EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Anurag Dobhal calls Bigg Boss 17’s Munawar Faruqui ‘fake’; says karma is paying him back

Former Bigg Boss 17 contestant Anurag Dobhal sat down for an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla to talk about his life, personal struggles, and his equations with the housemates.

Published on Jan 18, 2024  |  09:11 AM IST |  76.4K
Anurag Dobhal-Munawar Faruqui
Anurag Dobhal calls Munawar Faruqui fake (PC: JioCinema)

Anurag Dobhal aka UK07 Rider was evicted from Bigg Boss 17 a few weeks back. While he was inside the house, he enjoyed immense support from his huge fanbase. Now, the content creator sat down for an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla. In his conversation, the popular vlogger opened up about his life, struggles, equations with Bigg Boss 17 housemates, and more. Read on to get some exclusive insight into Anurag Dobhal’s life.

Anurag Dobhal on his equation with Munawar Faruqui

Anurag Dobhal never got along with contestant Munawar Faruqui. We asked him about their equation and what he would like to say as an ex-contestant. The social media influencer and vlogger shared, “Aapka ek belief hota hain, aapka sentiments hote hain. Jab aap sentiments aur belief hurt karta hain na, toh aap zindagi mein maaf nahi kar pate ho. Show se pehle bhi bohot saarein cheezon ke barein mein mujhe pata tha and to be very honest, mere sentiments hurt huye the.”

(There are certain beliefs and sentiments you hold dear. When someone hurts those sentiments and beliefs, you cannot forgive that person ever in life. Even before the show, I was aware of many things, and to be honest, my sentiments were hurt.)

Further, he continued how Munawar Faruqui hurt his sentiments. He shared, “Whatever actions Munawar took in the past, whatever he said through stand-up comedy, jokes, or mockery, it hurt my sentiments. So, we could never be friends in the show. I didn't want to become friends for the sake of a show.”


Watch Anurag Dobhal's full interview here:

Anurag Dobhal on Munawar Faruqui’s karma paying him back

Talking about Munawar Faruqui's deed outside the house that was brought in front of everyone on the show, Anurag shared, "I think us insan ne galtiya kari hain. Karma ek bohot badha shabd hai.I feel aap jayse karam karoge na, aapko isi life mein bhugat ke jana hoga. Jo galtiya usne kari hain, wo face kar raha hain.

(I think that person has made mistakes. Karma is a significant word. I believe that the actions you make will catch up with you in this life. He is facing the consequences of the mistakes he made)

But uska impact unlogon pe gir raha hain jo is show ka hissa bhi nahi hain. Especially being a girl, bohot sari cheezein face karni padhti hain ek ladki ko. Ek ladke toh chalo jhel lega, but ladki ja future pe sawal uthta hain, character pe sawal uthta hain. So, he should have respected it. Ek national television pe kin logon ka naam mention kar raha hain…


(But the impact is falling on those who are not even a part of the show. Especially as a girl, you have to face a lot of things. A guy might handle it, but for a girl, questions arise about the future and character. So, he should have shown respect.)"

Anurag concluded by saying that Munawar is fake. He added, "I feel like he is a fake guy, and theek hain, kahi na kahi unka ka reality logon ke samne aayi. Two timing wali, and aur bhi bohot sarein ladki ka interviews aaye hain national television pe. So, achha hain kahi na kahi reality check mila hain. Logon ke samne wo reality aayi hain… Being a womaniser is not acceptable at all, not at this point in time."

(Well, somewhere their reality has been exposed to people. There have been interviews with many other girls on national television. So, it's good that somewhere he got a reality check. Their reality has come out in front of people... )


For the unversed, Anurag's eviction left everyone shocked as it was a sudden eviction. After coming out of the house, he called it planned eviction as Bigg Boss knew his massive fanbase would support him and he could not be eliminated by voting.

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