Kangana Ranaut on Sonam K Ahuja’s ‘it’s hard to take Kangana seriously’: Who gives her a right to judge me?

At a summit today, Sonam K Ahuja commended Kangana Ranaut for speaking up against Vikas Bahl, but also added that it is hard to take her seriously sometimes. Kangana reacted to it.
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Sonam K Ahuja attended the Vogue We the Women summit in Bengaluru today. Sonam talked about the Me Too movement, Tanushree Dutta’s allegations and accusations against Vikas Bahl. Sonam said that she finds what happened with the woman who has accused Vikas Bahl is disgusting and her account published by Huffington Post is heart wrenching. When asked by Barkha Dutt if people will stand up against Vikas Bahl in the industry, Sonam said that Kangana has commented against him.

Sonam also said that Kangana says many things and it is hard to take her seriously sometimes, but she likes her spunk. Kangana told us EXCLUSIVELY that Sonam has no right to judge her and say things like ‘it is hard to take Kangana seriously sometimes’. Kangana said, “What does she mean by saying, “its hard to believe Kangana” When I am sharing my me too story, who gives her a right to judge me? So, Sonam Kapoor has the license of trusting some women and some she won’t...What makes her so unsure of my claims, I am known to be an articulate person, I have represented my country in many international summits, I am called as a thought and youth influencer to these summits, I am not known because of my dad I have earned my place and credibility after struggling for a decade.”



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Kangana further stated, “She isn’t known to be a great actress, neither she has the reputation of being a good speaker...... What gives these filmy people right to take digs at me!!!! I will demolish each one of them.”


if the number of awards and successful film career are the criteria to be trusted of whatever you say then all those men who have been accused of sexual harassment should be given a free chit as well.. vikas bahl has done some really good movies and nana patekar is an amazing actor..
just because kangana is a woman doesnt mean everything she says is valid and correct..

Sonam got her wig snatched by Miss Kangna lol.

SMH! These women need to also take responsibility for the decision, role and actions that they play. Always blaming a man for your plight is just wrong. Kangana is a known liar, opportunist, hypocrite and just bat shit crazy. Not every woman's story is true sometimes it is just s story but it is hard to tell how is telling the truth and who is lying just based off of hearsay. Sometimes a story is just that, a story.

It's the other way round actually. Nobody takes what Sonam says seriously.

Sonam should just open her mouth in front of Kapoors-Aroras tack fest.

Kangana has been promoting her movie for a year before release. She is a self serving narcissist and is using sonam for her agenda.

Kangana is a two faced person and only speaks about things which can benefit her. Why is she not speaking about her stylist raping a minor? She is empowering a rapist and a supporting him.
Truth should be posted please

Sonam is a true Gemini two face and never shut the fugg up

Hahah serves sonam right!! She took multiple digs at deepika, deepika did not respond her desperate comments but Kangana is not the one to give silent treatment,and least to mess up with.glad she is giving her a dose of her own medecine.

I wonder if sonam will stop taking fawad seriously bc he supported ali zafar against all the harassment allegations?...NO HE IS HOT...

When and where Fawad supported Ali? stop lying. Fawad doesn't make appearances, invite media or talk about anything at all.

Sonam deserve this...apparently kangana despises the indusrty and hates starkids...so why sonam invited her to her wedding?why she keep on mentioning her here and there giving her backhanded compliments?...yes sonam was nice when she called her after hrithik released her embarrassing e-mails...but she should ignore now...kangana is looking for an excuse to humiliate starkids...

Sonam should gracefully apologise. Kangana has struggled hard to be in the position she is. Sonam wearing branded clothes and marrying a rich Husband isn’t being beautiful. You are only beautiful if you love people for what they are. People are focusing on me too movement & you are speaking wrongly about Kangana. This is not a time to have differences. This time is to fight against sexual harassment together.

Irony is sona m is doing better at the box office than kangana. Also I respect sona m for speaking the truth and never being fake like the rest of the industry

Kangana has three huge solo hits to her name, one of them a 100 Crore+ venture and she is the first woman to have done this. She’s a three time national award winner. Sonam is nothing compared to her, because clearly well-intentioned flops like Rangoon and Simran don’t affect her and controversies can’t drag her down. She’s working with some of the best directors in strong lead roles despite these issues. So Sonam should stfu and go pick on someone at her own level.

I'm reminded of a saying that "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.". Sonam is best left alone.

Matlab hadd h bachpane ki.. Why Sonam had to say this on public forum. Wait.. Is this scripted for Manikarnika??

Bechari Sonam ne yeh socha hoga ki woh kisiko bhi jo chahe bolegi aur Kangana bhi Deepika ki tarah chup baithegi!! Iss baar galat soch liya tumne Sonam...Kangana ab tumhari khoob lekar rahegi...aur lena bhi chahiye!! Tim alone aap ko itni mahaan jo samajh ti ho!

