INTERVIEW: Pratik Gandhi on Raavan Leela, Scam 1992 & OTT: ‘There’s a part of Raavan and Ram in all of us’

Updated on Sep 14, 2021 09:23 AM IST  |  38.9K
INTERVIEW: Pratik Gandhi on Raavan Leela, SCAM 1992 & OTT: ‘There’s a part of Raavan and Ram in all of us’

Pratik Gandhi became a nationwide sensation following the release of Hansal Mehta’s web series, Scam 1992. The actor however doesn’t take the fame as a pressure, and is continuing with his style of selecting on the subjects. “I have always been intuitive as far as work is concerned and would continue to select projects based on my gut feel. The script should be exciting enough for me to play the character,” he says.

He makes his debut as a leading actor in Bollywood with Raavan Leela. “Hardik (Gajjar, director) had narrated this script to me much before Scam 1992. In-fact, the success of Scam 1992 has now given confidence to the producers to bring it to the theatres,” he smiles. The film is set against the backdrop of Ram Leela, with Pratik playing the character of Raavan. “Raavan was seen as someone who is spiritual, but also had a lot of ego, which didn’t work for him. There are a lot of layers to him. I strongly believe, there is a part of Ram and Raavan in all of us. Which side wins in a particular situation makes us the person that we are,” he explains.

In the trailer, Pratik is seen mouthing heavy duty monologues, however, it wasn’t as difficult a task for him. “I come from a theater background and have been performing monologues for a long time now. The biggest excitement for me to be in this film is the fact that it’s very close to the theater world. There is an entire element of stage performance in the script. There is a poetic touch when it comes to Ram Leela performance on stage,” Pratik exults.

The actor believes that we live in a world run by perception and the onus is always on the minority to prove otherwise. “Once a group of people have decided something, the onus is on you to prove otherwise.” OTT has been a game changer for many actors and who better than Pratik to endorse this. “It has opened the doors for a lot of talents. I am among the firsts to have gotten the opportunity and it’s the perfect time for not just actors, but everyone in the creative field to be around.”

Next up for Pratik is the adaptation of best-selling novel, the Ajay Devgn production, Six Suspects, helmed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. “I have not done a character like this before. It’s a crime drama and I am looking forward to it. There’s also a film called Dhedh Bhiga Zameen. It’s very close to the current social life that we are living and reflects the world that we are in. It’s the reality of the common man, who is fighting for his rights,” Pratik concludes. Ravaan Leela releases in cinema halls across India on October 1.

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