Top 10 Bearded Savage Characters In Anime: From Van Hohenheim To Monkey D. Garp

In anime, bearded characters often symbolize skill and wisdom. Their presence correlates with badass portrayals, exuding strength and domination. Here are 10 such iconic bearded badasses.

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Hunter x Hunter [Yoshihiro Togashi, Madhouse, Crunchyroll], Avatar: The Last Airbender [Michael DiMartino, Nickelodeon, Netflix]
Hunter x Hunter [Yoshihiro Togashi, Madhouse, Crunchyroll], Avatar: The Last Airbender [Michael DiMartino, Nickelodeon, Netflix]

In many anime, characters sporting beards frequently occupy positions of authority and serve as mentors. Their facial hair often symbolizes experience and personal growth throughout the story arc. Although these beard choices aren’t always integral to the plot, they've gained popularity for their visual allure, enhancing the characters' appearance and captivating anime fans.

Besides, the presence of a beard in anime often correlates with the portrayal of a badass character. Whether they're wise senseis who guide others or powerful leaders commanding respect, these characters exude strength and determination. The combination of a beard with their authoritative power and skill creates an aura of ruggedness and confidence, solidifying their status as iconic figures within the anime world. Keep reading to find out our top ten bearded badasses to remember.

10. Van Hohenheim – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood [Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Hulu, Disney+]

Van Hohenheim was a deceptively ancient and powerful alchemist, the estranged father of Edward and Alphonse Elric. Despite vanishing during their infancy, he returned to right the wrongs of his past. Hohenheim's persona defies expectations; even though he possessed immense power and knowledge, he remained humble. His selflessness, coupled with his staggering alchemical abilities, made him a formidable force. Hohenheim's love for his family and desire to protect them made up for his flaws and perplexing past in the series.


9. Vincent Volaju – Cowboy Bebop


Cowboy Bebop [Hajime Yatate, Sunrise, Netflix, Crunchyroll]

Vincent Volaju exemplifies the standard of a bearded badass in Cowboy Bebop. A former soldier and veteran of the Titan War, he endured unimaginable hardships, losing his memories and identity to experimental military projects. His nihilistic philosophy, exemplified by quotes like “I have no fear of death,” reflects his unyielding resolve and disdain for the world's chaos. Despite his tragic past, Volaju exudes an intimidating presence, culminating in his chilling pursuit of heaven's gateway.

8. Charles Zi Britannia – Code Geass


Code Geass [Ichirō Ōkouchi, Studio Sunrise, Netflix, Crunchyroll}

Charles zi Britannia was the 98th emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. Known for his cold intellect and adherence to social Darwinism, he wielded a Geass power enabling memory manipulation, later exchanged for immortality. As the main antagonist in Code Geass, his ruthless manner and disregard for casualties marked him as a challenging force. Charles's calculated brutality and quest for power make him a cunning bearded badass.


7. Shiro Fujimoto – Blue Exorcist


Blue Exorcist [Kazue Kato, Studio VOLN, Crunchyroll]

Shiro Fujimoto, the 251st Paladin of the True Cross Order and adoptive father of the Okumura twins, was a bearded badass incarnate. Shiro's legacy is steeped in valor and sacrifice; from defying orders to protect Rin and Yukio to confronting demons with unwavering resolve, Shiro's beard symbolizes not just experience, but an unwavering commitment to righteousness and familial love. His mastery of exorcism and powerful abilities made him a force to be reckoned with.

6. Thors Snorresson – Vinland Saga


Vinland Saga [Makoto Yukimura, Wit Studio, MAPPA , Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll]

Thors Snorresson, dubbed the Troll of Jom for his unmatched combat prowess as a Jomsviking commander, transitioned from a life of relentless warfare to one of peace upon the birth of his daughter. His initially cold demeanor softened as Thors grew to cherish his family, fostering a kind yet firm nature. Despite his aversion to violence, he reluctantly joined battles to protect his community, displaying both strength and compassion. Thors' legendary combat skills and honorable character solidified his status as a bearded badass in Vinland Saga lore.


5. Monkey D. Garp – One Piece


One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

Monkey D. Garp, also known as Garp the Fist, commands immense respect as a distinguished Marine Vice Admiral. Father to Monkey D. Dragon, grandfather to Monkey D. Luffy, and adoptive grandfather to Portgas D. Ace, his influence spans generations. Legendary for his valor during the God Valley Incident, he earned the title Hero of the Marines. Garp's rugged beard reflects his extensive experience and formidable presence, especially after facing off against Gol D. Roger and achieving legendary feats. The grandpa combines raw power with a sense of duty and loyalty.

4. Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter


Hunter x Hunter [Yoshihiro Togashi, Madhouse, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu]

Isaac Netero, the 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association and Head of the Exam Commission, was a legendary figure in the world of Hunter X Hunter. Renowned as the most powerful Nen user in his prime, Netero maintained overpowering strength even in his old age. He was a true martial artist who relished challenges and sought worthy adversaries, often in a playful manner. His mastery of hand-to-hand combat, unmatched speed, and intellect made him a fearsome opponent as well.

3. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto – Bleach


Bleach [Tite Kubo, Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll, Disney+]

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, captain of the 1st Division in the Gotei 13 and Captain-Commander of the entire organization, was revered by his peers and subordinates alike due to his unwavering loyalty to Soul Society that was only by his fierce dedication to duty. His mastery of combat arts, including swordsmanship and Hakuda, is legendary, allowing him to effortlessly dispatch even the most formidable adversaries with precision strikes like Hitotsume: Nadegiri. Possessing immeasurable spiritual power, Yamamoto's presence alone instills fear and respect, with his fiery aura capable of incinerating anything in its path.


2. Master Roshi – Dragon Ball series


Dragon Ball [Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Shueisha, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit or the God of Martial Arts, typifies the bearded badass archetype in the Dragon Ball series. His lecherous tendencies tend to throw people off, but Roshi is a highly respected and capable warrior, serving as mentor to characters like Goku and Krillin. His mastery of martial arts and the Kamehameha Wave, coupled with his tactical brilliance and compassionate nature, make him an incredible sensei and powerful master, earning him a lasting legacy as a bearded badass.

1. Uncle Iroh – Avatar: The Last Airbender


Avatar: The Last Airbender [Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Nickelodeon, Netflix]

Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender is the epitome of a bearded badass. As a retired Fire Nation general and former Crown Prince, he wields immense power and skill in firebending, earning the honorary title The Dragon of the West. Despite his militaristic upbringing, Iroh embodied wisdom, empathy, and spirituality, guiding his nephew Zuko on a journey of self-discovery. He embraced the philosophies of balance and destiny, finding solace in tea, music, and Pai Sho. Through his journey of grief and redemption, Uncle Iroh's legacy transcends mere legend, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide.

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