EXCLUSIVE: Tahira Kashyap on the idea behind lockdown tales, quarantine with Ayushmann Khurrana, kids & more

Tahira Kashyap got talking about all things lockdown and quarantine during an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla and well, she sure does say all the right things as usual. Read on to know more of what she said.

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EXCLUSIVE: Tahira Kashyap on the idea behind lockdown tales, quarantine with Ayushmann Khurrana, kids & more
EXCLUSIVE: Tahira Kashyap on the idea behind lockdown tales, quarantine with Ayushmann Khurrana, kids & more

Tahira Kashyap has taken this time out to get creative and continue doing what she does the best, tell stories. While Tahira has been trying to do a lot of new things during this quarantine, just like all of us, something that has had our attention are her lockdown tales, the fun time at home, and all other things that her social media has been keeping us update with. Meanwhile, we got in touch with her and she got talking about all things quarantine, the tales, and of course, Ayushmann Khurrana and the kids.

Excerpts from the interview.

1. You've always had a creative instinct, what was the thought process behind lockdown tales?

Honestly, these are unprecedented times and I honestly never thought that I would come up with something like this. Obviously story writing is not something that is new to me, and I have always enjoyed doing this but seeing and observing experiences, a lot of characters coming up in my head and I wrote a couple of stories and I figured out that there is a thematic string which is tying up all these stories together which is the lockdown and that is how it started. I am enjoying them of course, and honestly, this came with the intention of adding value to my life and hope to the people who are reading and listening to these stories.

2. With work, household chores, and now this, have you begun to feel this time isn't enough? (24 hours of the day)

Yes, there is lots on my plate, there is work, there are chores and then there is this (laughs), but there are 24 hours in a day but the idea and the intention is how to approach those hours. I have realized it for my own self that when I start my day with some motivation or some determination, my day becomes happier, not just for myself, but for other people too. For the first three, four days, it was getting to me, but after that, I calmed myself down and thought whatever I can accomplish in a day, I am going to make it the most joyous experience, so once I started doing that, life slate became happy and I realized I could accomplish more things in a day, I became more equipped at doing multiple things because I had stopped complaining so that is how I managed doing a couple of things by giving my hundred percent to it.
3. It can be difficult to keep up with so many things at home along with kids, how have you been coping up?

Definitely, it is a difficult situation for all of us and I believe we are all trying to do our best. For me, coping up with the kids at home, for the initial time it was about getting used to it given all four of us haven't stayed together for such a long time so it was a new experience for each of us. Once you are together, there are bound to be some happy moments and moments where you want to kill each other, but after those four-five days, this new situation became the new normal and that is how good we human beings are, we can adapt ourselves so that is what we have done with the new schedule and it applies for all of us.


4. Has Ayushmann contributed to the ongoing tales, if yes, how?

Ayushmann has been my bouncing board for all my scripts, all my written material, whatever I write. So yes, right also, the stories that I write, the first person who reads those stories is Ayush, and I narrate those stories to him. So yes, his contribution is he is my sounding off-board, he lets me know this story is good and this story has more to it or asks me to write another one, so I do take his opinion into consideration but at times there have been conflicts and he hasn't liked something but I have gone on with it because I had true conviction in it. He is a wonderful creative partner to have.

5. The tales have been receiving a great response, as can be seen, any plans to give it a twist later after all this is over?

Yes, my heart is full of gratitude and I am so glad for this response. In fact, I had thought I'll do 5-6 stories and finish it but I am continuing with the response that I have gotten. I don't know what twist can I add to it and continue it later, hopefully, nature doesn't have any more twists for us. When it comes to me writing that ales, I don't know where is that going, and honestly speaking, I am just living in the moment, writing the lockdown tales was also not an agenda and it came very naturally to me. 

6. Has this time given all of you' all the opportunity to come closer, since there's no work outside of the home?

Most definitely yes it has helped us coming closer. Not just because my husband is busy or I am, but also because our kids have a schedule and all of us were working around the clock and that is how we were all working around and it became very robotic. This is the time tobe fluid and absorb and observe and really take in things, so yes, it has brought the four of us together. Thereare new aspects to each other's personalities that we are getting to see, which is beautiful, we are very blessed that in this lockdown we are with are close ones. I really wish everyone ahs the privilege of being ina comfortable situation, sadly it is not a situation that many people are in, I wish COVID goes away soon and till the time and even after that, humanity stays safe.

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