The Bear Season 3: Will Sydney Leave Carmy's As Restaurant Eyes Closure

The latest season of FX’s The Bear left the audience with some major cliffhangers as Sydney contemplates leaving Carmy’s restaurant, which seems to be on the verge of closing.

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The Bear season 3 ended on a massive cliffhanger
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This article contains spoilers from The Bear season 3 

When season 2 of FX’s Emmy-winning series, The Bear ended, the fans were eagerly waiting for the next season as the last episode left a lot of unanswered questions. The season ended with Carmy being locked in the walk-in freezer on the opening night of his and Sydney’s new restaurant The Bear. 

We saw how he unknowingly sabotaged his relationship with Claire and also got into a massive fight with Richie. Even though the opening night was successful, Carmy’s life seemed to be hanging by a thread due to his self-destructive tendencies. But even though the audience had hoped the third season of The Bear would finally provide some respite, it only built up on the tension from last season and left everyone on the edge of a cliff once again. 

What happened in the last episode of The Bear season 3?

The Bear season 3 started in an absolutely stunning way as the audience got a glimpse into Carmy’s (Jeremy Allen White) journey as a chef. This sequence-heavy episode, where dialogues were scarce, gave the audience almost a false sense of security before pulling the rug from under everyone’s feet once again as the series showed us how much the restaurant has been struggling financially as Nat (Abby Elliott) tries to juggle her pregnancy with the stress of the job and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) gets an impressive offer from another restaurant. It seems that The Bear season 3 focused a lot on everyone’s interpersonal struggles as we also saw the aftermath of Marcus’ (L-Boy) mother’s death and Richie’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) struggle about attending his ex’s wedding. 


However, the last episode of the season starts with Carmy, Richie, and Sydney all attending the funeral of the beloved restaurant Ever, run by Chef Andrea Terry (Olivia Coleman). We get to see the Copenhagen-based chef Luca (Lionel Boyce) who trained Marcus in season 2, alongside many world-famous chefs such as Rosario Sanchez, Malcolm Livingstone, and Anna Posey making cameos. We see Richie hanging at the back with his former crew from Ever with whom he trained for a week in season 2, and his chemistry with Jessica (Sarah Ramos) makes us think that he might find a solution to his recent loneliness soon. 

However, one person who cannot catch a respite even in this is Carmy, as he is forced to face his demons in the shape of Chef David (Joel McHale) under whom he worked in New York. David’s constant criticism and harsh treatment left Carmy not only mentally, but also physically damaged. Carmy decides to confront David, who is dismissive of his worry, and tells him that it was his harsh treatment that made Carmy a great chef. Left in tears and on the verge of a breakdown after the confrontation, Carmy finally finds some relief in the company of Chef Terry, who offers him some words of wisdom. But his demons continue to haunt him. 


On the other hand, Sydney is pulled away from her conversation with Luca by Chef Shapiro (Adam Shapiro), who once again asks her whether she wants to join his restaurant or not. However, Sydney cannot give him a straight answer as she cannot muster up the courage to tell Carmy about it. On the other hand, she could not decline the offer due to The Bear’s volatile financial stage and Carmy’s dismissal of her input and creativity. She runs out of the afterparty as she has a panic attack after looking at the achievements of all her colleagues. 

At the end of the episode, we see Carmy walking down the street alone and getting an alert on his phone. He pulls it up to see a review of The Bear in the Chicago Tribune. Even though we do not get to read the full review, a few words such as ‘stale’, ‘disappointed’, and ‘overdone’ stand out alongside positive words such as ‘brilliant’, ‘delicious’, and ‘excellent’. We also see that Carmy has multiple missed calls from his uncle Jimmy (Oliver Platt) and Computer (Brian Koppelman), who had previously told him that a negative review would mean Jimmy pulling the funding from the restaurant. The episode ends with Carmy yelling “Motherf****r” in frustration. 


What would be the aftermath of The Bear Season 3?

Even though fans were looking for some answers, The Bear season 3 only left us with more questions. The rift in Carmy and Richie’s relationship never truly healed and the former was not even able to fix his misunderstanding with Claire as he was not able to apologize. In the end, Sydney seems to be seriously contemplating moving on from The Bear as the restaurant and Carmy are both stunting her talents as a chef and the restaurant itself might be on the verge of closing due to the negative review. 

The massive cliffhanger of whether the restaurant will be able to stay afloat or not will haunt the audience until the next season comes out. Thankfully, Variety had reported back in March that season 4 of The Bear might already be under production. If that is the case, then we will probably not have to wait a long time for the next season of The Bear. Another massive question we might get an answer to in the next season is what happens between Carmy and Claire, and if they are able to communicate properly. This will at least provide the protagonist with some stability in his personal life as everything seems to be falling apart around him. 


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