. However, it’s just this is too soon to have come to an end because we had started enjoying what we were doing and it just shut off. I think Deepti ma’am has pampered all of us and more than anyone, I feel bad for her because she has been working on this for the longest time and the way she had cast us, I remember all of it, how she was so excited for Janhvi, and all these things are what I’ll not get back. Of course, they are all good people and when you get good people you want them to stay in your life right, so yeah. Now, for instance, the Ishqbaaaz team has still stuck to me but things change once the show is over. Now, look at Chandu (Surbhi Chandna), when she was free, I was working, Mansi was working and now she is busy, so it is so difficult to put all of us together. It is a different thing when the show is on, and once it goes off-air, you don’t get to meet everyone, I had so much fun working with Zain, Tina, Ayush Sir, and everyone else. We had such great actors and we had so much fun."

When quizzed about shows not working well because they do not abide by the stereotypes and yet, the content is widely accepted, she says, "I think that considering the time we are in business, TV is undergoing a transition with all the OTT platforms that have come up, and the web market is rising so much that the audiences are getting divided so once upon a time when shows used to get a rating of as high as 6 points, who gets them in present-day? I think we all are undergoing a phase and even the actors are confused, the audiences are confused, because there is so much on the platter, so that is the problem."



Yes you are RIGHT!! Eyes cannot lie... . . Pic courtesy @araalexanderofficial

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Shrenu is proud of her choice with Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, and so, she recalled how she had two choices back in the day. She says, "When Ishqbaaaz was done, one was a typical show and the other was this, and this was also on Star Bharat and considering the other one was on the main GEC but I still took a chance and had there been someone else in my place, the other show is still working."

Ask her about her plans next, she adds, "I really haven’t thought of it since I have so many things going on, I might just go back to America again, he is traveling to Amsterdam for a week, I might just join him and relax and travel. The other option is I might as well go back to work again, or I might just go home which I haven’t visited since January. I want to take a small break and not something big, since I never got a break post Ishqbaaaz and got this right after it, so the break due, I might take that now, but nothing is planned as of now."


I love u, shrenu ,a lot.Thanks Pinkvilla

Shrenu is such a darling.. thanku pinkvilla for this article

Thanku pinkbilla

Cutee...God bless uuu...❤❤❤❤whatever is happening ,that is good

Shrenu is one of my favourites, whatever roles she plays doesn’t affect her popularity where I’m concerned, judge her purely on her acting skill. Sarvagun Sampaan has given her opportunity to prove her versatility. I love this girl. She’s pretty cute and fun. Best of luck in your next project Shrenu...God bless...

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