Doctor Who: Biggest Secret About Mrs. Flood Says THIS

From Ruby Sunday’s neighbor to breaking the fourth wall multiple times, who exactly is this fashion maven who keeps appearing in the show?

Published on Jun 29, 2024  |  06:10 PM IST |  67.5K
Mrs. Flood [PC - Doctor Who, BBC One, Disney+]
Mrs. Flood [PC - Doctor Who, BBC One, Disney+]

With Season 14 of Doctor Who finally coming to an end, a lot of mysteries, including the identity of Ruby Sunday’s mother were solved, but no answers on the true identity of Mrs. Flood were revealed. Anita Dobson who plays the role keeps making appearances throughout the show without much context. 

It feels a lot less like a cameo role and more like a side character about to be the main character type of role. From breaking the fourth wall with her unusual comments to wearing outfits similar to previous characters from the shows, here’s a look at some theories as we try to find out her real identity.

Who is Mrs. Flood?

Mrs. Flood first made her debut in a Christmas Special titled The Church on Ruby Road. Her first impressions made us feel that she was nothing more than an ordinary neighbor to Ruby Sunday but her scenes in Doctor Who Season 14 tell a whole other story. 

Breaking the fourth wall is seemingly unusual enough but she also has too much knowledge of the Doctor’s Tardis. She even foreshadows the return of Sutkeh as she looks into the camera in one scene and says “He waits no more”. Was this mere foreshadowing or does she know things that even the Doctor doesn't? Only time will tell.


Mrs. Flood [PC - Doctor Who, BBC One, Disney+]

It is difficult to say Mrs. Flood is not a villain. For someone who knew of both the TARDIS and Sutkeh, she did not warn the Doctor when they met. But who exactly is she in the world of Doctor Who?

Rani Theory

The Fiftneeth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) mentions the name Rani in the first episode of Season 14. In the series, Rani is a brilliant biochemist who used to experiment on humans and other species. Rani also has her own TARDIS which could explain why Mrs. Flood was knowledgeable about the particular topic. 

Rani happens to be one of the toughest villains in the series. Her powers also include the ability to disguise herself. If Sutkeh had the patience to wait for so long to execute his plans, we wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Flood was Rani and waiting for the right time to strike. 

Is Mrs. Flood actually Iris Wildthyme?


Fans will remember that the Fourth Doctor did face-off with Sutkeh in 1975. In the series, the fourth Doctor also mentions an old friend, Iris Wildthyme, who is a Time Lord and uses a double-decker bus as her TARDIS. 

In Season 14, Mrs. Flood’s outfits have been similar to some of the previous characters of the show. Though she is not necessarily a villain, who knows if she has some sinister plot in mind? The character has had multiple spin-off media, so maybe it is about time she becomes one of the main characters.

This is mere speculation and maybe the next addition to the Doctor Who Series by Disney+ will finally reveal who Mrs.Flood is. Is she a villain or a side character? Only time will tell. 

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