EXCLUSIVE: Neha Dhupia on pregnancy, daughter Mehr becoming an elder sister, and more

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Neha Dhupia on pregnancy, daughter Mehr becoming an elder sister, and more

On Monday, Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi announced that they are expecting their second child. “Took us 2 days to come with a caption….The best one we could think of was … Thank you, God,” Neha wrote on Instagram. Now, in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Neha opened up about embracing motherhood for the second time. “It feels exciting. Sometimes I feel like I am fully in control and incharge - I have done it once, and the person that I can go back to, seek advice or draw comparisons with - is myself, that’s not such a bad thing, and of course referring back to the family because they know best,” says Neha.

She further adds, “Sometimes I feel like ‘oh my god, will I be able to handle like twice as much?’. When we had Mehr I was always working on fifty percent brain capacity, because like half of my brain was clouded with things about her, and for her, and now I feel like with two I'll have very little time left to do my own thing. But of course with me the hustle is going to be constant - I am never going to stop doing what I do, because I love my family and my kids.”

How did Mehr react to the news that she is going to be an elder sister soon? “She took a little bit of time to understand, so we showed her little babies, and told her that there is a little baby growing in Mumma’s tummy. Right now she is also reading these books which are the Zayn and Zoey collection’s life cycle books. So she understands the life cycle of a Hen, and how they go from eggs to chickens, and then you draw the comparison with the baby in the stomach. So she gets it. She has a name for the baby as well. She oscillates between wanting a baby brother and a baby sister. Sometimes she says I want a baby sister, and sometimes she wants a baby brother,” informs Neha

Has she already started decorating the nursery for her second child? “You know there’s going to be a lot of common stuff, I have saved a lot of Mehr’s stuff. For us colours don’t matter, I feel every colour is gender neutral so we haven’t gotten into the whole thing of dressing her a certain way. We don’t know what we are going to have next, so it’s all a mixed bag right. Mehr has some really nice wooden toys, which last longer and are good for the environment. Also, Mehr does something very interesting called the messy art, and I feel as the baby arrives, he or she can dive into that. Obviously not initially, but definitely a year later. We have her baby chairs - one in a room and the other outside, so now both of them can share those,” Neha concludes.

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