Barkha should have immediately asked Sonam to explain & clarify the context in which she is making the statement . Both ladies (Sonam & Kangana ) have a habit of talking through their hats - Sonam for her thoughtless comments which reek of arrogance & Kangana ,who ,like a prickly porcupine rudely lashes out at each and every stupid thing best left ignored with the contempt it deserves.

Ha ha ha such a sensible comment !:D
So true

It’s like kangana hates everyone and everything about Bollywood,yet craves to be accepted,and appreciated by her colleagues,she wants everyone to support her and praise her,if they don’t she lashes out,saying I am mistreated by everyone because I am an outsider,but when they extend their hand towards her she spits on it saying I don’t want to belong here.she is like that attention seeking unruly child who annoys the hell out of you.

Kangana has done a lot to taste success & fame ,her early days in Bollywood couldn't have been pleasant ,all this has taken a toll on her mentally & emotionally . She may naturally enough feel anger & resentment towards others (specifically Bollywood kids) who were fortunate enough to achieve success without struggling the way she did . To do her justice , some of the snide comments made in the past (like her accent ) must have hurt badly on a personal level .This is a lady who is unable to forgive or forget , she must learn to make peace within herself and the people around her - that is a lesson she must learn for herself.

kangana spoke well..but she shud all fire her rapist stylisy&condemn his actions publicly.

wow kangana DEMOLISHED her. Kangana is 100% right but man was this nasty hahaha. serves sonam right though honestly.

Kangana is weird... And Sonam suffers from Selective Feminism.

Aptly said..selective feminism !!!

I was going to say the same thing. Actually Sonam isn't a feminist she is " I want to be something that is not typical so I can look intelligent "

As if anyone takes sonam seriously, she is so full of herself and thinks she can pass judgment on anyone.Maybe she should look into her personal matter, her husbands company has multiple human right and sexual abuse cases against them. She should fix her issues first before pointing fingers at others

Gosh u sounds like Kangana..above! Calm down..let them sort it out

Wow, not a fan of both but Kangana was downright rude here.Sonam voiced what a lot of us struggled to say..it is indeed hard to believe Kangana sometimes. ..she turns out to be so vicious..M disappointed that Kangana has become like this

Really if she can dish it it out she needs to be able to take it as well . What did she expect . Well done kangana

Get a life Sonam

Omg !! Did she's even say that really? What's wrong with her? You can't take panga with everyone in the industry man. She said about her dad's name. Omg that's too much.

Lol this article proves how big Sonams PR team is. I refuse to believe she has this many fans

Kangana is silent about her stylist raping a minor boy. Shows her agenda is just attention and using famous ppl for publicity.

Adhyan exposes kangana . She beats and harassed him. He even accused her of doing black magic. Why do called bold woman is silent about it? Reason He is not famous n won't give this attention seeker any kind of footage.

Sonam is right. Kangana can't be taken seriously. She lied about Paris engagement and forged a pic. She is a stalker and harassed a man who is not interested in her. Forgot that, she even lied about her age, her being poor and supported vikas in 2017 when asked about sexual harassment. Kangana is not concern about the victim but her flop movie. Doing drama to promote it by spreading negativity about super30.
Pinkvilla plz post

Lolll but Kangana who does take you seriously? Certainly not your co stars and directors given hardly any repeat you? Moreover no one knows your daddy they just know you slapped him oh and we also know your sugar daddy, Mr Pancholi.

Sonam,you need to take several seats dear! Kangana is no Deepika to keep quite after whatever you say!

I know right, Sonam is just too phony. On the one hand praising Kangana for supporting me too movement, and on the other hand trying to diminish her credibility; on the one hand calling her a troublemaker and then trying to make it sound like a compliment. Sonam must have been butthurt when Kangana attacked the bandwagons Soman's on (liberalism and nepotism both). It must have stung Sonam a lot.

Chalo isi baga ane Sonam news mein aagaye phir se! Actually if one observes,Sonam chooses famous people and keeps making provocative statements against them to stay in news! She has ever done anything on her own merit that's worthy enough and has all the audacity to call out fellow actresses for no reason...

Actually it's the other way round....one can never take anything that Sonam says seriously!!

