My Liberation Notes star Son Suk Ku shares he planned to marry in past; reveals who stopped him

Son Suk Ku reveals he earlier planned to settle down in Canada but later returned to Korea due to his parent's opposition.

Published on Feb 02, 2024  |  07:05 PM IST |  207.3K
Son Suk Ku: courtesy of JTBC
Key Highlight
  • Son Suk Ku used to do theater in Canada earlier
  • A Killer Paradox to premiere on February 9

Son Suk Ku, the star of My Liberation Notes, disclosed that he came close to marriage in Canada. However, he decided to return to South Korea due to parental opposition.

Son SukKu’s shocking revelation about his marriage plans 

On February 2, the YouTube channel Channel 15ya released an interview featuring Choi Woo Sik, Son Suk Ku, and Lee Hee Joon, the stars of the upcoming Netflix series A Killer Paradox. During the interview, Lee Hee Joon showcased a mille-feuille nabe dish prepared by his wife, prompting Son Suk Ku to jokingly remark, "Why are you pretending like you made it?"

Son Suk Ku later shared, "Originally, I had no plans to live in Korea. While working as a theater actor in Canada, I considered settling down and spending my life there. However, my parents strongly opposed the idea. Eventually, I returned to Korea, thinking that living here would be the right choice."

More about A Killer Paradox and Son Suk Ku

Lee Tang, just an ordinary college student, had his life turned upside down one fateful night at the convenience store where he worked. In a heated confrontation with a customer, Lee accidentally caused the customer's demise while wielding a hammer. Overwhelmed with guilt and the fear of being a murderer, Lee soon discovers that the person he unintentionally killed was actually a notorious serial killer. As if by some supernatural force, Lee realizes he possesses the ability to identify individuals with evil intentions. Embracing this newfound power, he transforms into a vigilante, seeking justice by punishing those who have committed unethical acts in the past. However, his actions do not go unnoticed, as a determined and relentless detective sets out to capture Lee Tang.


Son Suk Ku is a versatile professional involved in acting for theater, television, and film, along with roles as an art director and director of short films. Having completed his education at the Methodica Acting Studio for Film & Theater (later transferring to the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts), he returned to his hometown and initially secured minor roles in theatre. Over time, he successfully transitioned into lead roles in independent films. In 2014, he took on the roles of art director and stage actor, contributing to the rewriting of scripts for the 5th stage play Love is Burning, an adaptation of Sam Shepard's Fool for Love. His drama debut occurred when he was cast in Netflix's second season of Sense8 in 2017. Venturing into directing, he made his debut with a segment in the anthology film Unframed: Rebroadcast in 2021.

In 2022, Son Suk Ku played a villainous role in the sequel The Outlaws: The Roundup, which garnered substantial success with over 12 million domestic moviegoers in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era. His outstanding performance earned him the Best New Actor award at the 42nd Korean Association of Film Critic Awards and the Best Actor award at the Brand of The Year Awards 2022.

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