Days Of Our Lives Weekly Spoilers: Chanel's Pregnancy Scare Delays Her LA Trip with Johnny

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives (June 24 – June 28): Chanel faces a pregnancy scare just before heading to LA with Johnny.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

Spoilers for the week of June 24 – June 28 on Days of Our Lives include emergencies, misdeeds, and life-changing news. Chanel and Johnny are in a good place with their pregnancy and are headed to Los Angeles for Johnny's movie project.

Days of Our Lives weekly spoilers and highlights

Chanel has even made up with Paulina, and they visited Eli, Lani, and the twins on Juneteenth. However, before their flight, Chanel experiences severe cramps, forcing Johnny and Paulina to seek medical help. They are worried about the baby.

Meanwhile, Theresa and Brady, while chaperoning prom, catch Tate and Holly sneaking around. Despite their own rebellious pasts, they don't want Tate and Holly together. What will they do now that they’ve caught the teens in the act? Later in the week, Theresa tries to hide her own past misdeeds. While accusing Holly of being a bad influence, she is hiding the fact that she is deceiving Alex. Will she be able to keep this secret from coming out? In Salem, the answer is usually no.

Elsewhere, after taking down Clyde Weston and visiting Tripp and Wendy in China, Ava faces Harris. She is shocked by his announcement. Knowing Steve Burton is back on General Hospital, she likely won’t like what Harris has to say. Xander and Nicole have a fiery confrontation despite not interacting much lately.


They share a troubled past, but this recent clash is surprising. Lastly, Eric shares life-changing news with Nicole. He might discover he’s Jude’s biological dad, a secret that’s been hidden for too long. It's time for it to come out!

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In Friday's Days of Our Lives, in the Square, Leo is practicing what he will say to his mother, Diana, when he visits her in prison. Alex interrupts, asking for a drink of water. Leo, annoyed, tells him to leave but eventually gives him the water. Alex is confused but grateful.

At the high school lockers during Prom, Theresa tells Brady that she suspects Tate and Aaron are up to something, likely influenced by Holly. Theresa is convinced Tate and Holly are sneaking out to be together.

In the decorated gym, the teens complain about the DJ. Sophia drags Tate to dance, and later, Tate suggests to Holly they stick to their plan to sneak off together. At the hospital, Steve talks to Tripp on the phone when Justin arrives, offering legal help because Kayla said Steve might need a lawyer.


At the Pub, Kayla orders takeout for Steve from Roman and complains about Steve getting shot. Roman mentions Ava has been gone for a week, and Kayla hopes she stays away. Ava returns from China and tells Kayla and Roman that Clyde is no longer a threat. Kayla, who hired a lawyer for Steve, hopes Ava has a plan for her legal issues.

In the Square, Leo gives Alex water and mentions his earlier encounter with Theresa. He believes she is genuine despite people often seeking his fortune. Alex says Dr. Evans is helping him, and Leo finds hope in that.

At the school, Theresa emerges from the bathroom, reporting that Sophia was crying. Brady thinks Theresa should stay out of it, but she plans to catch Tate and Holly. Tate approaches, feeling unwell and wanting to go home, proving Theresa’s suspicions.

In the gym, Aaron tries to talk to Sophia, who calls him cringe. Sophia confronts Holly about sneaking around with Tate, feeling betrayed. Holly apologizes, and they part ways. Holly, on her way to the bathroom, is intercepted by Theresa, who doesn't believe her and drags Brady away.


At the Pub, Kayla asks Ava what she has left in Salem. Ava, offended, won't justify herself. Roman returns with Kayla's order, and Kayla leaves. Ava tells Roman she came back to find out where she stands with Harris. Roman says Harris hasn't returned from Montana yet. Ava contemplates leaving if Harris doesn't return.

At the hospital, Steve explains to Justin how he broke Clyde out of prison and plans to turn himself in. Justin thinks he can negotiate probation. Steve insists he acted alone.

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