EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Randeep Hooda opens up on why Bollywood didn’t celebrate Extraction: ‘I’m quite used to it’

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Randeep Hooda opens up on why Bollywood didn’t celebrate Extraction: ‘I’m quite used to it’

The Randeep Hooda and Chris Hemsworth starrer Extraction had released on April 24 last year, and even after a year the action-thriller still continues to entertain fans from all over the world. In a recent exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Randeep says that he has got an overwhelming response for the Russo Brothers’ production. “It was as if you know I went to the Olympics, with India against Australia and America may be, and we did well. So that was the kind of response that I got from the audience. And the action of course is mind blowing, so that was something new for me. It opened up my global audience, whether it’s the media there or the audience. On the back of this movie, it released in the pandemic ground last year at this time and still all over again we are sitting at home. So it might not be a bad idea to watch it again, I might,” smiles the actor. 

He adds that Extraction was always meant to be a Netflix film. “It was going to release on OTT, because on a big screen this movie will have another kind of spectacle. So there was a plan to release it on a very brief scale in the cinemas, but it was always going to reach people through OTT. So this was a no-brainer,” states Randeep. After its release, Extraction received a lot of love from all quarters, but not many from Bollywood celebrated the film or commented on it. Did Randeep miss that?

“Well I’m quite used to it. It does happen time and again, well that’s okay. Maybe they didn’t like my acting, liked my action maybe, that’s why they didn’t speak up. But yeah there is a lot of hoopla that happens you know amongst people within the industry which did not happen for this. But, hey maybe as I said before maybe you didn’t like my acting,” says Randeep.

For the entire interview, check out the below video.

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Anonymous : sorry that movie was absolute trash .. Story line was so bad and very badly executed... i dont think it was anything to do with him .. by the end i just wanted to throw some thing into the TV
REPLY 0 2 months ago
Anonymous : He was brilliant in Sarabjit
REPLY 0 2 months ago
Anonymous : You did a splendid job Randeep...Trashwood celebrates mediocrity only
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : Wow I didn't even know he was in this film, I wished they marketed it more!
REPLY 3 2 months ago
Anonymous : Bollywood is known to support trash. Randeep, you did a great job !!
REPLY 29 2 months ago
Anonymous : What a mature answer. Kudos Randeep!!!
REPLY 47 2 months ago
Anonymous : Because Thor was the central character and your role was miniscule. Watched it for hooda but was very disappointed that he willingly got short changed.
REPLY 9 2 months ago
Anonymous : Because you dont have a PR like Priyanka Deepika Kaitrina Alia etc who would write articles about how you were superior. You have to fight yourself.
REPLY 49 2 months ago
Anonymous : They’re all jealous; it’s plain and simple jealousy.
REPLY 48 2 months ago