One thing about Sonam, she doesn't lie nor imgagine things

Really? She does seem to be seeing things that others can't by finding sexual harassment in a normal sounding tweet and finding misogyny in the beef ban. Perhaps you could explain her claims.

team kangana all the way

Sonam a fake feminist #queen brave outspoken allrounder kangna

These nepo kids think they have the right to judge anyone
Who is sonam to say this against kangana
Actually sonam herself says so many things from her dirty mouth
That its hard to believe her
Sonam plz go get some work
And let ur work speak up for u
Khud b kuch nhi krti aur pati b wesa hi dhundha hai

Totally agree with kangana here
By saying its hard to take kangana seriously, sonam is directly questioning whether its true or not
And from the news, its clear vikas bahl has harassed other women too
So why its hard to believe kangna here
Kangana is out spoken and we definitely believe her
And this is not related to hrithiks case in anyways
That’s different and this one is different altogether
Sonam plz find some other ways to stay in news

Sonam you don't go to a public forum and diss a colleague without any provocation - there was absolutely no need to bring in Kangana in all this. I think it was done deliberately to grab some eyeballs - otherwise rest of Sonam's comments on harassment were so lame that no one would even bother picking it up. Now the Kangana bit will ensure some publicity.

Shame on you Sonam. This is the problem with India, instead of focusing on me too movement. She is taking a dig at Kangana.

If Sonam really felt that way, should she have said it in public? “ I don’t take her seriously” reeks of condescension. And coming from a chick who is only where she is today because of her dad, it’s pretty hysterical

There are a lot of people out there who wouldn't take Kangana seriously. Her support for the me-too moment is self serving and honestly more like me-only.

Love u kangana.loved ur reply.

Kangana can be a bit cray cray, but everything she said about Sonam is completely true..lol. these nepo kids need to take a seat.

We don’t need people like Sonam to comment on me too movement. These star kids are protected by their sugar daddies. They have not struggled for anything in life. Where as people like Kangana are self made and working hard every day to survive.

Kangana tells Sonam to not judge her but doesn’t Kangana herself judge almost everyone in the entertainment industry? Even her reply to Sonam’s statement is full of harsh judgements towards Sonam. That itself shows how people should not take Kangana too seriously since she herself contradicts her statements.

Liar kangana at it again.

I am with you Kangana. Sonam k has no skills n right to pin point at you. These star kids are quite useless, have nothing to do and wants to Attack Kangana to get attention. Shame on you Sonam. Me too movement will become a big joke because of people like Sonam. Don’t forget Sonam is here in industry becoz of her dad.

Great Kangana, who is Sonam Kapoor, neither a great actress and not a great speaker. She is only in film industry because of her Father. Now married a rich guy. Who call such people to be speaker at summit, she is nobody.

Relax.. just because you playing jhansi ki rani you dont have to fight with everybody.
know your enemy and fight.

Ok Kangana, this is hitting below the belt and unnecessarily rude. I am done with her.

I'm not a Kangana fan becauese she's annoying but what she said about Sonam was shade shade shade. I felt it in my soul and I'm not too crazy about Sonam either. I'm sure Sonam didn't see that coming. Damn! I need a nap after this.

Relax ... you might be playing Jhansi ki Rani .. but you don’t have to fight with everyone.. know your enemy and fight accordingly

"I will demolish each one of them"...hahaha...only in Bollywood people use the kind of words...and then acting educated and civilized...

Kangana.. You are a psycho

Kangana and me too moment. Two weeks ago she was all nationalist. 3 weeks ago she was playing woman card. Four weeks ago she was all Modi Bhakt. I mean, her avtar changes every week. How can one take her words seriously..!

Sonam, it's better to shut up 'sometimes'.

They should come together on KWK! Sonam will think about commenting on anyone after that!

You have to be together and fight with wrong things.. Not with each other..Call each other and sort it out.. If you both start fighting which will be great loss

You're a better person by suggesting they shouldn't be fighting with each other, however; both have potty mouths. Let them deal, its also good for our entertainment don't you think Lol

May be Sonam thought Kangana would maintain a graceful silence like Deepika did when she attacked her!! Good that she is getting the taste of her own medicine! She feels she is the only one who is entitled to have an opinion on anything and anyone!

Good on you Kangana. Sonam is a moron and she should have been called out.

I'm thinking the same ones who give YOU the right to judge others and take digs at them.. here's a piece of information for u, just because u r a woman it doesn't mean that whatever u say is ghosbal truth..some women do lie..like that actress from secret super star who lied about being molested on airplane.. yes u struggled but that doesn't give u the right to do WHATEVER u want to others or say WHATEVER u want about them and they should just keep quite and if they respond u run and play victim/woman card..u r talking about ur MeToo story and no one should judge u but when hrithik shared HIS MeToo story why did u attack him?!..and no one supported him!!!.. just because u r a woman it doesn't automatically make u honest..

You people do know she said no to Bahl again. Ever wonder why!! That is the difference between your boy Hritik and Kangana.

