Ellen Degeneres Cancels Comedy Tour Dates In 4 Cities Without A Prior Warning; Deets Inside

Ellen DeGeneres has canceled performances in Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago from her latest stand-up tour, Ellen's Last Stand... Up.

Published on Jul 07, 2024  |  11:24 PM IST |  46.1K
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Ellen DeGeneres has postponed several shows of her current stand-up tour entitled Ellen’s Last Stand … Up. She had planned performances in this month and the following one, in such cities as Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, as well as Chicago. Currently, the information about cancellations is posted on Ticketmaster.

No particular cause of cancellations was explained; however, Ticketmaster notified the purchasers that the event planner canceled the tickets. Amount refunded within the 14 to 21 days period. Tickets for other performances/tours on the same tour can still be bought.

Ellen DeGeneres returns to comedy amidst controversy

DeGeneres began her tour in June, years after she faced a series of accusations of a hostile working environment on her show, The Ellen Show. It was intense to see her return as a comedian which she is after addressing her cancellation and her come back two years after the end of her Nineteen-season daytime talk show. One of the participants mentioned that DeGeneres discussed her present life and the mean conspiracy that influenced her work.

She was alluding to the fact that people were kicked out of the show business for being mean, telling them that meanness is unwelcome in the show business. She recollects the fact, that she read a headline that called her the most hated person in America; as a comedian, she said that it hurt her, and most importantly there is no trophy for that.

She added that her time for falling has been hard because she used to be among the most trusted people in the country. They used to ask her to babysit their children, but that is no longer the case among fans and her friends. She emphasized how people not calling her to watch children is not an issue anymore because she is excused from child-watching duty.


DeGeneres who was accused in 2020 of spiteful behavior along with creating a toxic workplace environment in the show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and being in general was unkind to many To tell the truth, she said that even if she is many things, she does not consider herself mean. She said that even this media crap that was so bad at the time brought her to a place in her life that she is happy and can make a joke about it.

His spouse of 16 years was also in the audience, his wife, Portia de Rossi. DeGeneres referred to de Rossi as her ‘role model, soulmate’ On the show, DeGeneres often sought de Rossi’s affirmation and nod as she made jokes about their life after the scandal. She even said for the record that her first cancellation in Hollywood was when she came out on her TV sitcom ‘Ellen’ in 1997. She also said that she still anticipates one more cancellation in a few years, when she will be at that age considered useless for Hollywood women.


Ellen DeGeneres returns with final stand-up tour, amidst busy schedule post - The Ellen Show

Almost a year after saying goodbye to her popular talk show ‘The Ellen Show,’ a source told ET just how busy DeGeneres has been. The source stressed that she is still active and has many things to do; she did not state that she had retired. She may not be currently active in acting but she has deals with many companies and a documentary that she has to produce under the Discovery deal.

The present tour is expected to be her last before bidding Netflix goodbye with this stand-up special as we have seen her previous one Relatable. Published before the tour and special, the statement by DeGeneres ensured that she would discuss the happenings and also assured the audience that this was her final stand-up special. She also jokingly assured the real-life Pereira beauty of her wife, Portia.


The tour is due to start once again on July 8 in Denver.

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