Anupamaa Written Update, May 24: Aadhya curses Anupama after Anuj rushes to help latter; here's what went wrong

In today's (May 24) episode of Anupamaa, Aadhya fumes with anger after Anuj leaves her birthday party and rushes to Anupama to help her. Read on!

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Anupamaa Written Update, May 24
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Anupamaa Written Update, May 24: Anuj and Shruti celebrate Aadhya's birthday with her friends. Shruti inquires about the beautiful cake. Anuj doesn't mention that it is made by Anupama thinking that Shruti and Aadhya will get upset. Anuj decides to video call Anupama during the celebrations. Anupama listens to Anuj's voice message where he informs her that the party venue has changed.

Anupama gets confused thinking why the venue has been changed when the entire house was decorated. Anupama worries thinking that Aadhya is upset because of her. Suddenly, Anuj shares Aadhya's happy picture with Anupama. Anupama is relieved to see Aadhya happy. Anupama gets a video call from Anuj so she leaves after instructing Rahul to take care of the dish. 

Toshu serves the dish to guests: 

Anupama gets happy seeing Aadhya cutting the cake she made. Toshu arrives in the kitchen and asks Rahul and Vikram whether the second dish for the food critic is ready. They inform him that the dish is ready and Anupama will serve it. Toshu says that he will serve the dish as Anupama is on video call and she will take time. Vikram and Rahul condemn Toshu saying that only Anupama will serve the dish. 

Toshu continues insisting and then takes the dish and walks toward the guest. Anupama sees him taking the dish to the guest and runs behind him. However, Toshu presents the dish to the guest. Anupama arrives and scolds Vikram and Rahul for allowing Toshu to serve the dish. They ask Anupama to calm down. The guests are shocked to see the dish. Anupama arrives at the guest table to explain the dish. 


Anupamaa lands in trouble:

Anuj worries for Anupama. Anupama tells the guest that it is her signature dish. The food critic fumes with anger seeing cockroaches in the dish. The other customers express anger after seeing the cockroaches in the dish. The food critic lashes out at Anupama for not maintaining hygiene despite being the Superstar chef winner. The food critic insults Anupama and calls her fake.

The food critic calls out Anupama for giving speeches on motherhood and customers but says that it is all a facade. The food critic informs Anupama that she is going to sue Spice and Chutney for being unhygienic. Anupama panics seeing customers getting angry. The food critic throws the plate on Anupama's trophy and it falls.

Anupama is in shock as she experiences this unexpected incident. Anupama breaks down as she explains to the food critic that she cleans the restaurant and takes care of everything. The food critic blames Anupama for being careless despite being the owner of the restaurant. The customers also insult Anupama.


Baapuji waits for Anupama's call. Baa asks Baapuji if will Anupama come to India after receiving a star from the food critic. Baapuji assures her that Anupama will attend Dimpy and Titu's wedding. Vanraj tells Baapuji that Anupama will take time as she is now busy. He gets happy thinking about how he will expose Titu's reality in front of Anupama. 

Anuj motivates Anupama:

At Aadhya's part, a guest says that the food critic spotted a cockroach in Anupama's dish. As Anuj is posing with Aadhya and Shruti nearby, he listens to this and leaves before the picture is clicked. Aadhya requests Anuj to stop but he leaves. Aadhya gets upset. Anuj arrives at Spice and Chutney. He sees Anupama and she collapses. Anuj encourages Anupama to not be scared of the situation and asks her to take a stand for herself. 

Aadhya fumes with anger as Anuj leaves her for Anupama. She blames Anupama for purposely landing in trouble to gain attention from Anuj. She tells Shruti to do something to keep Anupama away from Anuj. 


Anuj then tries to convince the food critics and customers at the restaurant saying how Anupama and Spice and Chutney restaurant staff are professional. He praises Anupama and the restaurant. The staff members then request the critic to check the kitchen and then judge the food. The food critic then slams them saying that it is negligence. Meanwhile, Toshu tells the food critic that don't have to pay for this dish. 

Anupama gets angry and asks Toshu to shut up. The food critic gets more furious for bribing her. Anupama requests her to give time to find out the reason for the foul play. She asks for one chance. Even Anuj requests the food critic for some time to find out who did the foul play.

Aadhya calls Anuj but he doesn't answer. She blames Anupama for stealing her happiness and curses Anupama saying she will never be happy. 

The food critic agrees to give it another chance. She then says that to open the restaurant quickly after it was shut, basic hygiene standards must have been compromised. The food critic threatens Anupama to take the matter to the health and hygiene authority and walk away. Anupama goes in shock remembering how Yashdeep gave her the responsibility.  The customers also walk away angrily. Anupama breaks down. The episode ends. 


Disclaimer: This episode was watched on Hotstar.

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