What Is Taylor Swift’s Murder Mashup? New Theories Point At Joe Alwyn's Latest Comments; Deets

Taylor Swift's Murder Mashup is a theory about how her songs are related, with new ideas emerging from Joe Alwyn's recent remarks.

Published on Jun 19, 2024  |  07:00 PM IST |  31.1K
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Recently, actor Joe Alwyn spoke publicly about his breakup with pop sensation Taylor Swift earlier today. It's intriguing that Swift performed with a murder theme twice in Liverpool, England, on the same day that this information was made public. Swift's ardent fans, known as "Swifties," are now scrutinizing the lyrics to her songs very carefully, especially when they appear in mashups.

Swift is skilled at piquing people's interest with her performances. When there were rumors of Alwyn's infidelity in the past, some fans thought he had cheated on her during their six-year romance. She sang a cover of Should've Said No, and You're Not Sorry, for example.

A closer look at Taylor Swift's Murder Mashup performance

A few fans believe that Alwyn served as the model for a recent mashup. At a recent concert, Swift mixed No Body No Crime with Carolina, a song for a motion picture. In fan recordings, she referred to it as Murder Mashup.

Yes, It was a lethal combination, but to whom was Swift trying to aim? Even though some fans surmise that Este might have been thinking of one or more past relationships, her murder, and unfaithful husband remain the most plausible explanation.

This event has sparked a lot of discussion among fans and the media. Many people are delving into the lyrics and their possible meanings, trying to figure out who Swift is referencing in this dramatic combination. The song No Body No Crime tells the story of infidelity and subsequent murder, whereas Carolina has a haunting, mysterious vibe, making the mashup especially intriguing.


On X.com (formerly Twitter), a fan suggested that Taylor receive it from everyone. Before going to London, the fan said that a murder mashup was amusing, most likely referring to Swift's Lover song London Boy, which was supposedly inspired by the British actor. The fact that Matty Healy is from England's capital suggests that the fan was also thinking of him.

Anyway, this interpretation was not quite accurate, since Swift was really set to perform on June 18 in Cardiff before coming to Wembley Stadium later that month. Still, some believed Swift was simply responding to Alwyn's recent Sunday Times column, which was published on the same day as her farewell performance in Liverpool.

A fan expressed satisfaction with the murder mashup, claiming that it made sense at last. Whatever her motivation, another person commented that they found the timing of Taylor Swift's performance to be humorous.

Alwyn's reflections on love, loss, and public scrutiny


Alwyn's comments about their previous relationship being "loving" and "fully committed" during the interview could be seen as a subliminal response to the aforementioned infidelity suspicions. Alwyn declined to respond when asked if he had listened to The Tortured Poets Department and otherwise withheld any personal information regarding the breakup.

He sincerely hoped that everyone could identify with and comprehend the challenges that came with the end of an extensive, loving, and entirely committed partnership that lasted for over six and a half years. He continued by saying that it was challenging to handle the circumstances and that, in just one week, it had become unexpectedly public and amenable to outside commentary.

Alwyn explained that genuine experiences are frequently pushed into unreal environments. These include the press, social media, and tabloids. In all these spaces, they are analyzed, speculatively written about, and transformed beyond recognition. He recognized that there is always a difference between what is stated and what is understood in these situations, and he accepted that reality. 


Alwyn took this special opportunity to deny ever visiting the London bar. It was the same bar that was mentioned in Swift's song The Black Dog. He added that Swifties would have had plenty to talk about if she had performed the song the night before. However, he believed that the alleged link to the Murder Mashup was an exaggeration. 

Alwyn reflected for a while and concluded that there would never be complete understanding. He underlined how crucial it is to discern between perception and reality. This was in addition to the fact that reality is often distorted by public scrutiny.

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