EXCLUSIVE: Kriti Sanon shares the kind of films she is looking to be a part of, 'I would love to do action..'

In an exclusive Pinkvilla Masterclass with Himesh Mankad, Kriti Sanon talked about the kind of films that she would like to associate herself with, going forward.

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Kriti Sanon
Kriti Sanon shares the kind of films that she is looking to do in the future (Credit: Pinkvilla)
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  • Kriti Sanon shares the kind of films that she'd like to do in the future
  • Kriti Sanon's Pinkvilla Masterclass is now streaming on YouTube

Kriti Sanon is in one of the best phases of her career, after being part of 2 back to back successful films namely Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya and Crew, both of which have smashed Rs 100 crores globally. Kriti Sanon, celebrating her successful run at the movies, graced Pinkvilla with an exclusive Masterclass of hers, where she talked about her journey and also revealed the kind of films that she would like to be a part of in the future.

Kriti Sanon Shares The First Time She Performed Action On-Screen

Kriti Sanon, in the exclusive Pinkvilla Masterclass curated by Himesh Mankad, was asked about the kind of projects that she would like to be a part of, in the future. A question about doing an out and out action film was also directed at her, because she did some of it in Panipat too. The actress answered, "Main chahe jab bhi bolu, mujhe chahiye, chahiye, chahiye (Regardless of whenever I say that I want, want, want), I think God always has a better plan. So it will happen when it has to happen. Yes, I would love to do action. That (The sequence in Panipat) was the first time that I attempted anything close to action. It was a very small sequence but it was impactful. And it was a nauvari saari that I was wearing and doing action."



Kriti Sanon Manifests To Do Action In A Sleek Suit

Manifesting to do action in a sleek suit, Kriti said, "I would love to wear a sleek suit and be like cat woman or wonder woman and do something like that. Kahi toh kaam aani chahiye meri height (Atleast somewhere my height should come to some use), I feel. So ya, I hope someone writes a good action film that also has story and emotion because I always believe action should always be backed by emotion, only then it connects."

Watch The Full Pinkvilla Masterclass Featuring Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon Wants To Do An Out And Out Love Story

Then, Kriti started sharing all the other films and genres that she would like to explore as an actor. She said, "Something different. It has to be unique. It has to be challenging. Content is the king. So I do believe that. Overall, first the script and story that connects to me as an audience. And of course, I don't like repeating myself too much. I like doing different roles, different genres, genres that I have not done. I want to do an out and out pure love story but people don't write that enough."

Kriti Expresses Her Love For The Comedy Genre

Expressing her love for the comedy genre, the actress said, "And I love comedy. I have realised that no matter what I do, I try that I infuse a bit of comedy even in normal scenes. Because I feel that comedy is not just about cracking jokes. Comedy is in life. Sometimes, situation is funny. I like doing that. So even an out and out comedy with some heart." "It has to be something that just connects to me. That is unique. That is different. I haven't found anything exciting enough yet to be very honest. I am hearing a lot of stuff. There are 1-2 things that I am in talks for but I don't want to say yes to anything that doesn't excite me enough to just get up in the morning and go to set", she concluded.

Kriti Sanon Talks Highly Of Producer Sajid Nadiadwala

To address the elephant in the room, the Crew actress was asked if she was working with Sajid Nadiadwala next since she happened to disclose in the course of the interaction that she went to the producer's office just a few days back. Kriti amusingly answered, "I am not telling you that. I mean of course, he is someone I genuinely love. He launched me and he is the reason I am sitting in front of so many of you. There are certain things that we are talking about and I hope something materialises. But it's not something soon. Lots of people are reading and writing lots of things. But funnily, it's not that". She ended in a quirky fashion as she said, "But there could be something.."


Kriti Sanon's full Pinkvilla Masterclass is now streaming on Pinkvilla's YouTube channel. Go watch.

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