Dragging hrithik shows your obsession with him like kangana. Kangana worked with madhur in fashion who was accused of rape . Kangana is doing it only for promotions . Hrithik never takes digs or do cheap promotions like kangana. Post it

Hhaa chakka mardiya Kangana.. Sonam you deserve it

Sonam this is what we call Karma.. Even though Deepika was nice to you.. You always said bullshits about her in publicly she didn't even respond but you constantly attacked her... You tried to let her down by praising Kangana, Priyanka... See what's happening now...By the way Kangana I agree you are not famous because of your famous daddy... Hahaha Sonam always bitches about others now enjoy someone is giving you your own medicine..

this is a really nasty thing to say. attacking sonam's personal, professional life, was totally uncalled for. What Sonam sayd is kinda true. The whole HR thing, we have no corroboration, police verification for it. I agree, it IS hard to believe half the shit that comes out of Kangana's mouth . Sonam said out loud what everyone's been thinking. Anyway, tit for tat isn't always a good thing. Now I hope Sonam doesn't run her mouth at these dumb comments and make this an even sillier controversy.

Why does kangana behave like this,I mean she changes everything to a war.i also personally think she is irrational at times,Turing a personal war into harassment by industry.she never answers why she deliberately has affairs with married men,but keeps saying how she is a survivor of bad relationships.ehy repeatedly get into them....also about vikas bahl,she wants to come out as the beacon of hope for sexual harassment survivors.but I doubt she being so outspoken couldn’t speak about vikas behaviour last year,she took on the entire industry in 2016-2017 but couldn’t come out about vikas..I think she wants publicity for manikarnika,trying to show how she is one fighter in real life .

Also, Kangana may be a great actor, but if she burns every bridge there is in the industry, it's going to come back and bite her. In any profession, if all the people at the work place hate you, that can't be a good thing. People need people to survive anywhere.

Award winning? Lol ok u should calm down cause she;s not a great actress. But she;s an okay actress

Who will take her seriously when she lies like crazy.

It’s so true, Sonam inspire of her bad acting got movies coz of her dad ! Kangana speaks facts ! Amen

Wow she completely crushed her!!... But knowing Sonam, she wouldn't care about her opinions and stay the entitled princess she think she is

After her false allegations against Hrithik it is obviously difficult to believe Kangana. What is wrong in what Sonam said

Kangana simply called him ex-fool, hrithik was the one who accused her of everything, until now he himself does not show convincing evidence.

Hrithik accused her rightly and gave evidences. Her emails proves that she stalked him. It's kangana who accused hrithik and his family including kids and fails to show any kind of evidence. While he proved that she lied about Paris engagement and forged a pic. Get your facts right.
Pv kindly post it don't ignore n biased towards hrithik. Truth should be posted

Sonam didn't say "hard to believe". Of course we believe such sexual assault claims. She said "hard to take seriously". And it's true. Kangz says so much, even look at the crazy defensive remark spit back here at Sonam. It's overly rude. Anyway, makes sense that nepo-baby Sonam Kapoor who never lifted a finger in her life will attack Kangana who called them all out.

Soman's comment is what makes people doubt women! KR is right. Only people who have things to hide will reharse their comment otherwise core stays the same but the phrase will change just like KR's.

Ok kangana should take it down a notch all this wasn't necessary at all,why come at her with such vitriol.

KR's not vitriol at all what Sonam said is because it actually talks about Kangana the private, where as KR's comment is on professional side.

Sonam is a beautiful and national award special mention winning actress. She’s hardly only here because of her dad and her movies are doing better than Kangana’s. A was a kangana fan but she’s acting like a bully.

LOL...these two..grow up ladies

you are never consistent kangana. your 'truths' keep changing. she right to not take you seriously. no one should.

Sonam should chill.. She should take her entitled comments elsewhere.

Kangana may say many things. She says what she felt at the time. She is not calculative.

You go, Kangs. In this spat, I am with you :-)

Very well said

Who is wrong who is right I dont know.. I cant judge them ofcourse. But I just loved the way she said I am not known because of my dad HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. #nepotismsucks

"She isn’t known to be a great actress, neither she has the reputation of being a good speaker." Slay Kangana Slay!

That was a pretty epic burn.

Yah but sonam has won a national award! So technically she is a good actress

“Special mention “ award —that’s like getting a consolation prize cuz the teacher does not want you to feel bad!!!’

It was a special mention. Stop lying that she won the award.

"She isn’t known to be a great actress, neither she has the reputation of being a good speaker." Slay Kangana Slay!

"She isn’t known to be a great actress, neither she has the reputation of being a good speaker." Slay Kangana Slay!

You go girl....

If you do not want Sonam to judge you, Kangana you are doing the same. Do what you preach. I agree with Sonam, Kangana is mentally imbalanced to take her seriously.

Wow. Easy Kangana
Now I seriously believe she has some issues

Kangna is arrogant. She must be drunk to give statement at this hour. She thinks winning 3 National awards gives her right to demolish anyone. Poor retarted girl

The one who gives you right to judge everyone.

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