Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, February 27: Armaan takes Abhira to his secret spot

In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhira returns home. At night, Armaan takes her to a secret spot where he has only taken his family members.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update of February 27 (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1211: The episode starts with Vidya praising Abhira for her bravery. She says, you are very brave, thanks. Dadi stops Vidya and says that Abhira saved her life, but she fell in danger because of her only. Yuvraj had no personal enmity with Vidya, but he wanted to hurt Vidya because of Abhira, so there was no need to say thanks to her. 

Armaan defends Abhira and says Abhira didn't ask Yuvraj to harass her; he is a criminal; he has murdered Abhira's mom; how can Abhira be responsible for his crime? Madhav asks Dadi to give Abhira the permission to come inside the house. Dadi says fine, she can come in. She asks Abhira about her mangalsutra. Abhira thinks about how Yuvraj snatched it.

Armaan says it's here and takes it out from his pocket. Dadi says to make her wear it. Armaan says she will wear it. Abhira says I will wear it on my own. Dadi says look at her; she is hurt and scared; make her wear it. Abhira turns toward Armaan, and he makes her wear it. Ruhi looks on. Abhira cries and steps ahead. She stumbles. Armaan lifts her and takes her to the room. Manisha hides Kiara's view with her palms.

Armaan finds Abhira's diary from under the bedcover and reads the apology. Abhira says she didn't do anything wrong, and she has written sorry in the diary for all the things she feels sorry for. But she won't say sorry for this incident, and if the need arises, she will again do the same. She tells Armaan that from his perspective, he may be right, but it was about his mom, and she lost her mom, and Armaan lost his biological mother, so he should understand why Abhira did this.


Manisha comes to the bedroom with warm water and clothes and asks Armaan to clean Abhira's wound. Armaan asks her to do it as he is going out. Manisha aids Abhira's wounds and says she should try to understand where Armaan is coming from. He might have lost her, and he cares a lot for her. She adds that she didn't see him worrying for anyone as he did for Abhira. 

Madhav interrupts Sanjay and Kaveri's conversation. He snatches Sanjay's phone away. He tells Kaveri that Sanjay has called Yuvraj to Udaipur. He takes Sanjay's phone and shows the call logs. He says Sanjay has been in touch with Yuvraj since he came here; he knew about the attack on Armaan and Abhira. Sanjay tries to defend himself and says he didn't know he would do this. 

Madhav says he has killed Abhira's mother but still goes to Mussoorie to defend him. He adds Yuvraj has hurt Abhira and Armaan, and he tried to kidnap Vidya; Sanjay knew this and stayed silent; he is responsible for this. Dadi is shocked. Madhav leaves.

Sanjay says that sometimes things get out of hand, and in this profession, they have to keep contact with every type of person; it's not about right and wrong. Dadi says it's wrong not to help the family in tough times; Abhira was right: family isn't a priority for you; I gave you so much respect, but it fell short for you.

Armaan’s hand shakes. He thinks of Yuvraj aiming the gun at Abhira. Ruhi comes and holds his hands. Armaan pulls back. Ruhi says that she needs to tend to the wounds. She does the first aid. He cries. She says Abhira is safe now, and she knows he was shouting at her. 

Armaan doesn't let her finish and says he is a bad individual. She denies it and says he is a good person and he did a lot for Abhira as she is his responsibility. 

He says he is bad luck and has ruined three lives after his birth: his biological mother and his mum and dad. She says he was a baby; he didn't do anything. He says since he came into her life, she forgot to smile; Rohit left because of him, and Abhira used to stay happy with her mum in Mussoorie. He snatched her mum by risking her life, yet Abhira risked everything to save Vidya today; she could have died today, but she is good. He continues saying Ruhi is also good; he took responsibility for Abhira, but she is safe because of Ruhi; she always thinks that Abhira has taken her place, but still, whenever he needs her help, she stands by him, she saved Abhira's life. Armaan mentions that he is sure that he can trust Ruhi always. Ruhi smiles.


That night, Armaan comes to his room and sees Abhira. She starts apologizing and says she is stupid for not asking for Armaan's help; Yuvraj was threatening her; he attacked Vidya and kept the expired medicines, but she was scared. He stops her and holds her hand.

Ruhi thinks of Armaan and smiles. Manisha sees Ruhi smiling and signs Vidya to see. Everyone looks at Ruhi. Dadi asks Ruhi what she is thinking. Ruhi says Armaan…. Manisha questions her, and she replies to Armaan and Abhira. She is going to Manish's place for a movie, so she is looking for Armaan to drop her off. 

Manisha says one of the drivers will drop her; Armaan and Abhira have gone out. Ruhi gets surprised and asks why Abhira is hurt and where they went. Manoj says he is his special place. Madhav asks what, really. Ruhi asks what they are talking about. Dadi says he has just taken his family there. Vidya says yes, it's his secret place; he gets peace there. Armaan has taken Abhira there. She smiles and says she loves the place.

Ruhi is on her way. She thinks, where did Armaan take Abhira? She sees Armaan's car parked by the roadside and asks the driver to stop. She comes out of the car and finds Armaan's car empty. She wonders if they got into another trouble. She calls him and sees his phone ringing inside the car. 

Abhira sees the family members' names on the bench. Armaan folds his hands and turns toward Abhira. The episode ends here.

The episode was watched on Hotstar.

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