EXCLUSIVE: Namrata Deepak on her styling journey with Shraddha Kapoor, sustainable fashion moments and more

Fashion with a purpose is something that Namrata Deepak and Shraddha Kapoor swear by. In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, we learnt too many fun things about them. Read on to know more.

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EXCLUSIVE: Namrata Deepak on her styling journey with Shraddha Kapoor, sustainable fashion moments and more
EXCLUSIVE: Namrata Deepak on her styling journey with Shraddha Kapoor, sustainable fashion moments and more

All good things have a story to tell. Just like it keeps you guessing and decoding how your favourite stars put out incredible fashion moments. Fashion matters to them and their stylists as much as it does to us. Behind every inspiring look lies a challenge, that needs to be met with strategies and whole lotta expertise from many creative hands, here's when a dream team that believes in growing and glowing steps in. 

Here's what we've been up to lately. As our minds grew curious, we caught up with Fashion Stylist Namrata Deepak for an exclusive interview. She's known to every fashion enthusiast as the creative soul behind the looks of Shraddha Kapoor. Their impact goes beyond just wearing and serving lewks. Together, the duo is here to change the face of fashion. 

In a world where everybody loves to chase and race a winsome look without learning of the impact it could have on the planet, Namrata and Shraddha are here to make conscious choices. They believe in fashion that is also kind to the environment and animals. 

Can't wait to know more about all their fun fashion times? Read on to know about their journey in the past, now, and the future. 

1) Could you describe your first styling memory with Shraddha Kapoor? 


A: It was a big one, she was appearing on television for a reality show with her father and brother (the three of them for the first time I think). We didn’t get the brief till one day before our fittings and then the brief was just one colour - Blue. Fortunately, we had pulled a few powerful options in blue and everything fell in place.

2) How has Shraddha's fashion journey evolved over the years under your hands?

A: It has grown very personally, I get more of Shraddha now in the silhouettes/styles plus colours. We love the feminine way but also love doing structured pieces. We keep having fun with different styles and looks as Shraddha is very open to trying new stuff. It’s easy when the person is free-flowing. 

3) What is a signature Shraddha Kapoor style?

A: Haha, we are on our journey to our signature yet. We are yet to arrive there. But at the moment we lean towards easy, minimal, and understated. 

4) What are your key focal points when styling Shraddha? 

A: Fit, cut, and quality. For sure. These are my go-to while putting a look together with her. 

5) Mention a few fashion looks you can't wait to try on Shraddha Kapoor.

A: Oh my. There are so many. We are just getting started and there is so much to do. Really want to try exaggerated power shoulders, a slip dress, a really sexy pantsuit, a mini cocktail dress, and low broad necklines. There’s too much. Can’t wait to. 

6) Could you name two summer fashion looks that are overly done in general? 

A: I think printed floral dresses are one for sure and I also feel like neons are overdone to an extent, it’s blinding sometimes.. haha.

7) What's the most gratifying thing about being a Fashion Stylist?

A: Oh putting that look together, the whole process of it, from referencing to pulls and fittings. & when every single detail of it, is what you envisioned - there’s nothing more satisfying than that. And when you see your muse jumping with joy. Successfully completing it is what’s most fulfilling alongside having fun. Of course! 

8) What is that one accessory you'd wear throughout summer?


A: Sunglasses - the tinted ones. I’m currently obsessed with them. 

9) What's the most boring outfit according to you and why'd say so?  

A: Hmm, I don’t think it’s the outfit that is boring. It’s the way it’s being worn or styled. The way it’s being carried off is what might make it boring. 

10) Could you tell us about Shraddha Kapoor's latest fashion buys? What's her favourite trend right now? 

A: Oh, everything vegan! She’s one of the biggest fans of Stella McCartney and keeps indulging in their bags especially. Her latest buys have been these amazing jackets from Balmain and Alexander Wang. They’re so YUM. 

11) Shraddha is going big on sustainable fashion, especially with Stella McCartney's bags to dresses, could you share what inspired you and the starlet to make this move? 

A: To be honest it was completely her. Her love for animals is incomparable. It’s amazing. She will not look at leather, fur, etc. She organically looks at the vegan options available. She’s very conscious towards the environment and is always making eco-friendly choices not just in fashion but in everyday life. This is something I hugely admire and respect about her.

12) From vegan bags to pants, looks like Shraddha has found her new favourites. Could you tell us what message are you and the actress trying to convey to every fashionista?

A: It’s a very personal choice made by Shraddha and very consciously to move towards sustainable fashion. It’s about her wanting to keep it all vegan and me trying to achieve the nicest available out there in the space/zone. The idea is to do cruelty-free fashion completely and yet be super stylish. 

She’s moved effortlessly to vegan shoes, bags, belts, apparel etc. The point is to be environmentally conscious in whatever way possible in whatever capacity possible and make responsible decisions when it comes to fashion as she does have a million eyeballs on her. We love to work with conscious fashion brands and some of our favourites are Stella McCartney, Rahul Mishra, Anita Dongre, Krèsha Bajaj and Dhruv Kapoor to name a few. As she’s environmentally responsible our goal is to achieve sustainable fashion in everyday life while having fun & keeping it fashionable.


Do you love Shraddha Kapoor's style? Let us know in the comments below. 

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