KGF Star Yash to co-produce Ranbir Kapoor-Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana: ‘It has been my long-term aspiration…’

In the latest development about Nitesh Tiwari's magnum opus, KGF star Yash is going to don the hat of a co-producer in Ranbir Kapoor starrer.

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Yash to co-produce Nitesh Tiwari-Ranbir Kapoor’s Ramayana

Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana has been the talk of the town ever since the reports of it being made came out. The excitement levels of fans rose to the peak when the buzz of Ranbir Kapoor playing the role of Lord Ram and KGF star Yash playing the role of Raavan started. Well, in the latest development, Namit Malhotra’s production company Prime Focus Studios and Rocking Star Yash’s Monster Mind Creations have joined forces to create the definitive version of the epic mythological tale.

Namit Malhotra join hands with Yash to deliver never-seen-before visual cinematic experience

Namit Malhotra, who is also the Global CEO of DNEG, has been developing his plans to bring this age-old tale to the big screen for several years. While discussing about his dream with Yash, Namit found a kindred spirit and the two filmmaking powerhouses quickly discovered a shared ambition to bring India’s rich cultural heritage to the world. 

Together with renowned director Nitesh Tiwari, and with DNEG onboard to deliver a never-before-seen visual cinematic experience, Namit and Yash have embarked on a monumental journey to showcase the timeless appeal of Indian mythology and storytelling traditions on the world stage.


Yash on collaborating with DNEG for Ramayana

Talking about the same, Yash said that it has been his long-term aspiration to make films that will showcase Indian cinema on a global level. Adding to this he revealed that he was in LA to ally with one of the best VFX studios and he was amazed when he got to know that the driving force behind it was a fellow India.


“Namit and I had various ideation sessions, and coincidentally, our synergy on the vision for Indian cinema aligned perfectly. We brainstormed various projects, and during these discussions, the subject of Ramayana came up. Namit had a part of it in the works; Ramayana, as a subject, deeply resonates with me and I had an approach in my mind for it. By joining forces to co-produce Ramayana, we are bringing together our collective vision and experience to create an Indian film that will ignite excitement and passion in audiences across the world,” added Yash.

 Together, the two producers epitomize the perfect blend of creative and technical excellence and experience that is getting fans eagerly excited for this ambitious and exciting production. With Namit Malhotra and Yash at the helm and Nitesh Tiwari in the director’s chair, Ramayana is shaping up to be an unforgettable cinematic experience.

About Ramayana

“Ramayana is woven into the fabric of our lives. We believe we know it well, yet each encounter unveils fresh wisdom, ignites new knowledge, and offers unique perspectives,"concludes Yash. “Our vision is to translate this timeless epic onto the silver screen in a grand spectacle, honoring its scale. But at its core, it will be an honest and faithful portrayal of the story, the emotions, and the enduring values we hold so dear. This is a journey to share the Ramayana with the world, a testament to our commitment to creative exploration, bold visions, and honest storytelling."

About Prime Focus Studios

 Led by producer Namit Malhotra, Prime Focus Studios is an independent production company dedicated to the creation of innovative and exciting global content.

Prime Focus Studios is currently co-producing three major motion pictures: Indian epic Ramayana with Rocking Star Yash’s Monster Mind Creations; Animal Friends with Legendary Entertainment and Ryan Reynolds’ production company Maximum Effort; and the forthcoming animated movie Garfield, with Alcon Entertainment for Sony Pictures. 

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