Woman Up S3 EXCLUSIVE: Barkha Dutt wants Alia Bhatt to play her role in her biopic

Barkha Dutt talks about her journey in journalism, Bollywood’s portrayal of journalists, and motre in the latest episode of Woman Up S3 on Pinkvilla.

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Woman Up S3 EXCLUSIVE: Barkha Dutt wants Alia Bhatt to play her role in her biopic
Woman Up S3 EXCLUSIVE: Barkha Dutt wants Alia Bhatt to play her role in her biopic (Image: Barkha Dutt/ Alia Bhatt/ Instagram)

Barkha Dutt is the recent guest on Pinkvilla’s Woman Up S3 wherein she spoke about the portrayal of Journalism in BolIywood and the characters modelled on her. Barkha also revealed that she wants to see Alia Bhatt stepping in her shoes if a biopic is ever made on her.

Barkha Dutt - the name doesn’t need an introduction as she has been synonymous with exemplary Indian journalism. The lady has been known for playing an important role when it comes to the growth of journalism in the country and has been an inspiration for millions of people. As International Women’s Day is just around the corner, we talked to her about various subjects, including Journalism and Bollywood. 

Ask Barkha what she thinks about the portrayal of journalism in Bollywood, and the characters inspired by her, she says, “I know at least two films where the filmmakers actually met me. Javed Akhtar met me, spoke to me for hours before he wrote Lakshya. The team No One Killed Jessica met me. These are two people, that I have read interviews with other actors who say that they have modelled their characters on me. I don’t recognize myself…I mean Preity Zinta was called Romila Dutta. She had my haircut, I had short hair then, she also had the same Barkha haircut.”



Barkha adds, “But I don’t see myself in these movies. I think there’s a little bit of a caricature of the journalists in movies. I think the Lakshya character did try, but in the end, it became some love story, so, I didn’t really recognize myself. I really think there’s a good movie to be made about journalists, about journalism and a journalist. Kartik Aaryan called me recently and he spoke to me. But he was not playing my character. Everytime there’s something to do with a journalist, I get calls from these actors, saying, ‘Can you walk this’. But I am waiting for a great, realistic, complex, movie on the life of a journalist.”

When asked who she would like to play her in her biopic, Barkha shares, “I am not saying this because she just has a film out but I am saying this because I really think she’s the most talented actor is Alia Bhatt. I mean there’s no question…the range, the sheer range, the ease with which she plays everything”. 

Watch Barkha Dutt’s interview here: 

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