Here are some enthralling K Dramas to watch in December 2021 featuring ‘Snowdrop’, ‘The Silent Sea’ and more

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Snowdrop and The Silent Sea Poster
Snowdrop and The Silent Sea Poster; Picture Courtesy: JTBC and Netflix Korea

The year is coming to an end and while some would say that the year is ending too soon, K drama lovers are surely looking forward to the month for the many beautiful dramas coming up! Be it fantasy, romance, supernatural or even a simple slice of life or melodrama- December has it all! We will be seeing actors like Jung Hae In, Wi Ha Joon, Lee Dong Wook, Kwon Nara and more! So here’s the list for all the K Dramas to look forward to in December:

Our Beloved Summer (December 6)

A romance comedy that portrays the complicated feelings of a couple that breaks up saying, “It was an awful time with you, and let’s never meet again!” However, the documentary they filmed 10 years ago in high school suddenly gains popularity, and they’re forcibly brought together in front of the camera once more. 

Episodes: 16 

Starring: Choi Woo Shik, Kim Da Mi, Kim Sung Chul, Roh Jeong Eui 

Where to Watch: Netflix 

Artificial City (December 8) 

Takes place against the backdrop of an art museum that belongs to Sung Jin Group, a major conglomerate that holds the reins of the political and financial worlds in South Korea. It is a psychological mystery thriller about the things that disappear when humans become greedy and ambitious for power.

Episodes: 20 

Starring: Park Soo Ae, Kim Kang Woo, Lee Hak Joo 

Where to Watch: JTBC

Uncle (December 11) 

Joon Hyeok is an unpopular musician whose life has hit rock bottom. He had already broken off his relationship with his older sister, Joon Hee, when her son appeared before him. His nephew developed Obsessive compulsive disorder after his mother divorced his stepfather. Joon Hyeok takes his nephew in and looks after him.

Episodes: 16 

Starring: Oh Jung Se, Jeon Hye Jin, Lee Sang Woo 

Where to Watch: Rakuten Viki 

Taejong Yi Bang Won (December 11)

Set in the Joseon dynasty that sheds new light on the historical figure of Lee Bang Won. It narrates the tale of the third king of Joseon from a new viewpoint, revealing how the leader became the founder of the nation rising from ashes.

Episodes: 32

Starring: Joo Sang Wook, Ye Ji Won, Kim Yeong Cheol 

Where to Watch: KBS1

The World of My 17 (Season 2) (December 15) 

The drama focuses on the realistic story of 17-year-old high school students and their growing sweet-bitter friendships.


Starring: Choi Ye Na, Hwang Bo Reum Byeol, Han Chae Kyung 

Where to Watch: NaverTV, VLive, tvN D STUDIO

Bad and Crazy (December 17) 

‘Bad and Crazy’ is a superhero drama about Soo Yeol who has lived his whole life as a materialistic police detective, but changes into a champion for justice and fights against police corruption when a hidden persona called ‘K’ awakens inside him.

Episodes: 12

Starring: Wi Ha Joon, Lee Dong Wook, Han Ji Eun, N 

Where to Watch: iQiyi, tvN 

Snowdrop (December 18) 

In 1987, Im Soo Ho and Eun Young Ro were students at a prestigious university in Seoul. Im Soo Ho, who grew up in Germany, has a gentle charm but gives off an air of secrecy.  Eun Young Ro, who is lively, lovable, and cheerful, fell in love with him at first sight at a social gathering. One day, Soo Ho suddenly rushes into a female dormitory covered in blood, and Eun Young Ro hides him and tends to his wounds despite facing danger under close surveillance.

Episodes: 20 

Starring: Jisoo, Jung Hae In, Kim Hye Yoon 

Where to Watch: Disney+, JTBC 

Bulgasal (December 18) 

A fantasy drama that revolves around two characters. The first is a woman who has gone through several reincarnations over the course of 600 years and remembers all of her past lives, and the second is a man who has lived for over 600 years as a bulgasal, a mythical creature that feeds off human blood and is cursed with immortality.

Episodes: 16

Starring: Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Nara, Lee Joon 

Where to Watch: Netflix, tvN 

When Flowers Bloom, I Think Of The Moon / Moonshine (December 20)

Set in the Joseon era during a period marked by the strictest prohibition laws illustrating that prohibition is no match for human desire. Prohibition creates different challenges for these inhabitants: Inspector Nam Young from The Office of the Inspector-General who left his hometown to achieve fame in Hanyang and restore his family status and Kang Ro Seo, the aristocratic but impoverished woman who makes moonshine to reduce her debt from buying her mother’s medication and her brother’s books. 

Episodes: 16 

Starring: Hyeri, Yoo Seung Ho, Byeon Woo Seok, Kang Mina 

Where to Watch: ViuTV, KBS2 

Only One Person (December 20) 

‘Only One Person’ is a human melodrama in which three terminally ill women who met at a hospice, become entangled in an unexpected murder case and begin a miraculous journey of facing their precious ‘one person’ after fighting to take down the only bad ‘one person’ before they die. 

Episodes: 16 

Starring: Ahn Eun Jin, Red Velvet’s Joy, Kang Ye Won, Kim Kyung Nam 

Where to Watch: JTBC 

The Silent Sea (December 24) 

Set in the future, when the planet suffers from a lack of water and food caused by desertification, Yoon Jae is a soldier for the space agency. He is selected for a team, including Ji An, to travel to the moon. A scientist who joins the mission to recover mysterious samples from an abandoned lunar space station, where an accident killed everyone including her sister.

Episodes: 8

Starring: Gong Yoo, Bae Doo Na, Lee Joon 

Where to Watch: Netflix 



A revenge drama set in the Seoul Regional Office’s Tax Division. Hwang Dong Joo, the newly-appointed team manager for the Investigation Bureau, is handsome but has a sharp tongue. In Tae Joon has earned his way to the post of Commissioner through corrupt and illegal actions, all-the-while maintaining his cocky attitude. 


Starring: Im Si Wan, Son Hyun Joo, Go Ah Sung 

Where to Watch: MBC 

The Witch Store Reopening 

It is the story of Ji Ho, a timid and helpless high school boy without a dream, who struggles to save the shop by meeting the black witch Hae Na, the owner of a witch shop that is on the verge of closing. It is a teen romance comedy genre, and it is planned to draw in teenagers who change and grow through friendship and love. 

Episodes: 10 

Starring: Jung Ye Rin, Kim Yong Hee

Where to Watch: V Live 

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