Gokurakugai Chapter 18: Will Alma To Get A Yandere Girlfriend? Release Date, Where To Read, Expected Plot And More

Gokurakugai Chapter 18 should see the aftermath of Utsu's sudden confession, while fans are left wondering what actually happened to Maki. Find out more about the upcoming chapter here.

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Yuto Sano, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media
Gokurakugai [Yuto Sano, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

With the aftermath of Utsu's unexpected confession to Alma, which likely leads to misunderstandings with Tao, fans can only wonder what really happened to Maki and whether the same fate awaits Alma. The threat of special Maga still looms, so fans should brace themselves for Gokurakugai Chapter 18, which will surely be as exciting as the last. Keep reading to find out the release date, expected plot, and more.

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Gokurakugai [Yuto Sano, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

Gokurakugai Chapter 18: Release date and where to read

Scheduled for release on Wednesday, May 1, 2023, at 4:00 pm JST, Gokurakugai Chapter 18 will be an exciting continuation of the series. However, it's essential to note that the exact release time may vary depending on your time zone.

For those following Shuesha's Jump Square, the chapter will debut at 12 am JST on the same day. International fans can read Gokurakugai Chapter 18 on the official websites of Viz Media and Shueisha's MANGAPlus, as well as on the Shonen Jump website.

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Gokurakugai [Yuto Sano, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

Expected plot of Gokurakugai Chapter 18

Gokurakugai Chapter 18 will likely begin with the immediate reactions of Alma and Tao to Utsu's sudden confession and her physical leap onto Alma. This will include Tao's response and possible attempts to de-escalate the situation.

The chapter will likely also revisit Maki's condition after the events at his house. Since Utsu has likely killed him, Gokurakugai Chapter 18 should see Alma and Tao eventually find out. This should lead to Tao investigating Utsuro more thoroughly, especially if her behavior is linked to the unusual deaths mentioned in Chapter 16.


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Gokurakugai [Yuto Sano, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

Gokurakugai Chapter 17 recap

Gokurakugai Chapter 17, titled Cute Girlfriend, continues directly from the previous chapter's cliffhanger, with Alma witnessing a disturbing scene at Maki's residence. Alma is shocked to see ‘Utsu’ as Maki runs away from her with a bloody nose. Maki explains that Utsuro has been acting erratically, while Utsuro tearfully accuses Maki of staring at another girl.

Maki tries to calm her, insisting that he was merely watching the news and didn't mean anything by it. Desperately, he reassures her that she is his number one, but Utsuro becomes even more agitated, grabbing a kitchen knife. She accuses Maki of seeing other girls, claiming that any eyes not focused solely on her are unacceptable.

Alma and Maki scream as Utsuro raises the knife in Gokurakugai Chapter 17 before Alma catches her hand and questions her intentions. Utsuro responds that if she kills Maki, he would belong only to her. Alma manages to take the knife away and scolds her for her violent actions. Utsuro defends herself, saying her actions stem from her overwhelming love for Maki, which she feels he does not reciprocate.


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Alma criticizes Maki for his behavior, pointing out that his actions have caused Utsuro's distress. Maki admits he cannot help his wandering eyes, leading Alma to chastise him further. Alma advises both to handle their emotions more constructively, passing Utsuro a pack of Gokurakugai tissues and telling her to contact him if Maki does not change his ways. Utsuro seems to develop an infatuation with Alma as he leaves.

Back at the Gokurakugai office, Alma vents to Tao about the chaotic situation with Utsuro in Gokurakugai Chapter 17. Tao suggests that Maki should break up with her, but Alma explains that Maki is unwilling to do so. A flashback reveals Alma advising Maki to end the relationship, but Maki complains about their lack of physical intimacy and expresses confusion over Utsuro's escalating jealousy.

Alma wonders how much Maki has ignored Utsuro's feelings, while Maki rationalizes his behavior by blaming his ‘male instincts.’ In the present, Alma explains to Tao that Maki had summoned him under the pretense of a delivery. Tao dismisses it as a trivial lovers' quarrel, but Alma predicts that Maki will get into trouble again and call for his help.


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Gokurakugai [Yuto Sano, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

At Maki's place, Maki and Utsuro apologize to each other in Gokurakugai Chapter 17. Maki declares his love for Utsuro, and she responds by kissing him suddenly. However, blood starts dripping from her mouth, and Maki begins bleeding from all his orifices. Utsuro kisses him again, expressing her love and claiming him as hers forever.

At the Hourai Restaurant, Alma wonders why Maki hasn't contacted him since the incident. As he discusses this with Yaya, he spots Utsuro outside. Alma approaches her, and she appears to be heading to the Gokurakugai office. He invites her inside and offers her oolong tea. Utsuro asks if her visit is inconvenient, and Alma reassures her it is not.

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Utsuro then candidly admits she struggles with small talk and abruptly asks if Alma likes or hates her. Surprised, Alma responds neither, prompting Utsuro to reveal her feelings for him. Utsuro leaps onto Alma, declaring her love just as they fall to the ground. Tao walks in, and Gokurakugai Chapter 17 ends with Tao and Alma in disbelief.

For more updates on Alma’s predicament in the Gokurakugai manga, stay tuned to Pinkvilla.

*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of circumstances and creators.


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