Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Maggie Reveals Bold Plan to Take Down Konstantin

In the upcoming Days Of Our Lives, May 22, 2024: Maggie reveals her plans to bring down Konstantin, while Chanel decides to keep her baby.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives.

In Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 22, reveal two women announcing their future plans. Maggie knows what she needs to do about Konstantin, and Chanel shares her plans for their baby with Johnny.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Konstantin thinks he has Maggie fooled, but he doesn't know that Marlena hypnotized John into betraying him. Now, Maggie, Marlena, and John are all working together to bring Konstantin down. Meanwhile, Alex is moving back into the Kiriakis mansion and has invited Theresa to join him. Since Theresa is part of Konstantin's schemes to get his enemy's fortune, it's only a matter of time before Maggie catches them in a lie.

Johnny tells Chanel that he won’t decide for her about the pregnancy because it’s her body. Chanel reminds him that it’s their baby. Johnny seems to avoid taking responsibility by acting like a modern, sensitive man. Chanel, like in Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach, has decided to keep the baby.

Julie announces that the Horton house has been rebuilt, and she and Doug can move back in. It’s uncertain if Chad and the kids will join them or if Chad will finally live on his own.


Tate and Holly were already caught together by Leo. They begged him not to run the story, and he agreed. Although it’s unclear who would care about two non-celebrity teens sitting on a bench together, even if her stepdad is a DiMera, Tate wants to keep their relationship a secret. Tate tells Aaron about it, which could lead to more complications

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In yesterday's Days of Our Lives, at the Pub, Roman praised Ava’s work and officially hired her. They shook hands as Kate descended the stairs. Roman stepped away to talk to Eric, who came in for pie to bring home to Sloan. Alone with Ava, Kate warned her not to get any ideas about taking over. If Ava tries anything, Kate promises to be out without a job or a place to live.

Meanwhile, at The Spectator, Stephanie delivered a scoop to Leo: Paulina fired EJ and replaced him as DA with Melinda. Leo noted EJ was having a terrible week but covered when Everett questioned him. Everett suggested they drink, but Leo claimed he was on the wagon.


Stephanie proposed Small Bar, known for its hot, lonely guys, but Leo was also avoiding men. Stephanie hinted that he could gather good gossip for Lady Whistleblower, prompting Leo to agree.

At her apartment, Sloan wouldn’t let EJ take her baby, reminding him of their agreement to keep things as they were. EJ retorted that was before he saw Eric and Nicole kissing, which changed everything. He believed Nicole would quit her job to focus on their family once she had her son back, thereby eliminating any lingering feelings for Eric. Sloan warned she would reveal EJ isn’t Jude’s biological father. 

Chad visited Steve at Black Patch to share his theory that Clyde targeted Abby all along. Steve suggested Chad take his notes on the drug ring to the police, but Chad knew they wouldn’t prioritize it since the case was closed. Steve agreed to look into it despite the scant evidence.


Back at the Pub, Ava told Kate she didn’t like being threatened. Kate assured her it wasn’t a threat but a promise. She warned Ava to remind Harris to come through for Lucas or face the consequences. 

At Sloan’s apartment, EJ threatened to have her arrested if she spoke out. He offered to help her flee the country with a new identity and a bank account full of money. Sloan asked for more time, but EJ gave her 24 hours, asserting this was checkmate. 

At Small Bar, Leo sighed as Stephanie and Everett did shots, lamenting the absence of the gorgeous, lonely men Stephanie mentioned. A despondent Sloan was drinking at another table. When Eric tried to get her to leave, Everett intervened, fearing Eric would hurt her, leading to a confrontation.

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