Anupamaa Written Episode Update, July 1: Anupama overhears Vanraj’s plans to expose Titu; warns him in return

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Anupama overhears Vanraj's plan to expose Titu and warns him, but Vanraj sarcastically tells her she is too late.

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Anupama asks Ansh to welcome Titu, and Anuj offers his help. Vanraj also volunteers to receive Titu and asks someone to ensure Titu arrives on time, claiming he knows why Titu is delayed. Vanraj plans to expose Titu, but Anupama overhears and warns him, only for Vanraj to sarcastically tell her she's too late. 

Undeterred, Anupama stays alert. During the wedding preparations, Vanraj tells Anupama to enjoy the festivities, while she quietly resolves to protect Dimpy and Titu's special day from being ruined by Vanraj.

Anuj confesses his love while Dimpy and Titu exchange vows

Meanwhile, Anuj and Anupama accidentally run into each other, and he flirts with her while complimenting her appearance. After discussing her recent conversation with Shruti, Anupama suggests that Anuj consider marrying Shruti. 

Anuj replies, confessing his love for someone else and asking about Anupama's feelings. He wonders why she hasn't expressed her emotions to him yet. Before Anupama can answer, Pari interrupts. Aadhya notices Anuj. As the wedding ceremony begins, Dimpy and Titu exchange garlands.

Hasmukh advocates second chances; Anuj and Anupama bless newlyweds

During the event, Hasmukh shares his belief in second chances, and Anuj agrees, taking a moment to dance with Anupama as they reminisce about their wedding. Titu advises Anuj not to wash his feet, and Leela supports Titu, insisting he should not skip the ritual. 


Anupama and Anuj offer suggestions on how to perform the ritual. Vanraj is interrupted by a phone call. Afterward, Anuj and Anupama bless Titu and his bride, Dimpy.

Vanraj turns Aadhya against Anupama; Dimpy's kanyadaan sparks dispute

As a result, Vanraj successfully turns Aadhya against Anupama. Ansh ties the Gathbandhan for Titu and Dimpy. Leela asks Anupama and Anuj to perform the Kanyadaan ritual, but Vanraj argues that since he has taken care of Dimpy, he deserves to take part in another ritual instead of Anuj. 

In response, Dimpy asks both Vanraj and Kavya to perform the ritual together. However, Devika and Anupama are skeptical about Vanraj’s true intentions.

Vanraj's revelation shocks Titu's wedding celebration

Vanraj reminds Titu to take good care of Dimpy and her son, Ansh. Anupama questions Vanraj's ability to ensure Titu and Dimpy's wedding goes smoothly. He instructs someone to bring a woman who then observes as Dimpy and Titu complete their wedding ceremony. 


Suddenly, Vanraj interrupts with a shocking revelation about Titu's mother. Titu is stunned upon seeing her and later confides in the Shahs about her presence. Vanraj then drops a bombshell, revealing that Titu has a criminal record, leaving everyone in shock.

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