Phil Mickelson’s Weight Loss Secret Spilled: How He Looks Fit at 54

Phil Mickelson’s weight loss journey is a story of his sheer commitment to dietary plans with a workout regimen. Currently, his lean look is worth the stare!

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Phil Mickelson’s Weight Loss
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Philip Alfred Mickelson is a professional American golfer currently playing in LIV Golf League. Right from the early 2000s to 2024, Phil’s physique has had a huge difference. In the 2000s, he was body-shamed due to his poor eating habits; in 2024, he is flaunting his toned-down appearance. Apart from professional achievements, Phil Mickelson’s weight loss transformation is also a widely discussed topic. Today, the 54-year-old golfer flaunts a leaner look and looks fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever before. 

In the year 2019, Phil shared that he had completed a six-day cycle of intermittent fasting, drinking only water and a special blend of coffee. As per a research study, an intermittent fasting regimen or a three-day fast is a promising approach to losing weight and improving metabolic health (1). 

On the other hand, coffee intake is also associated with weight loss as evidence states that coffee consumers generally have a lower body mass index (2). With such a kind of diet, Phil managed to lose 15 pounds. 

The athlete has won more than 45 events in PGA Tours, six major championships, and three master titles, and is among the 17 players in the history of golf to win at least three of the four majors. He is a left-handed player and is popularly known by the nickname Lefty. After shedding a few extra pounds, he feels light and more healthy with great energy levels.  


Why Did Phil Mickelson Reduce Weight? 




The pro golfer, Phil Mickelson, suffers from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, a chronic inflammatory joint disease that is incurable. It is a chronic inflammatory joint disease with symptoms like inflammatory changes in attachments of articular capsules, tendons, and ligaments to the bone surface. There are also times when destructive changes in bones usually appear after a few months, due to which the disease flares or little pain or disability is experienced (3).

In addition, one is more likely to suffer from obesity, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome (4). 

Post weight loss, Lefty shook the world with his physical transformation. In the year 2023, he was among the fittest 40+ golf players, leaving everyone wandering about his keys to weight loss.

In one of the interviews, Mickelson revealed that he wanted something different. He wished to have more fun with his other three teammates at a certain level. In the year 2021, he won the PGA Championship, however, the next year he did not attend it. 


To everyone’s surprise, he lost a whopping 25 pounds ahead of the 2023 Masters and PGA Championship. He confessed to maintaining a strict diet for tasting success by keeping himself healthy and fit. After all, he didn’t want his health to affect his form on the greens. 


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Phil Mickelson’s Diet Plan



Phil Mickelson’s weight loss was a success due to his commitment to intermittent fasting due to which he not only lost fat but also muscles. This dieting regimen is more of little to no diet consumption. Rather than fasting just for a day, one does fasting for five to six days. In this case, you need to feed your body a liquid-based diet. 

For Phil, water and his very own coffee helped. As per a study, intermittent fasting is an alternative and easily applicable dietary intervention for caloric restriction (5). 


Back in 2021, Phil revealed that coffee saved his career. Plus, he is extremely picky about his brew and hence, always carries a flask along. In one of the interviews, he shared that coffee helps him in balancing his immune system. It is also true that coffee stimulates the immune system with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects (6).



Phil Mickelson’s Workout Regime



Phil lost weight due to 36 hours of intermittent fasting, however, his form was affected as he also lost his muscle mass. To regain it, he committed himself to a strict workout routine. He engaged in an aggressive speed-training regimen that involved the simultaneous development of various physical qualities and skills, such as maximum strength and power capacities, speed endurance, total body power, and speed technique (7). He also shared that he did quats and prepared with stretches and exercises.

To get back the power behind his swings on the green ground, he lifted weights. He also stated that the PGA Championship victory back in 2021 was largely the result of his refocus on health and fitness. 

Mickelson also admitted that his weight kept fluctuating. During his break in the year 2022 from the PGA Championship, he was able to focus better on his health and of course, his golf career. He strived hard to manage his game around the course with good hits, swings, and shots. Undoubtedly, his body shape allowed him to compete well with the speed he desired. 



Social Media Reactions to Phil Mickelson’s Weight Loss



Phil Mickelson’s weight loss diet and workout regime bore him sweet fruits. Below are a few social media reactions when he shared his before and after images through his social media handle.

What an awesome journey, you can be so proud!”

You look 36 now and 50 back then.”

“I’m glad we took a moment to pay tribute today.

“Killing it Phil.”

“Looking good Phil.”

“You look awesome Phil.”

“You’ve lost so much weight well done Phil.”

“That's awesome Phil! Keep up the hard work!”

“Phil. That is awesome! You inspire me, brother! Always have! You make the game of golf great!”

Phil Mickelson’s weight loss photos are proof that he is a man of perseverance and dedication, which directed him to the path of success. His commitment to diet and workout showcases his progress and how a change in his lifestyle helped him achieve his fitness goal. As time passed, Lefty learned to stop yo-yo dieting, which ultimately paved the way to a healthy regime. The golfer stuck to it as he realized that he wanted longevity in his sport. 

Once, he shared that one learns about health and fitness after turning older. Until then one can responsibly enjoy food and wine! From being the most envied pro golfer for his body shape to being the fittest golfer in history, Phil deserves applause! 




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Which is the disease that Phil Mickelson is suffering from?
Phil Mickelson is suffering from psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis.

Why has Mickelson lost weight?
Mickelson lost weight to remain in form on the golf course with his speed, performance, and strength at peak.

What is Phil Mickelson's current height and weight?
Phil Mickelson is 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 200lbs.

How much weight has Phil Mickelson reduced?
Phil Mickelson has reduced 25 pounds.

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