Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, February 28: Arman makes special request to Abhira; Ruhi intervenes

In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhira and Armaan share a moment at the latter's special spot. Ruhi comes and joins them. The three have a good time together.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update of February 28 (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1211: The Episode starts with Armaan folding his hands and apologizing to Abhira. She says Akshara has sacrificed her life for me, and today you were sacrificing your life for my mother; I was wrong when I said you were not Akshara's ma'am's daughter; you are just like her; I can never pay back your favor. Abhira asks him to stop apologizing and hold his hands. She says I didn't do you any favors; it is you who always helps me. He says I couldn't save your mum, but you have saved my mum; I'm still rude to you; I'm so sorry. 

Ruhi wonders if she should inform the police. Abhira says to Armaan that he is organized, and his room has never been messy, but his life turned upside down after she came; he takes a stand for her; who does this for somebody for whom he only has responsibility? He says she has done a lot for his family, she respects Dadi, she takes a stand for Krish, and she tries to fix things between Vidya and Madhav, but no one does this. 

Ruhi comes there and sees them holding hands. Abhira says Yuvraj got after Vidya because of her; she didn't do anything big to save her. He says thank you. She jokes. He says he knows it; she will crack a bad joke. He says he got her here; he just got his family there before her. She says he is mad, it's a special place, why did he get her there? She is nobody; she doesn't deserve to be there. He says she deserves to be here like his family. He writes her name on the bench next to the names of his family members. She says stop it, Armaan.


Manoj comes to Dadi. Dadi gives him a file. He says it's Saxena's account, and Sanjay handles this. She says he will handle it from today. Sanjay says Saxenas are their old and most important clients. Dadi says she knows they are very important; they trust their firm to decide the right thing for them. Sanjay says Manoj has never won a case in his life; how can he handle such a big client? She scolds him.

She says she is the person who supports a murderer and kidnapper; she doesn't trust him. Sanjay says he has won many cases for this firm; how will Manoj win it? Better give the cases to Abhira; she might win one case. Dadi says she doesn't care if Manoj loses the cases, but Poddars will never fight a case to support a murderer. Manoj looks on.

Abhira asks what the need to do this is. Armaan says she is with him for a short time, but it's important for him. Ruhi's phone rings. Armaan and Abhira see her.

Ruhi says sorry, I was going to Manish's house; I saw Armaan's car and thought you both were having some problem, so sorry, I will go. Armaan stops Ruhi. He says Abhira, Ruhi has helped me reach you. Ruhi says I didn't do anything. He says you got Abhira's mobile and read Yuvraj's message, you saw her bangles, so we could reach Abhira.

He says he couldn't have saved Abhira without Ruhi, and god knows what would have happened to her. Abhira hugs Ruhi and thanks her. Ruhi says even though they fight every other day, she feels their relationship is very old. They decide to have ice cream and play rock paper scissors. Armaan smiles. He says sort your fights playing this game. They eat ice cream and sit on the bench.

They come home laughing. Armaan says I think you both were sisters in the last birth. All the family members keep staring at the three of them. Abhira asks what happened to you all. Armaan asks what happened. Vidya says you three are laughing and talking. Abhira says yes, we are peace lovers. Dadi says yes, Abhira never fights; she is very peaceful. Abhira smiles.

Manisha says to Ruhi, you had gone to Manish's house; how did you meet them? Abhira says she saw our car on the way and joined us. Madhav says you have come at the right time; we are going to play dumb charades; come, we will make a team. Dadi says Charu isn't here.


Madhav asks where Charu is. Sanjay asks Kajal where Charu is. Kajal says she went shopping for her friend's marriage. Dadi recalls spotting Charu at the cafe. Krish says we will start the game; choose your team now; choose one chalk; some are long, and some are short; this way, we will decide on the team. 

Everyone selects the chalk. They make the teams. Ruhi and Armaan are in one team. Vidya asks Ruhi to start. Manisha tells Ruhi the movie's name. Ruhi says it's tough. They play. Dadi thinks where is Charu? Abhira messages Charu and asks her to come home as soon as Dadi asks about her. Dadi looks at Abhira. She says she was killing mosquitoes. 

Charu checks the message. She says Abhira Bhabhi has messaged, which means she has come back. She looks for a cab. Dev says you are still here. She says I'm not getting a cab. He offers to drop her home. She thanks him.

Dev says he wants to give honest advice and asks her to tell her family about the internship. Charu says not everyone can tell the truth; it's a privilege for some.

Abhira tries to explain. Armaan jokes. Abhira calls him rude. Dadi asks what did you call him? Abhira says he calls me by bad names. Armaan says I call her Abhira, she calls me Dada ji when I explain to her, and she calls you… Dadi asks what. Armaan says time up, you lost. Manisha says Armaan is clever; he wasted their time. Abhira says yes, he is a cheater. She sits back. Armaan smiles. Ruhi continues looking at them. The episode ends here.

The episode was watched on Hotstar.

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